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Hot Tub Time Machine available as a free rental on Xbox Video this weekend (US only)

The unrated version of 2010's Hot Tub Time Machine is available for free to rent (not own) on Xbox Video. The offer is available through this weekend only, for both the HD and SD versions of the film.

From EntertainmentForXbox on Twitter:

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Hot Tub Time Machine 2 arrived in theaters this week, so if you want to see the first movie before watching the second, now would be the perfect time to do so.

Update: The offer appears to be US only at this time

Source: Xbox Video{.nofollow}, EntertainmentforXbox on Twitter

  • To clarify, these free movies are usually rentals and not owned forever.
  • You mean like... How it was clearly stated in the title?
  • The title was changed since I posted my comment. Also, if you KNEW how to spell right then your sarcastic replies would be more effective.
  • And if you knew how to correctly acknowledge misspelled words, then that would make your contradiction more effective as well...
  • There are several ways of correcting someone, just like there are several other places for you to take your trolling.
  • Trolling? That's for people that enjoy wasting there time. I do, however, apologize for making a comment about your observation of the movie. I was not aware that the article title was changed.
  • Has anyone else noticed an increase in the use of the wrong spelling of words that are pronounced the same?
  • I feel ya bro.
  • Not free either way. Rented or Purchase. US only?
  • I have us account. Both are paid
  • Same here, I just checked and Xbox Video wanna charge me $3.99
    So it's not free!!!
  • Nope. For free. Watching it right now. They added a trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine 2 in the beginning.
  • Wont let me watch without purchase
  • How to watch for free?
  • Not in the UK unfortunately.
  • Nor India.
  • Wen in India?
  • Can't stream, says something about my region (I'm in US...). Can't download, supposedly not enough disk space. Nice. After the initial option to Watch (stream) failed, I can't even stream it now. Download only, but no space... Stupid.
  • Weird, that was on my 2520 Win RT tablet. On my phone, I don't even get a free option. Fail...
  • Same issue here. Steam failed.. Now it's download or nothing.
  • Not free in NL
  • Gotta love the US of A
  • Can I watch from my Windows media center? Oops, silly me, those are both Microsoft products #fail
  • Yes, one of which they basically stopped developing 8 years or so ago. Might be time to butch up and bring yourself into this decade.
  • Maybe if they offered a viable replacement, we wouldn't still be using it. Just like I wouldn't still be using Zune software if there were something better. But there's not.
  • Believe me, I do understand. I used to use it as well. But it didn't sell. I thought they gave up too early at the time, but it's become pretty clear with the way tv had matured that it's a shrinking market and possibly they were right. But I do think it's time to accept that decision and stop badgering them about it. AT&T Uverse is one option if it's available to you. It's basically the same interface.
  • Most people don't know that Windows Media Center was and still IS the ONLY solution for recording and watching later (DVR) copy protected (DRM) tv and movies from cable tv and it can replace the costs of the cable set top box. Windows Media Center is easily extended to a whole house media center for tv, movies, photos, and music by using Xbox 360s. Plus then you get the Xbox 360 functionality too.
    There are new users all the time. Check out the Ceton web site.
    I have never understood people who jump ship because someday the ship may sink and then Windows Media Center won't work. We have a 1999 car that is useful and beautiful and fun to drive.
    Windows Media Center and the ZUNE desktop software both, are amazingly great solutions and ARE available from Microsoft. WMC is $10.00.
    Yes, I wish that Microsoft would "actively develop" both to make them even better, but now, for me, there is nothing better.
    Thanks for listening. Just had to say. Best Wishes.
  • I appreciate the politeness and logic of your comment. However... I don't really understand your first statement. On Uverse I can certainly record movies and content from HBO (for example) and watch later. I have never encountered anything I could not timeshift, and I watch almost nothing live. This is not possible with cable? As for why switch... for me, the primary reason was I wanted more content than I could receive over the air. So I needed to pay for TV. Media Center has never worked with DirecTV, and I had heard many, many horror stories about trying to get CableCard to work (with lousy cooperation from the cable companies). Microsoft's TV solution was, however, adopted by AT&T. And since then other "whole house" systems have also become available for both cable and DirecTV. I really don't see an advantage at this point, unless you are receiving your TV over the air, which is a fairly small percentage of people these days. I have a hard time faulting Microsoft for not continuing to invest in a business with little future and no cooperation from the companies they would need to work with to have a future. Regardless, it's been very clear for a very long time that the horse is dead. I certainly don't mind if people want to continue to sit on it until the end of time. It's just a little tiresome that they then keep complaining about the smell. :-)
  • If your broke ass not paying the $60 a year Xbox live you can't see it.
  • I don't have a live account, and its free on my PC.
  • I plugged my Surface RT into my TV, and about to watch it
  • Doesn't show up as free on phone. But it does on PC. Free rental.
  • Why would you watch a 1 and half hour movie on your phone?
  • Because 1520
  • 1520 op
  • I saw the 2nd one last night, they use windows phones in the movie. 920 & 820.
  • I noticed that in the movie previews.
  • I'm watching it now on Xbox One. Thanks 4 the tip!
  • Still bummed about Cusack not the 2nd movie.
  • Why isn't he? He didn't want to or they didn't want him? I'd be surprised either way.
  • No clue honestly.
  • That is sucky. No Canadian love
  • Any more free movies?
  • Hey anybody plz help I'm on Windows 10 my windows Insider app isn't updating I have done Chinese hack to install it on my Lumia 625....error code showing is...:- 80073cf6
  • Try asking in the forums or at answers microsoft
  • Thanks Microsoft! I wasn't able to watch it on my phone, but it worked perfectly on the 360. The second movie looks worth a view!
  • Cant rent on my phone. The video app is trash.
  • Can't watch on phone. I hope universal apps get universal treatment for promos.
  • Saw the video this morning on Xbox. I really like it. Too bad the second one was really bad.
  • Oh come on ,what about Australia,
  • Ask your question on XDA also its a hack expect alot of error codes. Also as a side not you might screw your phone later.
  • It's a free rental of a very mediocre film. Good grief some folk get upset over nothing.
  • Well even though I have already seen the movie I watched it again and it's a very good comedy. Now I feel like I want to go see the new one. Lol they did this on purpose.
  • Ok yeah it has some good funny bits, I just wasn't that keen on it. Find it funny how annoyed folk get missing out on a film rental, other countries get stuff that the U.S. won't.... Nothing to get upset about really.