Hotline Miami Collection launches on Xbox One, runs at 4K resolution on Xbox One X

Hotline Miami
Hotline Miami (Image credit: Devolver Digital)

What you need to know

  • Hotline Miami is an incredibly popular top-down action series.
  • It's available on Xbox One after all these years.
  • The game is Xbox One X Enhanced and runs at 4K resolution.
  • You can purchase Hotline Miami Collection for $25 on the Microsoft Store.

Hotline Miami is an incredibly popular top-down action game that has garnered quite the following in recent years. While it's available on almost every platform out there, it wasn't available on Xbox One until now. Yes, you're read that right. The entire Hotline Miami Collection is now available on the console. The best part is that both games are available for $25.

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Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami is a high-octane action game overflowing with raw brutality, hard-boiled gunplay, and skull crushing close combat. Set in an alternative 1989 Miami, you will assume the role of a mysterious antihero on a murderous rampage against the shady underworld at the behest of voices on your answering machine. Soon you'll find yourself struggling to get a grip on what is going on and why you are prone to these acts of violence. Rely on your wits to choreograph your way through seemingly impossible situations as you constantly find yourself outnumbered by vicious enemies.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is the brutal conclusion to the Hotline Miami saga, set against a backdrop of escalating violence and retribution over spilled blood in the original game. Follow the paths of several distinct factions – each with their own questionable methods and uncertain motivations – as unforeseen consequences intersect and reality once again slips back into a brilliant haze of neon and bloodshed. Blistering combat against punishing opposition will require intense focus as new variables, weapons, and methods of execution are introduced throughout the struggle.

Are you going to pick up the collection? Let us know. If you're an Xbox One owner, this is a must-have title in my opinion. According to the Microsoft Store, it's Xbox One X Enhanced and runs at 4K resolution on the system.

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