Hotmail gets Exchange ActiveSync support

Windows Live Hotmail is slated to officially receive Exchange ActiveSync support sometime this summer. However, while nothing has been announced, it appears this support is already active. is reporting some users are having success in syncing their Hotmail accounts through ActiveSync. Through trial and error, the server address has been identified as, SSL should be enabled, and you leave the domain blank. Obviously you enter in your username and password accordingly.

If you're feeling adventurous, give it a try but remember, this isn't an official announcement so there may be performance issues present.  Also, with ActiveSync only able to sync with one Exchange Server, you will have to delete your existing data.  Make sure you have things backed up before giving it a whirl.

In reading the Windows Live Hotmail FAQ Sheet, calendar and contact support is also present with Exchange ActiveSync.  There's no mention of task synchronization which may be a downside for some.

It's nice to see ActiveSync support coming to Windows Live and Hotmail.  It may make the choice between Windows Live and Google a little more difficult to make.

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  • That's lovely and everything. But I've found that the easier thing to do is have both Windows Live, AND Google. I have Google running through my ActiveSync on my Touch Pro 2. And I have my Windows Live account pushing from the Windows Live program that's on all windows phones. The Live program allows for push email, and will (if you want it to) back up your contacts and things like that as well. And even then there's MyPhone. I just don't see the point of having Hotmail working with ActiveSync. We've never needed it. With the Windows Live program/app we can have all the features of ActiveSync without actually have to take up the ActiveSync slot. Thus freeing it up for use with something like Gmail, or, say, your office Exchange Server. That's my two cents about it. Thank you for your time.
  • "I just don't see the point of having Hotmail working with ActiveSync. We've never needed it. With the Windows Live program/app we can have all the features of ActiveSync without actually have to take up the ActiveSync slot." Wrong. ActiveSync has calendar sync, the WL app (which uses Delta Sync) does not.
  • So, running two programs is easier than running one? Interesting.
    As for the second paragraph, this is true unless you have a non-windows os phone, which is, oh I'd assume, 85-90 percent of us. So what's with this "we've never needed it." I'd kindly ask to be removed from that group, as most of us do need it.
  • My phone is requiring a domain and I can't leave it blank, any ideas?
  • Try anything. I had this with another online service (Airset) and it also said to leave the domain blank (only it won't let you). Once I added something (in that case "airset") it worked.
  • The only thing missing from this and Google is the ability to create a list of shared contacts for a group. That way I can create a list of common contact information that can be shared and then synced, much like what they have done for the calendar.
  • This is a boon for people no longer on WinMo phones. As someone mentioned above the Windows Live client for WinMo phones is great, and it meant I could use Activesync for my Gmail acct, that client for my Hotmail, and have true push mail for both. However, some of us have been forced to stray to other platforms, and no other protocol gives us calendar and contact sync for our Windows Live accounts. Up until now, I've had to use a convoluted combo of a local outlook -> Gmail sync and gmail as the exchange account on the phone in order to have OTA contact & calendar sync. Depending on the phone in use, I've had to use either a specialized client (ex- Mbox on the iphone) or POP3 to access the email piece. Not exactly an elegant solution. I realize MSFT doesn't want to risk cannibalizing Exchange customers, but they're long behind the curve in terms of providing a more universal AND functional way to access Hotmail.
  • Excellent news; I'm signing up my family. It was really missing this.
  • Can someone explain how to get my msn/hotmail email on the iphone?
  • Once the server starts working (see my post below), you should be able to set it up as an exchange account. This will be by far the best way to connect to hotmail for us guys who are no longer on Windows Mobile (waiting for Windows Phone 7 ofcourse :) ) Official instructions from Apple: Server, username etc are all in the article.
  • Anyone actually get this working?
    My iphone can't find the server.
  • Same here... Not working for me yet.
  • Finally ActiveSync support.I would like to thank Microsoft for their great job on wave 4.Don't you think that it will be the best email service in the world.
  • Great news, Thanks!
  • Thanks Ryan, Really looking forward to getting this working. Really miss having my email on my phone.
  • hey everyone - great to see the excitement about hotmail activesync support! we have not released publicly yet so even if you configure your phone correctly, it won't work at the moment. stay tuned to our blog ( for the latest news. ryan burkhardt - hotmail
  • I hope they release it soon! Lucky people that got it already!
  • I had it working for a number of days, but it no longer works. I think they've turned it off now until the official release or something. It was really nice while it lasted.
  • Any news on this? I tried to set it up this morning, but got errors and it did not work. I am really looking forward to this. Thanks..
  • Still don't working, the new Hotmail and Windows Live out to publicy beta.
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