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How to add a Gmail account to

Gmail on the web isn't exactly the most elegant way to get your mail, and if also have a Microsoft email account why not switch to using Outlook instead. is a pretty solid email client but you might not have known you could also pull in your Googles as well.

It's really easy to do, whether you have a standard address or a work email provided through a G Suite (formerly Google Apps). Here's how!

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on the settings cog in the top right corner.
  3. Next, click on connected accounts.


  1. Under add a connected account click on Gmail.


  1. Select the options for importing; either merge your Gmail into the existing inbox or create a separate one with any sub-folders already set up.


  1. Click OK and then log in to your Google account.

That's all there is to it. Now, Outlook will pull in your email just as if you were using Gmail on the web. Initially, the sync might take some time, affected by how much mail you have! But it's a really simple operation and a great way to unify your online email experience.

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  • Will the emails show up in the outlook app as well?
  • Yes. They definitely will, we have been running it like that for a good while.
  • Thanks. And does this leave a copy on gmail or does it pull it through? I need to use this for my corporate gmail account and cannot have nails deleted from gmail because I am viewing the mails through my outlook account.
  • As long as you don't delete them, they'll remain available in both places.
  • How do I stop getting duplicate email on both outlook and Gmail accounts,especially from Windows Central?
  • Don't use both of your ids with them
  • Since I connected my Gmail, I have email delay of 20 minutes. I connected my account few days after this service was available. I can't use this service. Does anyone else have this issue? Does anyone know of a solution?
  • Unfortunately you gonna have to live with that delay — messages need time to be synchronised and it seems that Outlook does it every 20 minutes then. It's not that bad, Google does it only once per hour for POP3 accounts :-)
  • A little off topic but does anyone have a fix for not being able too access Google services on Microsoft Edge for Windows Phone? I have a Lumia 1520 and the latest preview build installed. Thanks for any help ✌
  • It s a security feature ;)
  • I don't have this problem on my 950XL. I just updated last night, but I've never had an issue with their mobile web interface displaying. I'm on the latest release preview build.
  • thats not an improvement thats a downgrade
  • Eww why would I want spam mail in my Outlook. No thanks, I only use Gmail for junk addresses.
  • Thats a pretty good use of GMail ;) GMail has, it must be said, a quite good spam filter (sometimes even a bit too severe, that is)
  • I also have a gmail, but just for YouTube :D
  • When I switched from Gamil to Outlook, I set up a forwarding rule from Gmail and set it to delete the email after forwarding. Easy and there's very little delay.
  • Quite like that, didn't know about it. Cheers WC
    And the best part Gooffle wont know what i'm searching since I wont ever login to gmail on the browser
  • I wish they would bring the email threading from OWA to their desktop client. I hate having to find old emails to find attachments. I like that in Gmail and OWA that the email threading collapses the old emails, and they're there for easy access.
  • The desktop client has had threaded conversation for quite a while.  Go to Options/Reading and all the way at the bottom is an option to "Show messages arranged by conversation".  It wasn't there for a while after they rolled out but it's definitely there now.  I couldn't stand it until they added that.
  • I'm not forced to used gmail at work, because the company I work for has e-mail addresses with their name as a donation, for all of its employees. It's some kind of Exchange magic xD But I'm forced to still use Outlook 2010 with Office 2010 on Windows 7, mixed up with some 8.1 stuff from Windows Server 2012 R2 :D
  • What, if any, is the benefit of doing this over creating a linked inbox in the mail app?
  • the win10 mail app reaches out to the web and pulls your mail down to your PC. this means mail physically exists on your computer, which you may not want for security reasons (like if you are a criminal, or you work on sensitive things that another company or country might try to steal). it also requires set up on each and every computer that you use, and those computers must be running windows 10. if you are at work or away from your personal PC and want to check personal email, its likely that the environment is either outdated (windows 7, or older), or doesn't allow custom configurations of the mail app per sysadmin policy, or both. If you link the inbox on the web, its available everywhere you have web access and it stays in the cloud.
  • Does it sync the mails from gmail (and storing them in Microsoft cloud)?
  • The contacts and the calendar, though. Are those still not syncing?
  • I use Outlook and gmail as "linked inbox" on my Lumia 950xl. I used to use also Yahoo account but since 2-3 months it is blocked by Yahoo and it states that I'm using outdated email client and that my sign-in attempt was prevented. I really don't catch what is wrong on Microsoft side in development of the UWP mail app that Yahoo keeps blocking it! Will it ever work again? Someone uses it on Fast on Slow insider rings, does it work there? I'm in production ring.
  • What browser is that??
  • probably is opera browser ;)
  • Ever since the new web Outlook I been using Gmail more. The new web Outlook is very limited and it uses ugly fonts.  A lot of space is wasted on the left when you use the reading pane at the bottom. Theres no compact view. You can't select more than 14 messages to delete. You have to do it multiple times. The spam and phising filter doesn't catch everything.
  • I'm still waiting for my account to be migrated to the 'NEW' one.......
  • You don't want it.. roll it back. I hate the new 'upgrade' that has less features than the old
  • What would be nice is if ms allowed users to add a SMTP-only account like they used to before this 'upgrade' that took away functionality
  • I find nothing wrong with the Gmail interface. If I wanted the interface I'd just switch.