How to track MLB and other sports fixtures with your Outlook calendar

April means one thing for sports fans, and that's the return of the MLB for another season of stellar Baseball action. With so many games per year, though, it's tough to keep track on exactly when, where and who against your favorite team is playing.

Fortunately there's a really simple way to achieve just that with your Outlook calendar. Here's how to add your favorite team's schedule.

For the sake of this guide we're completing this on, but a similar process applies to Outlook Calendar on Windows 10 or the Outlook mobile app for other platforms.

  1. Open up your Outlook calendar.
  2. Click on add calendar.

MLB calendar

  1. Select the interesting calendar option.

MLB calendar

  1. Under sports, you'll find an option for baseball.
  2. Select MLB.
  3. Choose your favorite team.

MLB calendar

Now, when you go back to your calendar you'll find that the complete regular season fixture list has been populated for you from Bing Calendars. Now, whichever device you're on, your Outlook calendar will keep you up to date with when your team is playing next.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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