There are many reasons you might prefer to use Bing search over Google, including Microsoft Rewards, but Microsoft Edge still isn't everyone's favorite web browser. The competition is fierce and with the latest revision of Firefox, it's a compelling alternative.

By default, Firefox will be set to use Google search but it's no great challenge to change it out for Bing.


  1. Click on the three lines menu icon in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Select options.
  3. In the sidebar menu click on search.
  4. Change the default search engine drop-down box to Bing.

Now, every time you use the address bar in Chrome to search for something you'll get a Bing search result instead of a Google one.

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Naturally, the same steps can be used to sub in other search engines, too, and if you want to add one that isn't there already you can do so in the same area of the Firefox options menu. Simply click on find more search engines on the same page as detailed above.

Download Firefox for Windows