How to earn XP and level up fast in Fallout 76

As with many games with leveling systems, Fallout 76 doesn't truly open up until you climbing the ranks with experience points (XP). As you level up, you'll gain access to new areas, gameplay mechanics, perk cards, and much more.

We encourage gamers to take their time and enjoy the game — it's not a race, after all — but if you just want to level up fast and get to the good stuff, we can help. Here are some of the ways you can get XP fast in Fallout 76.

Crafting and crafting

As of launch, crafting is one of the most reliable sources of XP in Fallout 76. While each individual craft job nets you a few XP, making 20 stimpaks has the potenital to add up fast.

Pick up all the junk you can on your travels, and break them all down at a workbench. The materials you get can be used to craft the supplies too, so you'll be well-stocked for the challenges ahead.

Don't miss the big enemies

Radroaches are easy and plentiful to kill, but they appropriately only award minuscule XP drops. Take down a bigger enemy and the dividends are too great to pass up.

Find some Super Mutants for a solid 33 XP in the early game. You'll find plenty of them in Summersville, which is accessible pretty early on. You'll also get a whopping 80 XP for each Super Mutant Skirmishers, who are stronger and wield more deadly weapons.

Use the Inspirational Perk Card

There's one key Perk Card in Fallout 76 related to gaining increased experience points, and that's Inspirational. This Perk Card nets you more experience when on a team, encouraging you to play with others.

You'll get 5% more experience via the card's first rank, 10% more for Rank 2, and 15% more for Rank 3. That can reall add up when working through the game's activities, especially with no additional effort.

Be sure to equip Inspirational if you have the points in your Perk Card loadout. Don't forget Perk Cards are interchangeable too, so making room only when playing a party is recommended.

Just go questing

Of course, you also get experience points for completing quests and events in the world. The gain is steady, though not necessarily the fastest. Still, it's the most reliable way to get you to that next level or two you need if you've hit a lull in your path of progression.

In the meantime, for those yet to pick up Fallout 76, the game is available now starting at $59.99.

Quentyn Kennemer