How to easily find inhibitors in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2
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The leveling system in Dying Light 2 has different aspects to it, one of which is linked to inhibitors. You first encounter inhibitors right at the beginning of the game where Aiden is given one to stop him from turning. But from a gameplay perspective, they're key to progressing further.

Inhibitors are responsible for leveling up your health and your stamina, and as you progress you'll need both to be able to hit all your targets. For example, if you don't have a certain level of stamina, some of the windmills and airdrops might be impossible to complete. Inhibitors also increase your immunity, making it possible to stay out of UV light longer and giving you more of a chance in zones contaminated with chemicals.

So along with looting weapons and crafting materials, you need to loot these inhibitors as well in what might be one of the best Xbox games of 2022. So here are some tips to help you through it.

Where to find inhibitors in the early game

Dying Light 2

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Fortunately just playing through the Dying Light 2 story missions in order will lead you to some inhibitors. Some are directly part of the campaign, others you just happen to find in locations these missions take you to.

Inhibitors don't only drop in GRE crates, for example, you'll come across some in airdrops, some even in safes. But mostly you're going to be searching for the teal and white GRE crates.

You'll be notified when one is in the vicinity, but it's up to you to locate it. When you're close enough it should show up on your HUD, but you don't get locations on the map. At least, not initially.

Dying Light 2

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What you do get on the map are the locations of activities you've revealed as you traverse the city, and those that reward inhibitors will say so. The surefire places to hit are GRE dark zones and the GRE anomalies. Both are fairly challenging activities, with the latter presenting a boss, the Revenant to kill. Once you've done that there's a GRE crate to open in the compound with your prize.

Dark Zones are best done at night, especially if you're still at a lower level, as during the day they're packed with sleeping zombies, volatiles, all kinds of nasties. But if you're feeling brave there's nothing stopping you. Just pack plenty of UV Shrooms and Immunity Boosters.

The GRE Detector and unlocking radio towers

Dying Light 2

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Once you get to the "Broadcast" mission, about halfway through you'll be presented with the GRE Detector. This Nightrunner tool will put inhibitor locations on your map, but only once you've unlocked radio towers in that area. The first ones show up once you complete the mission and enable the radio tower on the top of the VNC tower.

Radio towers are just like water towers, in so much as they're parkour puzzles to complete. They can be fairly tricky, but by the point in the game you start to unlock them you'll have both the grappling hook and the paraglider, both of which can come in handy. You can locate radio towers with the binoculars just like you can facilities, landmarks, and windmills.

At each stage of the puzzle, there will be a ladder you can drop down. Make sure you look out for these because you're probably going to fall off at some point, and they save a heap of time versus doing the whole puzzle again.

Once you reach the top and enable the tower, the districts it covers will begin to show inhibitor locations on the map, making them much easier to track down.

Prioritize stamina over health

Dying Light 2

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Every three inhibitors you collect allows you to unlock a new health or stamina level. As it stands, there aren't enough inhibitors in the game to fully level up both health and stamina. You can only go all the way with one.

It's widely expected that another part of the city will be unlocking in the future, perhaps as part of the first story DLC due later this year, and there might be more inhibitors to be found over there. The developers have also addressed that they're looking at adding more inhibitors in the future.

But since you can only max out one, you should go for stamina over health. You'll need it to climb the radio towers, you'll need it for some of the harder windmills and military airdrops, and more stamina means more time hacking bad guys to pieces or paraglider time. Stamina is such an integral part of playing Dying Light 2 that it makes the most sense.

You should certainly raise your health as well, but you're going to get a bigger benefit quicker by loading up stamina. Medicine is easy to craft, the materials are prevalent, and further on through the game, you'll find getting your hands on military medkits really easy. These heal you in a jiffy, and to offset a lower health value you can use toughness boosters against harder enemies and bosses to give yourself more of a fighting chance.

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