How to find PCs and components in stock that will ship quickly

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What you need to know

  • Many online retailers are out of stock for computers and accessories due to the current health crisis.
  • Outlets have reacted to the crisis differently, meaning some have more stock than others.
  • Newegg, Maingear, and iBuyPower shared how they've responded to the crisis recently.

Due to the current health crisis, many popular retailers have stock issues. Several listings across Amazon, Best Buy's website, and Walmart's website have limited or no stock. In some cases, companies have prioritized selling specific types of items. But according to several retailers that spoke to Tom's Hardware, there are still plenty of computers and accessories to ship to consumers.

Tom's Hardware spoke with Newegg, iBuyPower, and Maingear. Those three retailers stat that they're currently shipping many items within one or two days. The piece from Tom's Hardware goes into great detail about how these outlets managed to keep items in stock, when they started preparing for shortages, and what causes stock shortages during a health crisis like the one that's currently going on. It provides interesting insight into current limitations on retailers, and what's being done to ship items right now.

The key takeaway is that if you want to purchase a computer or accessories right now, you might have to check out some retailers you don't normally look at. There are several good retailers online, but many people default to a few go-to options, such as Amazon or Best Buy. During stock shortages and the health crisis, you'll need to widen your search to include more retailers, such as Newegg, iBuyPower, and Maingear.

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