How to get all Exotic Glaives in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen

Destiny 2: The WItch Queen
Destiny 2: The WItch Queen (Image credit: Bungie)

Everyone fawns over new weapon types. They are so rare when it comes to Destiny 2 that, when they are added, everyone clamors for the newest exotic version. The Witch Queen answers this question with a resounding "yes." There is not only one Exotic Glaive but three at launch. Not only are there three Exotic Glaives, but Bungie has managed to integrate the new weapon crafting system into obtaining the three Glaives. It's a "two new birds with one exotic stone" kind of deal. Here's how to earn the Edge of Concurrence, Edge of Action, and Edge of Intent Exotic Glaives, in Destiny 2.

List of all Exotic Glaives in Destiny 2

As we have already highlighted, there are three Exotic Glaives. Each Glaive is locked to one of the three classes in Destiny 2; Titan, Hunter, Warlock and provides a unique Exotic Trait that plays into the identity of the respective class.

Edge of Intent

Destiny 2 Edge Of Intent Exotic

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The Warlock's Glaive, Edge of Intent, is a Solar Glaive that wields the Restorative Turret Exotic Trait. Restorative Turret is the Alternative Weapon action of the Glaive that allows players to consume the Glaive's energy and replaces the next Glaive shot with a healing turret.

Edge of Concurrence

Destiny 2 Edge Of Concurrence Exotic

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The Hunter's Glaive, Edge of Concurrence, is an Arc Glaive that wields the Lightning Seeker Exotic Trait. Lightning Seeker is the Alternative Weapon action of the Glaive that allows players to consume the Glaive's energy when it is full and replaces the next Glaive shot with a grounded tracking burst of lightning that chains to the neighboring enemies of whoever it hits.

Edge of Action

Destiny 2 Edge Of Action Exotic

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The Titan's Glaive, Edge of Action, is a Void Glaive that wields the Remote Shield Exotic Trait. Remote Shield is the Alternative Weapon action of the Glaive that allows players to consume the Glaive's energy when it is full and replaces the next Glaive shot with a shield that is deployed wherever you aimed your shot. If you've watched any of The Witch Queen's trailers, you might have already seen this in action. It looks like an odd-shaped mini-Titan bubble.

All three of which can be crafted in the Enclave. The third Trait on each, the Exotic Trait, cannot be rerolled, but the Haft, Magazine, and Stock can. This will allow Guardians to tailor their stats to best fit how they intend to use their Glaive.

How to access the Evidence Board

Destiny 2 Evidence Board

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The first step towards unlocking the Glaives requires access to the Evidence Board. After completing The Investigation, the third mission in The Witch Queen's campaign, you can speak to Ikora Rey at the Enclave. Ikora will provide you with the Hard Evidence mission.

Hard Evidence requires you to venture out of the Enclave and into Savathun's Throne World. While there, you can find a location marker in the Quagmire. Head to this location and defeat the waves of enemies that spawn. After defending the Osmic Fragment, bring it back to Ikora Rey, and gain access to the Evidence Board.

Complete the six Evidence Board Report quests to unlock Report: Reverse Lure

After you have unlocked the Evidence Board, you will be able to see a series of quests called Reports, including the Exotic Quest called Report: Reverse-Lure. Many of these reports have unlock requirements, like having access to the Wellspring and its Master difficulty or requiring further campaign progress.

Here are all of the legendary Reports on the Evidence Board and what is required to complete them:

Report: Resonance–Comp

Destiny 2 Resonance-Comp

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Resonance-Comp asks players to search the Quagmire, Fluorescent Canal, and Miasma for areas to interact with and kill a series of enemies that spawn to obtain a Resonant Rune. After collecting all three Resonant Runes, you will need to venture forth into the Witch's Echo to collect an Osmic Fragment before reporting your findings via the Evidence Board.

Report: Altar–Reflect

Destiny 2 Altar Witchs Eye Keeper Of Memory

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After obtaining the Altar-Reflect mission, players will need to visit the Altar of Reflection and complete the puzzles therein. The puzzles boil down to finding the odd ones out in the pattern and shooting them, preferably not with a weapon that possesses the Explosive Payload or Explosive Arrow Head Traits. Following the puzzles, defeat Lucent Archivists, such as the Altar Witch Eye Shrieker and Lucent Brood Hive Guardians, before interacting with the Altar to receive a memory about Savathun's experience with the Glaive. It's now time to document your findings on the Evidence Board, once again.

Report: Relic-Data

Relic-Data is probably the longest of the Report missions and is heavily predicated on your luck. The first step requires you to Shape Throne World weapons; Empirical Evidence, Likely Suspect, and Red Herring, at the Enclave. To do this, players must have the weapons drop and have them contain Deepsight Resonance to acquire the Pattern before shaping the weapon.

You will then need to do the same for two Wellspring weapons; Come to Pass and Tarnation. Come to Pass and Tarnation are significantly harder to obtain as Wellspring weapons Deepsight Resonance drops are rare and operate on a four day rotation. While the weapons required are available, you will have to really commit to the activity and ensure you obtain multiple Deepsight Resonance versions of the weapon as they require multiple completions to unlock the Pattern.

Following this, you will also need to Reshape a weapon with an Enhanced Trait. That means saving some Ascendant Alloy for this step. You can also wait for the weekly reset and drop 400 Legendary Shards on one from Master Rahool in the Tower, ensuring the weapon has been leveled up. A quick way to level up your weapons is to equip them and complete activities, navigating to the Last Wish raid on the Dreaming City and progressing to the Shuro Chi checkpoint and killing the enemies as the door opens, or loading up the Grasp of Avarice dungeon and killing the enemies filing out of the Loot Cave without picking up the engrams they drop. Thankfully the Evidence Board isn't too long a trek after making all these weapons, so drag yourself over there and get all this information tallied up.

Report: Pyramid-Inspect

After the completion of the Vow of the Disciple, this Report appears via the Enclave. This mirrors the entry point to the raid, with the added requirement of obtaining Resonant Runes, by killing Scorn. For those unaware of the encounter, you will need to power a boat across a bog by collecting fonts of knowledge each time it stops. Collecting nine fonts of knowledge, of which you can only carry three at a time, will progress the boost again. After this, proceed through to a room that has a series of doors, enter the door that opens and clear the room. Upon clearing the room, a glyph will appear and indicate your next room. From there you must exit through the back of the room and kill several Scorn Fanatics. And that's it, head back to the Enclave.

Report: Steps–Retraced

Steps-Retraced is, thankfully, one of the shorter Reports on the Evidence Board. Access to this report is gated by access to the Weekly Story Missions, which is unlocked by levelling up Fynch's reputation on Savathun's Throne World. Once the mission is unlocked, you will need to complete the mission and pick up Insights that are dropped by Champions in the mission. Extra Insight can be obtained by finishing enemy champions. Once enough skulls have been smashed, head back to the Enclave and report on your findings.

Report: Scorn-Order

Scorn-Order is another straightforward Report that you can use as a palate cleanser between the longer winded Reports from the Evidence Board. All you need to do for this step is to venture out into Savathun's Throne World and kill challenging Scorn and gather 12 Marching Orders they drop. You'll then be asked to bring these Marching Orders back to the Evidence Board.

How to complete Report: Reverse-Lure

Destiny 2 Evidence Board Reports

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After finishing all of the Report quests and turning them in, you will return to the Investigation Board to pick up the final step, Report: Reverse-Lure. After obtaining the report, interact with the board again to receive an Osmic Fragment. It's now time to head to Queen's Bailey to set a trap, luring out Lucent Hive and Immaru, Savathun's Ghost.

Follow the Lucent Brood back to their base before killing them and retrieving your trap. Upon returning to the Investigation Board with your ill-gotten gains, you will be rewarded with the Pattern for the Class you complete the mission with, however the remaining two Exotic Glaive Patterns can be found in the Wellspring activity.

And that's it. Go forth, shape your new Glaive for free, and start leveling it up however you please, to make adjustments to its Traits.

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