How to get Destiny 2's Dead Messenger Exotic Grenade Launcher in The Witch Queen

Destiny 2 Dead Messenger Exotic Gun
Destiny 2 Dead Messenger Exotic Gun (Image credit: Windows Central)

While it's far too easy to get caught up in Destiny 2's The Witch Queen expansion, the Season of Risen is absolutely worth taking a look at after pursuing Savathun. This is, in part, thanks to the new Dead Messenger Exotic Grenade Launcher that can be acquired through the "Kill the Messenger" Exotic Quest.

So, we have compiled all the steps required to acquire the Kill the Messenger Exotic Quest, complete it, and unlock the Dead Messenger.

Is the Dead Messenger worth getting?

Before undertaking the quest, you will probably be asking yourself if the Dead Messenger is worth the grind. We can assure you that it is.

Dead Messenger is the Hard Light of Exotic Grenade Launchers thanks to The Fundamentals Trait that allows you to switch its Energy type by holding the reload button. It's essentially a suped-up Wave Frame Grenade Launcher but instead of an individual wave, it fires three waves due to the Trinary Vision Intrinsic Trait.

These two perks combined mean that the Dead Messenger is a very versatile Grenade Launcher that can tackle a vast amount of enemies in short-mid range, and adapt to different shield types on the fly.

Is there a Dead Messenger Catalyst?

Yes is the short answer. There is most definitely a Catalyst for the Dead Messenger. How it is earned is still a mystery, but a quick review of the Triumphs indicates that there is a Master difficulty version of the weekly quest required to unlock Dead Messenger. Traditionally, Master difficulty weekly missions have offered the ability to unlock the associated Catalyst of the weapon obtained through their Normal difficulty counterpart.

How to get Dead Messenger in Destiny 2

Complete the first 7 steps of the Season of Risen Operation Elbrus Quest

While owning the Witch Queen expansion is not required to unlock the Kill the Messenger quest, you need to have the Season Pass for Season of the Risen. Access to Season Pass is part of The Witch Queen's Deluxe bundle or it can be purchased for 1,000 Silver through the Eververse.

After completing the first two missions of The Witch Queen, which are both free for everyone, you can visit the H.E.L.M. and use the War Table to get some seasonal exposition and the Operation Elbrus Quest.

You then need to complete the first six steps of the Operation Elbrus Quest. This involves killing enemies or completing activities throughout Destiny 2 to collect 500 Psychogenic Intel, opening a Runic Chest with the collected Psychogenic Intel, completing the Week 1 "Psychogenic Decoder" Seasonal Challenge to earn Insight, and then spending the Insight to upgrade the War Table.

Destiny 2 Kill The Messenger Quest

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Following the completion of these steps, you will receive numerous broadcasts through the War Table that progress the Operation Elbrus Quest until step 7. After listening to, or skipping through, the dialogue, exit the War Table and then re-enter. After re-entering you will receive a message from Empress Caiatl and earn the Kill the Messenger Exotic Quest.

Complete the Vox Obscura exotic mission

Destiny 2 Vox Obscura Location

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

After receiving the Vox Obscura, you will need to locate the Exotic Mission on Savathun's Throne World. It's to the North East of the map and can only be accessed through the Director by viewing the map. This mission is not for the faint of heart as it has a recommended Power Level of 1550 to start.

This mission requires sneaking, in the loosest of terms, into a Cabal hangar, steal an Interceptor, and then laying siege to a behemoth of a Cabal base. After procuring the Interceptor, you will be presented with a 4 minute and 30-second timer. Within this period, clear a path to a Drake Tank before heading to the front of the Cabal base. As you approach the Cabal base, while still under the time limit, destroy several Goliath Tanks as well as the towers around the outskirts. This is a time-pressured and fairly difficult endeavor as a solo player, so it is highly recommended you tackle Vox Obscura as a three-man team to ensure you break through the defenses as quickly as possible.

Proceed to blast down the door with your Drake Tank and enter the base. While inside the base, you will be confronted with an army of Cabal and yet another timer. This time you have 10 minutes to clear out a series of high-level Psion Commanders to obtain their keycodes before a final confrontation with Qabix, Insurgent of the Cabal army.

Destiny 2 Psion Commander In Bubble

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Destiny 2 Qabix Insurgent

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Qabix is no slouch when it comes to bosses and will quickly hop around the arena casting fireballs and summoning lightning storms. After depleting a third of Qabix's life, he will enter an immune phase. During this immune phase, run around the area and melee several enemies, who sit in bubbles that are impervious to fire, providing Qabix's immunity. After all three are dispatched, damage Qabix again. Repeat this one more time after a further third and Qabix shall fall.

Destiny 2 Dead Messenger Final Chest

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Finally, you can gain access to stop the broadcast and pillage a familiar chest to obtain the Dead Messenger. Now, all we have to do is wait until the weekly reset and do it all again for that sweet sweet Pinnacle Engram.

Ryan Esler