How to hide your email address in the Xbox One dashboard

Exactly why it's a default action to have your Microsoft Account email address shown on your dashboard is a bit of a mystery, but there are some very legitimate concerns with it being there.

If you're a streamer or content creator, for example, the last thing you need is for your viewers to catch a glimpse of your Microsoft Account on screen because it's just rotating there in the top corner of your dashboard should you happen to go there.

Fortunately, while it might not need to be there in the first place, you can at least turn it off. Here's how.

Note: The images here are from the newest Xbox One experience, however, the process remains the same for the older one, too.

  1. Press the guide button on your controller.
  2. Open settings.

Xbox One dash

  1. The first menu item is accounts.
  2. Select sign-in, security and passkey.

Xbox One dashboard

  1. Uncheck the box next to show on home where you'll also see your email address.

Xbox One dashboard

That's all you need to do in settings, now head back to your home screen and check the top right-hand corner. Where once you saw your name with your email address beneath on rotation with your Gamertag, you'll now just see your name as in the image below.

A number of the Xbox community members have been questioning this very issue, but thankfully it's a very simple process to make it go away.

Richard Devine
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  • Not quite sure why this matters. Anyone getting hold of your email address would still need to crack the password and, if you have it enabled, get past the 2FA anyway.
  • Feel free to broadcast your personal account address to the world then ;-)
  • You don't explain why people should disable this though other than broadcasting and as I said, the password would still have to be cracked and 2FA bypassed and considering I have to authorise anyone accessing my account anyway it wouldn't really matter. If you have a strong password and 2FA then, while it can be hacked, it would take a long time to access your account. TBH 2FA should be mandatory, not optional.  
  • Why would you ever show off your email address to complete strangers? None of us on the site leave our personal accounts on show in screenshots, just like in this guide. It's not just about someone breaking into your account. Sense dictates you don't give out personal information on the internet to complete strangers/psychos/criminals etc. What about your email address being linked to other services? Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, your bank? People who want to steal things can steal things and they'll start with having something simple.
  • True but those people will have other means of getting hold of your email address other than sitting and watching you streaming. That's why you never start streaming from the dashboard anyway.
  • You seem to be making an excuse for something that just shouldn't exist. It's not necessary for it to even be there :) And given the number of people who've gone straight to Mike Ybarra on social media, there are plenty of people who don't like it. There is no excuse for taking a relaxed attitude to your online safety.
  • OK, download the app called Hacked? from the store and enter your email address, that will tell you if any places you signed in with that email address have been compromised. What I'm saying is that it really doesn't matter if you broadcast your email address as the people that may want your email address probably already have it anyway. Now censoring it for screenshots IS the right thing to do especially if it's being posted on a website.
  • What about hiding your address from spammers? There is a reason why when you create an email address you should tell it to not list it, spam bots will fill your inbox in minutes. Sure this isn't the same thing, but people can still manually enter your address.
  • Spammers can get your email address via third parties if you haven't ticked the box to stop your email address being shared.
  • Or you know it prevents fans from spamming your personal email if you're a streamer. And streamers do switch games from time to time thus hitting the dashboard or perhaps a game crashes and it'll return to the dashboard as well. There's a number of reasons. It's good to have the option to hide your email and real name for privacy's sake even if it's just when you don't want fans or random viewers to contact you via your personal email.
  • The "Show on Home" checkbox is disabled in my settings so I can't uncheck it.  Email addresses aren't exactly secret. In many cases it's probably firstnamelastname@ or firstinitiallastname@. But the option is good for those that need the extra level of privacy I guess.
  • Is this on a PC and is it a work one, if so then it is probably controlled by group policy.
  • No it's on Xbox One.