How Microsoft's Surface Andromeda pocket PC could disrupt the market

New product categories need to answer, "what," "why," "how," and "when?" In January 2015 I began describing an inking-focused, post-phone, pocket PC with telephony as the "what" of Microsoft's mobile strategy. The "why," was to bring highly mobile PCs to the cellular roadmap to accommodate increasing mobile computing demands. The "how" rested on Windows 10 as a universal OS for all device types and context-conforming hardware states, while Windows Ink supported a digital journal focus. 2018 was the "when."

Between 2015 and now, patents and leaks like Windows Core OSes' role and Project Andromeda's" name began filling in details which I worked into an ongoing narrative. Establishing the distinction between the smartphone and mobile spaces was paramount because many observers erroneously equated Windows-on-phone's demise with the demise of Windows-on-mobile.

A recently leaked Microsoft email confirmed my analysis that Microsoft has indeed been working on an inking-focused, telephony-enabled pocket PC category for the mobile, not smartphone space. Microsoft even boasted it would be disruptive. Though Andromeda can be canceled here's how Microsoft may expect its new PC category, with OEM support and iteration over time, to disrupt the market.

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Andromeda and smartphones

As "PC-like" smartphones didn't target, but encroached on the PC market, telephony-enabled pocket PCs won't target but may encroach on smartphones. They're expected to be pocketable, Always Connected Windows 10 PCs boasting capabilities like Windows Ink, iOS and Android integration and more while also being capable of making calls.

With TimeLine, Your Phone and other iOS and Android integration Windows features, users may be able to field phone notifications from these PCs without engaging their smartphones.

Furthermore, smartphones are still trending toward larger, (even folding), tablet-like dimensions to accommodate non-phone usage like web-surfing that dominates smartphone use. Phablet-sized pocket PCs that unfold to mini-tablet dimensions would fit this usage paradigm. Particularly since the mobile web, as well as apps, are highly engaged on smartphones.

How Microsoft and Qualcomm are making PCs post-smartphone devices

PWAs, app gap and pocket PCs

Microsoft's Progressive Web App (PWA) investments, combining the best of web and apps, is meant to bring "apps" like the new Uber PWA, to Windows and pocket PCs.

Since Windows 10 treats PWAs as native universal Windows apps (UWA), Microsoft likely hopes PWAs, legacy apps (via emulation), and UWAs may make pocket PCs capable of doing most of what smartphones with rich app ecosystems and Windows PCs do separately today.

iOS and Android integration could usurp smartphone engagement.

If users find value in phablet sized PCs that expand to mini-tablets when mobile, provides desktop experiences via Continuum when docked and makes phone calls, they may find them more convenient for the web-surfing, media consumption and social media activity that now dominates smartphone usage. They may then see Microsoft's iOS, and Android integration strategically diminishes reasons for them to engage their smartphones directly. This could form a disruptive strategy for Microsoft.

Progressive Web Apps may be the great equalizer

Carriers undone

eSIM-equipped ACPCs combined with Microsoft's selling data through the Microsoft Store gives consumers the power to choose carriers and purchase data "on the fly" from Windows. This new carrier-Microsoft dynamic favors Microsoft.

In January I wrote this creates a competitive environment where carriers would vie for users attention by offering attractive data packages with their ACPCs. Sprint's recent free data promotion for ACPC customers confirms this.

Pocket PCs, as a telephony-enabled evolution to ACPCs, would likely follow this new model. A mobile device category that shifts power away from the current carrier-smartphone paradigm toward consumers and Microsoft would be disruptive.

How ACPCs may give Microsoft the upper hand with carriers

Partnerships for a single device future

As PCs move to the cellular roadmap, chipmakers and cellular infrastructure builders like Intel and Qualcomm, as well as PC and phone makers, are exploring and building for new PC form factors and use cases. Microsoft's impact on the industry by making Windows 10 context sensitive and more mobile-friendly is already impacting the PCs evolution and how companies like Qualcomm are building mobile platforms for the connected PCs future.

We're moving toward a "Westworld-style" single device future.

Microsoft's potential outlook for the Andromeda-inspired PC category likely spans years combining the contributions of advancing processors, 5G rollout and the iteration of OEM partner devices over time. Additionally, via Surface device family collaboration and inking Microsoft is building a use case for the category. Though ambitious, risky and potentially delayed or canceled, Andromeda could be the first bold and real step into a single device category that could be a PC, tablet and phone.

Though reminiscent of sci-fi gadgetry (what innovation isn't?) from the HBO series "Westworld," if Microsoft greenlights Andromeda, and it heralds this one device future that, combined with a potential ACPC-initiated powershift from carriers toward Microsoft - it would indeed be disruptive.

Consider this, the first mobile phone wasn't much to write home about, but the category it spawned has disrupted multiple industries.

Microsoft must leverage partnerships, eSIM and edge computing to position pocket PCs

Jason Ward

Jason L Ward is a columnist at Windows Central. He provides unique big picture analysis of the complex world of Microsoft. Jason takes the small clues and gives you an insightful big picture perspective through storytelling that you won't find *anywhere* else. Seriously, this dude thinks outside the box. Follow him on Twitter at @JLTechWord. He's doing the "write" thing!

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  • Launch Andromeda with Windows 10 and Android subsystem. MSFT should make sure most Android OEMs launch Andromeda phone devices along with dual screens. Microsoft has the firepower to dominate smartphone world and this is the only way I see.
  • Bringing Android Subsystem on Andromeda should shut up those sayin there is no app ecosystem.
  • People keep saying this, but I don't think anyone realizes that it can't be done. At least not the way you'd expect. Google has firm control over Google Play Services / Store. They don't allow the Play Store on devices that don't pass their tests, and a big part of that includes forcing Google's apps onto the device (and as the default option). For example, Google can require Android Messages as the default texting app, or Chrome as the default browser. There's no way M$ will put Chrome before Edge. The only way M$ can get Android apps on Windows is by creating their own store and trying to push developers to upload (and update) their apps on this store (in addition to the Play Store and Amazon's App Store). The best bet for M$ is to incentivize PWAs, but even that doesn't benefit M$ unless they can figure out a way to control the back-end for paid subscriptions/apps.
  • How would the subsystem perform also in regards to power consumption. It is the only thing that could kill it before it's started. Horrid idea.
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  • There's tons of people here who wants to use Windows on mobile. (That's what I meant. Not one of ms's previous phone os's)
    No there isn't a device but there's a core group of enthusiasts who wants one, thus this article and comments.
  • Ok. Ok. You win.
  • I am. Still rocking my 950XL, no plans changing any time soon. Perhaps I'll get to upgrade to Windows 10 for ARM as well, but I'm counting on a few hackers in that area, not MS.
  • Now for the kicker......
    IF MS DOESN'T RELEASE THIS DEVICE I'M DONE WITH THEM. It's nothing personal, just that there's a lot of modern options around, and it's not worth depriving myself of all the greatness just to be a fan of "Windows". The few remaining fans are only sticking around just to see if MS cares to be a forward facing part of modern, and future, consumer technology. The fact is that if MS doesn't release this device they will definitely be pushed into the black hole of the enterprise with background companies like IBM. This is MS's last chance at consumer involvement by choice. If MS doesn't release Andromeda consumers will only use their products because they have to for work, and school, and even that market is diminishing for MS because more popular companies are making headway in those areas as we speak.
    Andromeda is a fork in the road for MS. It's their choice, but consumers, and world, will not follow MS down the road of boring for much longer. It's either Andromeda, or bust. Jason, I suggest you type up an editorial outlining this dynamic because it's reality, it's already in effect, and has been reality for quite sometime now.
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  • I did actually. I flipped the 2 XL on eBay & kept the 950s. Then they both crapped out in a few months, battery issue if I remember correctly. Took them to the MS store & they said they didn't even stock the batteries or parts & they'd prefer to just refund me. So I get a check from MS about a week later for the full purchase price. I made like $600 off MS having crappy phones, so I can't complain. Thanks Microsoft 😊
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  • But Rodney, you have to put a timeline on that. There's no word that it's cancelled. Its just word that it's not coming 2018. How long are you willing to wait to be done; say they wait to 2020?
  • True. True... But I did admit to not being able to give up on W10 because of Surface.
  • Rodneyej, that's mostly my sentiment too, except for Xbox -- that remains another strong consumer-facing piece. I am still surprised they don't leverage this better. Only Sony could make a stronger consumer push for the gaming segment of phone users (a sizable portion), but MS seems to continually ignore this obvious advantage they have. It' almost seems as if they think that would undermine their enterprise orientation, which is concerning to me, because it means they really don't believe that consumers matter to mobile. I'll keep using my Lumia for a while longer, but if Andromeda is not coming, I'll start shifting to Android, and that almost certainly means starting to leave the MS ecosystem (I know they offer most services on Android, but if I have to shift to a Google OS, I'll certainly give their apps and ecosystem a shot too).
  • Honestly, just switch. I have. This community will still be here for you to enjoy and check in. But don't deprive yourself. I'm STILL not used to everything my Android can do bc I was accustomed to not doing at all. And I'm not trolling. Despite what some people here say about Android, it's actually a swell os and it's what Ms would have made a windows phone os is they had took it seriously first
  • I have one as an app device. Android just not fun to use. Yes, I carry two phone. WM10 still my daily driver.
  • The thing is that I might get a One Plus, or something cool, even if Andromeda comes out. Best of both worlds. Why not enjoy both? They are different devices.
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  • I pretty much agree with your sentiment, but if MS don't release Andromeda (or similar) before my 950XL dies & the second hand market completely dries up, (at the risk of sounding like Theresa May) I'll have to find another 'third way'. I will genuinely go back to my N8 on Symbian before either Apple or Google get a penny of money or a byte of data out of me, no matter how green the grass seems. I know I'm in a minority to think that way.
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  • Hello Jason. It seems that you have mistakenly credited David Brayer for some of my rendering images. Please visit my Behance page ( and sort out the credits. Thank you.
  • Hi Harry thanks for thr heads up. Sorry about that. All set😉
  • All of WindowsCentral rushing to get Andromeda articles in before the plug is officially pulled. :P :D
  • Exactly my thoughts!
  • Too late. Plug is pulled. Just like windows mobile, there will be an official announcement in about 3 years.
  • Actually I pitch my story ideas a week or more before they publish. I pitched this particular idea on Wed June 20th 7:02am, for publication the following week., nine days before the Verge's leaked email Andromeda story published on Friday June 29th. Unfortunately, it was rejected because it wasn't perceived as timely. Ironically, had it cleared it would have gone live likely the same day as the Verge's story, Friday, June 29th.😉 Anyhow, after all of the hoopla the Verge started, the story was perceived as more timely, so here we are. 🙂
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  • Do you write your own headlines or does an editor? Just curious.
  • What Microsoft products are you interested in? Why are you here?
  • We all submit our own headlines, but they can and sometimes or often get changed in the editing process.
  • Figured it was something like that, thanks for the response.
  • No prob, bub78👍🏿
  • Plug pulled on a non-existing product?
  • It literally exist.. By now you'd have to be a fool to not think so.
  • This device would've been disruptive in 2008. In 2018? Eh, I don't see it.
  • Even then it would've been seen as a Nokia Communicater wanna be.
  • A device like Andromeda didn't exist then and doesn't exist now, it can still be disruptive
  • Axon M.
  • All the talk about "cancellations" is just a way to pressure MSFT to reveal. The only real way to pressure MSFT is with a competing device from a major player.
  • Lol Ms being Ms.. Like how are the going to be late to the market... In the future?!?! Lol!!!!
  • They better announce it before year end as Samsung is gettin ready to announce Galaxy X at CES in January 2019...
  • Are you new here? That wouldn't work. MS runs at the thought of competition.
  • Does microsoft complete things besides cancellations? I wonder.
  • Yeah, they do. But, most companies have more internal failures, than hits. It's like being an artist. If everyone judge every single sketch you do they would see a lot of paper going into the trash... The fact is that YOU are an insider, not a regular consumer. Never forget this.
  • The only thing disruptive about this product will be when everyone on the team is let go as the concept is killed off by Sayta.
  • Do you think it's a good concept?
  • If the screen folded, it was very thin, and didn't run Windows then it could be a very good form factor. Dual 6" screens isn't a good form though, especially running Windows since they have no software for the 6" experience.
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  • I'm all in for this. Not only because my 950xl works well but is getting long on the tooth. I have an SP4 but it's too big for light browsing and watching, for example in bed. Takes some time to boot, etc. The phone, conversely, is too small. Andromeda would be something in the middle that would replace most of my home light use of my SP4, and would enhance my daily use of smartphone like use. I don't believe in the app gap. I believe in usage scenarios, and an Andromeda device would fit mine. I could plug it into a TV too. I could use it as a second screen at work. I could game through streaming. I don't care much about the pen because I have become unused to handwriting. But it's a good thing to have in this format. One thing I did notice from the Westworld video is that a three screen folding device would work better in phone size because you get a solid back and a front screen. With a two screen setup, you either get two screens or two covers.
  • I agree with your usage scenarios of such a device, but I would love the inking too. I'm always writing on scratch paper and would love to be able to save some of my notes into a pocket device that doesn't compromise on screen real-estate.
  • I dont think this device would be great for watching anything (unless the goal is to watch while multitasking). From what we know about Andromeda, it will be comprised of two separate screens with some sort of seam/bezel down the middle. If you are watching a video across the full device, that seam will run right down the middle of all the action. That would be extremely annoying.
  • It will be decisive for this device that MS comes up with a solution to avoid this seam, both visually and to avoid a 'crevice', where icons are non-accesible and the pen can't reach. An earlier patent leak seems to suggest handling this with a flexible outer layer of some sort and clever algorithms projecting the image at an angle to make it appear as an unbroken display. Hopefully they can make it work; it's all or bust for this device!
  • The key to Surface Andromeda being successful is it being pocketable and easy bring along anywhere. If it gets book sized, people will treat it more like a tablet, and the folding aspect will just make it more expensive and less appealing than iPads. If it can fit in my pocket, I want one.
  • You don’t have to worry people, it’s shitcanned. Time to move on.
  • Yup
  • Now think about it from a non-fan perspective. I have an iphone or android. I also have a laptop. Now, why would I buy this thing? Because I can put it in my pocket? Umm, iphone and android can be put in my pocket. I can use a screen as a keyboard? I can get a tiny foldable bluetooth keyboard and use with my phones. If I can't replace my phone, I don't want to buy another pocketable item. It needs all the same apps before it can replace it. It needs to replace everything I do on my iphone or android and add additional benefits. MS is smart to abandon it because unlike fanboys they are not stubborn in their perspective. There are other people out there that think differently, billions of people.
  • relax, and wait for it =) this beauty will be mine
  • This needs to come now. I can't stand my android anymore. It's awful.
  • Feel the same way, more and more every day...
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  • There are almost no PWAs in the store so far. I'm a bit disappointed. But as soon as I'm able to install them right from Edge I'm ok
  • 🤣🤣🤣 Disrupt the market with another half baked failure
  • What Microsoft products are you interested in? Why are you here?
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  • Now that's something I've been expecting from you since the email leak, great read nonetheless. What's with the post-phone, it's better than no-phone but 'Ultramobile PC' sounded way better when you said it.
  • If they wanted this to succeed they should have kept Windows Phones alive and transitioned to this to have UWP app support... This is dead in the water now... There's no way back...
  • Honestly. I've always said that. They should've transitioned into this. They should've held back on W10 mobile until it was good enough, and kept updating WP8.1. WP8.1 was good, and it was getting some apps. If that slow, but steady, pace kept up till today imagine where the platform would be at. All of that work would've transferred over to Andromeda via UWP..... That would've been the best bet for this device, granted it's not supposed to be a smartphone, APPS CAN'T HURT.
  • They may have broken 4% market share by now. Probably now though. They were already trending down after the L520.
  • No
  • It won't disrupt anything, Satya is afraid to step outside of his box called "The cloud division", he doesn't understand that consumers make up the enterprise. He's one dimensional; surface , office 365, and hololens were are all born under Ballmer and it should be abundantly clear to everyone here by Satya's unwillingness to do anything for the consumer market. With that being said, how is Microsoft different than its 30 year old business only focus? This guy is killing my Microsoft spirit I've had forever; he sucks and I don't care how much their stock has risen because it call fall fast as it rose.
  • I'm actually laughing at how everyone in the know was praising and hyping Andromeda and now they're fearing that MS will not release the thing. Almost as if the launch depended on the readers reactions of encouragement.
  • If that were the case it would launch. The exact opposite is true, if you have people excited about something MS, they (nadulla) shitcans it.
  • Will it be a huge commercial success, no. However a niche market will take it to heart and willingly serve as the testbed for future Polaris, OneCore development. Much like Hololens served as the AR/VR incubator.
  • So far we have one unsubstantiated leak from an atypical MS deep thinking source... Lot of hoopla for a pretty flimsy cancelation rumor. Now if Dan or Zack heard something I would worry.
  • Better check again there buddy. Lots of news about this. And btw Mary joe foley is very well respected in giving correct MS related news.
  • It is all repeats of the original rumor. Her report is classic, I heard from a guy, who knows a guy, who worked on the project years ago type of vibe.
  • Wow, being a fan boy is ok but dismissing a respected MS watcher coz u don't like what she said is almost trolling. She's got deep contacts in ms
  • She's the consummate pessimist, only beaten by her buddy Paul Thurrot; both seem to thrive on dissing MS products, so I'll take any negative rumour from either of them with a grain of salt...
  • It's funny her eye brows slant down towards the nose, and Paul's eye brows slant up towards the upper forehead.
  • I can't stop laughing...
  • Exactly my point.
  • The fan babies can handle some truth techiez
  • And Tom W. confirmed it, but it seems guys at wcentral here think that two of the most trustful tech journalists are not to be trusted.
  • Tom Warren as well
  • "Now if Dan or Zack heard something I would worry."
    You wouldn't because they would tell why it's the best thing that can happen to Microsoft.
  • Tom Warren has confirmed it too. "So like @maryjofoley I'm hearing Andromeda is definitely not coming in 2018. OEM devices may come, but not with Andromeda OS as it's not ready. The entire project is now under review because there's no app ecosystem to support it" Microsoft obviously doesn't think it is truly disruptive. Otherwise it would be a no-brainer.
  • Lol I told them already
  • Oh btw, for all the employees that were on the andromeda team, I have cubical clearing kits complete with a 2 cubic ft box, bubble wrap, packing tape, small pack of Kleenex, and a sharpie. These are available for 19.99 or for the next 48 hrs I will give you them for free. With proof of pink slip from nadumbass
  • Regardless if you're a fan of what Ms is or isn't doing, you could be a decent human being. That may be someone's dream job, livelihood, or the means for someone to support their family and you're joking about them losing their job
  • He's a 15 year old troll. Ignore his BS.
  • TTTTRRRRRRROOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL. Oh Rodney. The only one who is acting like a child is you with your constant drivel. TRRRRRRROOOOOOLLLLLLLLL! You would just like the guy stern had clips of. TTTRRRROOOOOLLLLLLLL. Burns, you should never had taken the job with ms. You know exactly what you are getting into.
  • You don't feel bad for the contractors on the Deathstar?
  • Most companies don't complete EVERY idea they come up with. My comment isn't about Andromeda. It's about someone who is working their dream job that your joking about them losing. It's about someone who doesn't like that job but because of the income, they stay to support their family. It's about someone who's child has a birth defect, and they work at Ms for the great insurance benefits to pay for it. You just don't have to be a jerk, regardless. If you can't see that then just nevermind me, okay?
  • Listen, in all seriousness, I don’t think anyone will lose their job over this one. And, FYI my son has autism, and can only hope that he gets hired by ms in the future. He’s massively talented for only 11 years old. We are moving to a new city soon which has a Microsoft office.
  • I believe a company like Microsoft will keep creating new opportunities to stay competitive.., lot of pressure on people working there. I said before.. 2015, many has doubt on Microsoft future, 2018, Microsoft not only survive but thrive as a fighter... attributed to not just the CEO, but every single one working for Microsoft..
  • LOL, so you expect all of use to blindly support another pathetic MS product because otherwise someone will lose their jobs? :)) How dumb can your claim be seriously? We also work for our money, so don't expect us to just throw it away on any crap MS is releasing. I did not know MS needed welfare. Seriously, do you even think before posting?
  • And, after all that stupidity, guess what... You're still a pathetic troll🙄
    That just proves how mental you are as well. Chill out, and take your pathetic meds.
  • So this device or rather device category, initially at least, is not to replace a smartphone right.
    Who is going to be most likely to buy this upon release though? Windows phone users, past users but especially those still using windows phone now. How can they release this software/hardware category with such features as "With TimeLine, Your Phone and other iOS and Android integration Windows features, users may be able to field phone notifications from these PCs without engaging their smartphones." and not update Windows Phone to be included?
    It's not going to run Silverlight it has been said, certain apps (the few that there are granted) from the Windows Store are not going to work on it and a Windows Phone will still be needed even after moving on to Andromeda. Example off the top of my head - the Steam Authenticator. The obvious argument to this point is that's a small minority of people still on Windows Phone, but if they don't release it supporting their own platform, the one being used by its biggest core of initial purchasers, how is anyone going to have faith in Microsoft that this is a sensible purchase that's going to supported moving forwards?
    I imagine they probably won't update Windows Phone, so users will be moving from an "app gap" device to missing the few apps that are around.
    IF, big if, they updated Windows Phone platform after all this time, support for PWA's, then there's less reason to get this high end device. Seems a bit of a Catch 22 situation. To be clear, I want them to release this, I am one of the minority still on a Windows Phone, Lumia 950, I never want to join the android data mine nor pay Apple Tax to get the same old features with a lower case I prepended onto the beginning.
  • You guys have been hitting it out of the park on Andromeda this last week. Kudos to all of you! Jez, Dan, and Jason! Your thoughts on carriers and eSim in particular are spot on Jason! I hadn't considered the ACPC effect on them. But definitely a good move on their part. On-Demand eSim is what I'm particularly interested in. Hope we see that come to pass.
  • Thanks OnTheSurface. Glad to be of service!
  • @OnTheSurface The EU has abolished roaming charges, hypothetically with Esim you could roam through different EU countries and never have to worry about your data connection.
  • Good to be in EU...
  • Surface Phone Fans Urge Microsoft to Release the Rumoured Device With Petition
  • Signed it! Cathartic? Maybe. But so far about 9K other people obviously need that cathartic release too.
  • It's around 9.4k already and it shows no sign of slowing down for 10k. It may fall on deaf ears to MS but it's still something I'd say.
  • Just passed 10K. What impresses me more is how they've got it set up so you can see the names of the last 20 or so people who signed it scroll by. Seeing a lot of names from everywhere. Somehow people from all over the world are picking up on this thing, and it's purely grassroots.
  • Just read a bunch of French posts (thanks to Highschool French). All I can figure is Twitter is playing a role. So if anyone has a couple thousand Twitter followers? What can it hurt?
  • Definitely, it seems. Also the recent coverage on Forbes probably helped it quite a bit. Seems everyone is hoping for MS to pitch in a new device like this and it shows.
    It's around 12k signups already at the moment as well.
    Quite amazing I'd say, maybe tomorrow July 10 they'll clear all this up. I doubt it's the case, but we'll see.
  • I would buy one of those... Make it a thing, Microsoft, please.
  • Andromeda would fundamentally change the way I work and I can say that will full confidence due to my past work experience. More importantly It won't just be me either, with more and more work being done on the go. You need to have a mobile device that bridges many use case scenario and andromeda does that in my opinon. Primarily because Windows is ubiquitious at present. My work flow can be described clunky at best as I can't do what I need to with a single scree device and bringing out a large laptop whilst commuting is impractical. The problem is I need my mobile workstation when I get into the office and I need the screen real estate. As on a given day I have 40+ tabs open (10 tabs or so) over 4 virtual desktops. Sets would have made my life so much easier. Sure, I could address this with the elite x3 and it's associated peripherals but I don't have the disposable cash to spend on devices that may not be supported for long. As I'm saving up to buy Andromeda because it has to hit the market otherwise there is a massive void that cannot be filled with ios or android. With Andromeda, I could buy a cheap 20" monitor and leave it in the office. They can be bought 5th hand with dents on the chasis for £30 off a local high street shop. Spend £20 more for a miracast adaptor and bluetooth keyboard and mice. That works out to be a more economic solution than buying an elite x3 and associated accessories. Plus the monitor can be used by other people. Or I could get a portable projector and use a A3 sheet of paper - not most economical but it's an option. My point is Andromeda is a whole different ball game. Therefore naturally, there are those who want to ensure it never comes to market.
  • A Galaxy S8 or Note 8 is quite cheap now and would better for your prescribed useage. Supposedly Andromeda will NOT be compatible with classic Windows programs. With Linux on Galaxy, you could run them through WINE.
  • Anyone who wants Andromeda to get released - sign this petition to make your voice heard...
  • Although I admire the thinking behind the petition, but is literally the wrong platform. is for pushing for change, gathering voices against injustice. Here in the UK if a petition garners a certain number of signatures (10,000) it gets discussed in Parliment.
  • Injustice for making us W10M users to suffer while seeking refuge in either Android or iOS camps. There u go...
  • 😶. To conflate the two... There are more pressing matters lol. Anyway, I hope Andromeda also supports tap to pay.
  • Lol wow that's something.
  • It may or may not get to Microsoft, but it's almost at 8k supporters. I'd say it's worth signing up for, I'm signing up as a Windows Fan myself.
  • At 8k supporters that is roughly the same as Wharton Brooks/bestbuy crew got. And, to think, why did they not follow through.
  • It passed 8k and is climbing to 9k, it seems it's not slowing down from the looks of it as well. I don't really have much context on how much that is compared to other stuff so I can't comment much. Assuming the device is around $1k and each of those signups were sure buyers, then that's a potential $8M. Not much for MS in terms of numbers, but it does show interest at least. Either way if they're gonna pull this off (and I do hope they will) I'm sure to be a first day adopter.
  • Shows no interest. 8k is nothing, especially when all they had to do was a couple clicks. Think about it, no commitment required and they haven't even hit 10k! It is having the exact opposite effect. It is proving that there is no support for such a Windows device.
  • Microsoft needs to leverage gaming. It's not that hard! Just make it an Xbox Andromeda (windows 10,inking, pwa, telephony enable, AR, VR, etc) make 5 awesome first party games with all the different use cases and port the best mobile games and sell it to young people. Make them make it cool! Developers will follow. Then you release the "pro" version Surface Mobile. Like a Trojan horse! Solitaire and the use of a device called "mouse" as an example . Microsoft needs to teach users how to use their gadgets and how to be productive with them. Gaming is the answer! I don't understand how they can't use the Xbox user base, it's the same freaking company. They have ton of resources, ton of users. No excuses. Nada de "I have no apps, I can't" spanglish for everyone. 😁
  • I tend to agree with you; if they can get volume by catering to players first, the rest will follow all by itself...
  • Jason, I ask you again. Please credit the images to the right source. You have falsely credited my images to David Brayar.
  • I can see your name in the article as well as behance page.
  • Right. Jason fixed it. Thanks.
  • I decided to have my cake and eat it too, so I got an S9+ yesterday to replace my 950XL, but I'm still going to buy surface andromeda as soon as its released. The S9+ just makes waiting more bearable.
  • Doa
  • No Ude, DBA - dead before arrival.
  • Hmm, I knew about DOA, but DBA..this is new :)) There, MS disrupted the market with a new definition. Now Rodney and George can be happy :))
  • How to say we will know in 3 months
  • No Ude, DBA - dead before arrival.
  • Approaching 8000 support!! #&€# all who say DoA or DbA... Peace....
  • You realize how small that number is? Android sells over a million devices PER DAY. Microsoft can't even get 10k people click on a website.
  • Just a practical thought on the petition numbers. Even with the recent update in Andromeda news there is a general lack of awareness about the project outside of techies and enthusiasts. Of that subset of people, there is likely a relatively small subset of people that is aware of the petition. I think that context needs to be considered when reflecting on the number of people who have/have not signed it. Just a thought.🤔
  • Those people certainly are not going to early adopt this extremely high priced device with a limited ecosystem. Supposedly it doesn't even run legacy Windows programs! If it was truly disruptive, there would be no talk of cancellation. Microsoft would just be scrambling to get it released ASAP. With everything we have heard including the recent cancellation rumors, it doesn't sound disruptive at all. Sounds like just another Windows phone.
  • You are either a complete idiot, or simply trying very hard to be one. 8000 :))))? Yes, that is gonna disrupt the market :)))))
  • Are you threatening me George? You want to KILL ME? Please by all means, come say that to my face there tough guy! And PEACE...ha ha...that is funny! I love the internet tough guys! George it's DBA!
  • Wait a minute... Are you suggesting you're tough in real life? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    What are you like 145lb wet?...
    You cra cra SMDH. Nobody's scared of Steve Adams online, or off. 😂😂😂😂 please.
  • Ha ha are funny Rodney/bonzeUK….the fact that you use CRA CRA in a sentence shows that you are a little baby living in mommys basement. And btw, Please...ride your big bad Harley here and see what kind of tough guy I am. You are like 99% of the other Harley riders. POSERS! wannabe tough guys. Please...oh, and stop with the smileys. you pubescent *********.
  • Guys, please, can we keep the discourse here respectful and related to the topic. These personal insults and attacks are not reflective of the mature and thoughtful reponses I've seen you guys contribute to various topics over the years. 👍🏿
  • Sorry Jason, that guy/s have been irritating me for awhile now. They are WAY over the top lately. I will keep it civil. Oh, btw, I do own the devices I mentioned above contrary to that guy/s opinion. I use everything. I am not a fanboy of ANY platform, and use them all except MacOS, thats just to terrible for words!
  • Yes, Jason... Sorry. It won't happen again.
    End of story. Thanks, and keep those interesting editorials coming.
  • Thanks guys. :-) Keep coming and commenting. Definitely want to hear you guys' perspectives on things. :🙂
  • Truce Rodney? Hey?
  • Ignore me and I will ignore you. That's the only option left. Well, I will be completely ignoring you from now on. I suggest you keep my name out your mouth, as I will not acknowledge you. You add nothing positive, or helpful, to the conversation here. I have enough acquaintances here, and I have Zero need to "Truce" with anyone I don't care for online, or off. But I will respect you as not to acknowledge your existence here. I suggest you do the same for me. End of conversation on my part-
  • Jason, it is very hot at the moment in many temperate countries. You should expect to see people getting niggled.
  • Relax, no one take your remark seriously... It is a beautiful Sunday....
  • If it's such a beautiful sunday, why threaten to kill people it's DBA!
  • It's about time you were banned.
  • Lol if you can't take the heat...
  • He's mental. His poor family has been dealing with this stuff for 14 years.
  • HA HA HA WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH 🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼
  • 👆🏽 see
  • Seems like a lot of desperation for a Device that will underwhelm all those waiting for it. Please enlighten Me as to why exactly this Device is so necessary and what it will do that I can't do now. I think there is as much confusion about Andromeda at Microsoft as there is on Windows Central. I personally believe Microsoft sees Andromeda is not the Game Changer they hoped for.
  • Exactly right Rocktauber! It was a solution looking for a problem. If you need phone connectivity, there are phones, if you need portable computing, there is everything from tablets, to 2 in 1,s to the GPD. DONE. this is a useless device which would do both half assed!
  • if this hits the market I know I wont be able to not get it, been dreaming of a just one device fits all for years
  • you will look pretty dumb holding that honkin device to your ear making phone calls.
  • I just came back from enjoying a beautiful weather.. U are still around... Now I know which users are under one person... Thx.. There u go... Peace... Mission accomplished... Don't waste a beautiful Sunday... Later....
  • What? You are wacky
  • .
  • .
  • There is a big app gap when it comes to apps. If you think small business there is no POS APP like Square, or adobe spark apps.
  • Nadella just wont do what you all people here want?
  • Could. Without an apps ecosystem it will face the same problem as the Windowsphone. Currently PWAs are few and far between. You can see tumbleweed blowing in the Microsoft Store. The device looks good. However, in the real world if it can't do contactless payments, run mobile banking apps, and basically work as the daily mobile device it is just an extra thing to carry.
  • Starbuck reveal that the majority of customers order through desktop Browser than Starbuck apps in Android and iOS combined...(from Build 2018) Imagine you now can use desktop browser in a pocketable form factor... From mobile to tablet form factor with a flip..... Are we still no go because of App Gap.?????? Microsoft - be brave, stop putting Andromeda OS under review... Put all available time and energy into delivering the MVP .. the minimum viable CShell and release it and outsource to us **, to "Insider" it into perfection !!!!! ** Different users have made concrete proposals e.g. Hololens, Kickstarter.. Let us pre-order.. 6 months ahead... In return,.. some of us get Andromeda emulator to start porting UWP apps and upload to Microsoft store.. By the time it is ready for public release.. there will be positive blogs. User creative use case.. AND Andromeda specific UWP apps tailored to Andromeda unique gestures...
  • Link to backup your unbelievable claim?
  • An employee from Starbuck's upper management (I suppose) went on stage and said something along those lines. This is what he is referring to. I can back up his claim that something along those lines were said. What I can't do is verify that was exactly what was said
  • That makes no sense. There is a reason you cannot find any reference to this claim. It either isn't true or has some rediculous qualifiers.
  • Some of you start porting UWP :))))?? You who exactly? Your pathetic delusional mind is impressive, but stop talking for others. Devs do not give a damn about UWP...but you can continue being a desperate guinea pig for MS.
  • Guys, I tried to track down the source! I am wrong... Sorry...
    Last 1 min, the Starbucks representatives spoke about the improvement of user "stickiness" of 14% and 19% for both desktop and mobile respectively using Starbucks PWA. The PWA UI of tablet form factor looks from my point of view would engage and help me to order faster than a mobile form factor. This is my personal interpretation... Imagine u have two guys next to a pretty lady and try to impress her to help her to complete a Starbucks order ASAP... I think the guy who took out a device from his pocket and right in front of her eyes flip into a bigger screen real estate (two screens) with Starbucks PWA has more chance to retain her attention... than the other guy next to her with ONLY a mobile form factor..
  • Let us proceed to 10,000.....
  • George, Starbucks is one app, and I do believe your information is wrong. Everything I can find states that Starbucks for example, the iOS / Android app has far more users and orders go through than web ordering. Ease of use, device penetration etc. Then we go on to banking, shopping etc, where there are way more functions on the app than the website. YES, the app gap is REAL!
  • U are right....
  • sorry double post
  • Here's some light of hope for Microsoft's mobile strategy, something that requires to have talks with Apple and Google to migrate from closed garden ecosystems (iOS , Android) to a containerized solution which would reduce developer mainenance cost reduction, this was made for Linux desktop by Canonical where there are 2 major package systems: RPM based (CentOS, Fedora, openSUSE,RHEL) and Debian based (Ubuntu), with snapcraft (snapd) now 1 containerized application can run on any Linux distro, and always get the latest patches and security bug fixes. Something similar can be done to containerize both iOS Apps and Android apps and Windows Mobile apps and all apps will run the same on the same container daemon process running on iOS, Android or Windows Mobile
    Just my 2 cents
  • Containerize?... Wow, that's actually a word. 🤔. Ok. My phone recognized it. Interesting.
  • Its more of a word than "CRA CRA" dipshit.!
  • How old are you?
  • @Gabriel HernandezS. That's presuming Apple and Google want to move to a container based solutiion. Lets not forget that lol. I imagine if it solely benefited them they would bunch of greedy sock puppets 😐.
  • The future of desktop W10 is Polaris or OS based on UWP... We used to have UWP Community Toolkit. For preparation of Polaris, perhaps, we now call it Windows Community Toolkit - gallery of UWP app use case. Likewise, we need Andromeda Community Toolkit. I simply could NOT comprehend how Microsoft bloggers are so unimaginative of the WoW! potential of Andromeda OS combined with 2 panels.... If these people are unable to imagine, they should stop blah blah... If these people could not comprehend how Andromeda and Polaris are totally TWO very different categories - both in terms of hardware and use case driven apps - pls stop pretending u are able to know what coming next... Give us the Andromeda Emulator, possibly running on WinOnARM ACPC with Snap850... this Christmas... Let the community start populating the Andromeda Community Toolkit (ACT) .. and "Insider" the OS with frequent interactions into perfection... Very important! we need a website to upload the ACT use cases as animated gif or videos to drive Andromeda marketing prior to public release in 2019 Q1 or Q2.
  • All these discussions have stimulated many excellent concrete and usable ideas.. Microsoft, the next move is on u... Let Andromeda be part of your... Sorry.. to complete your Ubiquitous Computing strategy...
  • Keep on dreamin', Jason. IF they were to change their minds and deploy this thing, it would hardly be disruptive. It will be niche, plain and simple.
  • You WC guys need to stop setting us all up for disappointment with this Andromeda stuff. Nothing's even official yet, and it may never come up, but it seems to be all you can write or talk about. Can you please tone it down, at least until there's something (anything!) official from Microsoft.i just keep predicting 6-8 months from now when we all trash it as another MS failure - mainly because you guys are hyping it so hard!! Please calm down.
  • You chill.. Just take it with a grain of salt. If it doesn't come it's not the end of the world. You control your thoughts, not the internet.
  • Satya is only about the money money money....
  • That's every business.
  • Well, of course. Why wouldn't he be?
  • Nobody cares if it is Andriod or whatever. They want their phone experience on this device. This means that the apps must come the same day as the device. Microsoft has to either fund or lure developers to make apps that will run on this platform before the launch and not promise "they will come". Take the top 100 most used mobile apps and make them available on launch day. This will get people to look and then move. If the idea that this is a phone and mobile PC then it has to walk the line to be both. This means the full office suite + the top 100 mobile apps day 1 launch. Oh, and more thing. That battery better last 10 - 12hrs too. IMHO, the world is still not ready for this and if the economy takes a turn for the worse next year, few will be able to afford it. The timing is wrong, they are not ready for the investment it takes in the consumer space and without developer support it is dead before it lifts off. If they still want to test the waters, then they should go down the road they did with the Microsoft Smart Watch. Limited release and get feedback to refine it.
  • The only disruption that would occur would be in my bank account, if I purchased this most likely to be future MSFT abandoned device.
  • Who will dare buy it?
  • Lol. It's got it's uses. Not everyone is sold on tablets. Not everyone will buy a smartwatch... It's nice to have options.
  • Imagine the benefits of Starbucks PWA with 2 panels Andromeda over one panel mobile phone... Read my previous comments for some background... The petition exceeds 11,000...
  • Microsoft has already disrupted the market because many of us refuse to buy anything android or ios. Instead taking this time to save some cash to buy the device that rumors keep promising. Many have said they don't want a fully featured Windows OS computer on a tiny screen, and hey they don't have to have that, there are plenty of options for them. But as for me, I never really wanted a phone per say, I always wanted a PC that can fit in my pocket that just happens to be able to make calls that I can dock to a larger display when available. Think about it, people say one thing like they don't want a tiny PC but then fall all over themselves when companies release these new powerful gaming phones with huge amounts of processing and memory power. Seems like at least some people don't know what they want. But for many of us,we know what we have wanted from day one, we want one device that can do it all, if the rumors hold any truth then Andromeda should be a big step in the right direction. But as for adopting Android features or a secondary Android OS, I am not sure I like that idea. But whatever get the ball rolling I guess, but it wouldn't be my preference.