7 easy ways to save money on PC games

A few specific places mostly have the monopoly on PC game distribution these days, but that doesn't mean you can't get a good deal elsewhere. Steam, for example, might be the official place to actually get a game, but you can often find cheaper prices on its games outside of its store. You just have to know where to look.

Here are a few of the best places to look to save money on PC games.

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming

UK-based Green Man Gaming (GMG) is a popular, well-stocked reseller of PC games from various different online services. It offers frequent deals, and for folks who sign up to be a VIP, exclusive additional discount codes are frequent.

GMG also offers loot boxes sometimes, a lucky dip of game codes for a very low price. You don't know what you'll get but it's nice to be surprised sometimes.

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CDKeys is an excellent source of game codes. It's not only for PCs, but its largest offering is for just that. In its wide catalog of codes, you'll usually find some solid discounts on popular and current titles, as well as for preorders for upcoming games.

CDKeys is a respectable store used by gamers all over the world. When you use it, you're still buying keys directly from official stores, just at a (usually) lower price.

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Humble Store and Humble Monthly

Humble Store

You've probably heard of the Humble Bundle and how its charity-supporting game bundles can net you some top titles for a low price. Beyond these one-time only offers, Humble also has a full store and a monthly subscription service (opens in new tab) that will always give you some hot PC games for $12 every month.

Recent monthly bundles have included titles such as Total War: Warhammer and The Witness, which on their own are worth more than $12. The Humble Store also has frequent sales with big discounts, and if you sign up for it you get a newsletter letting you know when the deals are going down.

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Amazon isn't just for physical goods, and you can buy digital game codes there, as well. As is often the case with Amazon, you'll find great deals from time to time.

They are a little more difficult to highlight, with Amazon being a huge store for much more than PC games, but if you know what you're looking for you can usually find yourself a saving. We suggest taking your time on Amazon and kicking around to compare prices.

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G2A has had a reputation for being a little, well ... shady in the past. But there's no denying it's a great place to get PC games. Part of the beauty is that you can often buy vastly discounted codes from G2A vendors.

When you're buying from someone other than the actual site you're on, you want to use caution. G2A Shield is worth implementing, and it's only a couple of bucks a month if you're going to be shopping there regularly. Essentially it protects you and your money in the event of a purchase going wrong.

You can also now use PayPal as a form of payment, alongside G2A's payment service and a number of other methods. PayPal always gets our vote, though.

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Razer Game Store

Razer Game Store

Razer's new storefront for PC games is an evolution of the company's Cortex deal service where you'd be served up the best deals on games from across the web. Now, Razer is selling games to you directly and naturally, buying from there will get you Razer flavored rewards.

It's still very new, but there are curated deals (which look pretty strong) on some of the latest titles and you'll earn rewards including zSilver, discount vouchers for the Razer Game Store and discount vouchers for the Razer hardware store.

It also covers multiple services, including Steam and uPlay, and while it's still technically a beta, it could already save you a good bit on buying your new PC games.

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Xbox Play Anywhere

Strictly speaking this isn't a way of saving money on games, at least not if you only play on PC. But, if you like to dabble in both Xbox and PC, then buying digital copies of some games from the Microsoft Store will give you the game on both platforms for one purchase.

Games like Forza 7 and Gears of War 4, Halo Wars 2, and Cuphead are all Xbox Play Anywhere. The list grows every month. It's not for everyone, but if you are in the position to game on both Xbox and PC, it's definitely worth a look.

Complete Xbox Play Anywhere games list

Your tips

These are some of the places we get discounts on our PC games, but what about you? Drop your suggestions in the comments and share the savings.

Updated April 9, 2018: The new Razer Game Store gets a mention for its great deals on new titles.

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  • A true inferiority complex that's been around for way too long.... Most PC gamer looking at steam average setup have nothing remotely close to what console has to offer.... And I'm not talking about the many benefit a consol can have over a PC if you not into geeking
  • I've used CDKeys a few times and I've never had a problem.  Oddly enough, Jim Sterling (game journalist) released a video this morning telling people to stay away from the website G2A for shady practices.  G2A isn't mentioned in the article but I figured I'd let people know.  You can watch the video on his YouTube channel if you're interested in what he has to say about G2A.
  • Never heard of G2A but always good to know.
  • I actually use G2A, and it's pretty good, just I've not gone on their site for a while now.
  • <p>You should stop right Now.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>It may not effect you directly, but many keys are bought with stolen credit cards, which means at the end of the day the Devs not only lose money by people claim in there money back, but they also need to pay a cash back fee which is quite significant, and G2A still gets the monry. I&#39;ve heard that one Dev even went bankrupt at there hands. You simply shouldn&#39;t support them for this BS. And if you think &quot; well theres nothing they can do themselves&quot;, thats not true. On two occasions this year, one very recent, theyve been proved wrong in that area. One was an AMA on Reddit, where a user pointed out a flaw in there key verification system where fake &nbsp;keys where able to be put up on the store. Instead of thanking him and fixing it, they BANNED HIM. Anothrr is very recent, there first AAA publisher deal got a lot of hate, so the to;dr of things is that Gearbox (the AAA Dev partnering with them) gave them some requirements and time limits to do a number of changes, including customer protection to be free like it SHOULD be, and a simple API where devs can remove stolen keys without needing to make a partnership with them, which would mean they get money anyway. They accused them of some BS I won&#39;t bother trying to remember and didnt agree to make any changes.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>They may look clean, but in reality they&#39;re worse than pirating.</p>
  • Just be carefully with G2A. The keys are essentially sold user-to-user and there have been cases where codes have been revoked (I'm sure a quick google search will find similar stories). That's why they offer their code guarantee or whatever it's called. Having said that, I have bought 1-2 things from there and didn't have any issues.
  • I've bought about a dozen games from g2a and never had a problem with keys being revoked. Just make sure you buy from sellers that have 99% rating or higher. Avoid the g2a shield crap though and watch out for the $1 monthly shield agreement (just cancel the auto paypal payment). Apart from that, never had a problem. Ethics? Thats a whole other ballgame...
  • People from my lanparty have been burned buying games from CDKEYS, weeks/months after purchasing a game they've gotten messages saying that their game code is invalid. 
  • I've only heard of that happening on G2A... I'm surprised it it could happen with CDKEYS
  • PayPal dispute within 180 days. Done.
  • you can always change the region on xbox or Windows 10 to get the cherpest prices , Yooka-Laylee is 20$ on the turkey store and 40$ on US store . you can use this site to compare between the region's http://xbox-store-checker.com/en/game/compare/Yooka-Laylee-Toybox-Pre-Or...
  • Store region hot swap is indeed a good bonus. xbox takes some time to restart but win10 setting and website only take a second.
  • I use DlCompare.com to do the comparison for me. 
  • Steam, GoG
    Not a fan of Key reseller so I won't recommend them...
  • Same.
  • Use russian keys.
  • In Russia the keys use YOU.
  • Yes, Russian hocKeys quite good.
  • Register on Steam. Browse games. Add to Wishlist. Wait for Steam Sale notifications in your email. for the games in your WL. Be selective on the discounts.
  • bundlestars.com is another good one.
  • I use CDkeys but saying they are respectable is questionable.  They defnitely use grey market keys which is looked down upon by plenty of folks.
  • Good to know.
  • Gamergate.com is a good site for pc games too
  • I would like to reccomend gog, itch.io and playism-games for alternatives or some indies exclusives. They usually have sales. Humble Bundle is great, also Bundlestars. GMG is so-so as they price is still too high even on sales, as i am on SEA where steam prices is cheaper than UK and US. Russian Steam store is the cheapest also. Never use gray marketstore so no opinion about them. Self control and Steam sales is always reccomended. Enjoy your games.
  • I highly recommend Bundle Stars (bundlestars.com) - they have some great discounts and amazing bundles Other sites worth looking at: cjs-cdkeys.com - I've jused them extensively in the past, including for Xbox Live membership (usually around $40-50/year). I've never had any issues. indiegala.com - some great bundles, obviously leaning towards the Indie gaming side. I pick up tonnes of hidden object games there for my wife gog.com - has a lot of older games that might not be available elsewhere groupees.com - I've bought a few bundles here. They're unique in that they often bundle music with indie games indiegamestand.com - I haven't used these guys much but there might be some nice indie games in there
  • You forgot to mention steam in your article.
  • Second sentence...
  • I forgot to mention I didn't read the first paragraph of the article.
  • Just go to www.isthereanydeal.com to compare all the shopping sites.
  • No shady resellers, please. There's practices that harm the industry, especially small publishers.
  • Yeah, no. You shouldn't promote these dubious websites as excellent ways of getting games. Humble Store, yes. Steam and GOG sales, too. But G2A, GMG and CDKeys - these games come at a lower cost at a price. I'm not even talking about Steam revoking the code, rather that the devs of the game get less money from these websites.  I'm not saying 'do not ever use these websites'. Even I bought something at CD Keys once. Just, be mindful of the consequences.
  • So let's talk about capitalism and how the same game can cost about 1/10 of your salary in a country and 1/50 in another country. Then let's talk about how people starve in Africa. /s I mean, these shops are legal, their keys work and the devs are getting paid, this is the global market, let's use it, there is no right price in this society, just legal or illegal goods.
  • Kinda surprised this article got approved. G2A and CDKeys have had very sketchy histories... Apparently Windows Central is now vouching/approving of these services. Really gives me second thoughts on the rest of their recommendations.
  • G2A offers a protection plan when you buy games to prevent you from getting scammed. When diablo 3 expansion came out i bought a key on G2A for 20 bucks cheaper than retail. The key was fake. I didnt pay for G2A protection, and they still notified me that the seller was a scammer, refunded my purchase, and gave me 10% off the purchase from their official store. I have since subscribed to them to get the G2A shield on all my purchases. I have had no negative experiences with them other then a few keys that took longer then normal to arrive.
  • I use all of these services. Every single one of them. Never (so far) had a single issue with them in the last couple of years.
  • G2A gets a bad wrap because its a marketplace like ebay or craigslist. People can scam you. The reason G2A has keys so cheap is because people in Russia or markets with high levels of piracy are able to buy keys on steam for extremely cheap and resell them to the US or markets where games are more expensive. I exclusively use G2A to buy games because of this. They offer a protection plan for an additional $5 on your purchase. Or you can subscribe for a very small fee and get the protection for free on your purchases. While you can get scammed on G2A, it can be prevented, and you will save a lot of money at the end of the day.
  • I've never had a problem with HRK Games. They often have the lowest price.
  • Xbox play anywhere/Xbox game pass
    is a good combo as I don't really play, too many games often 😪