How to stream on Mixer with FTL



FTL stands for faster than light and it's the term applied to the crazy fast, low latency technology Mixer has been working on for its streams. It ultimately results in an almost invisible stream delay, making for a better all-around experience for the viewers, since they're able to interact with the streamer in real time.

It's still a work in progress but anyone who wants to stream on Mixer can try it out for themselves right now. Here's what you need to know.

Updated May 29 2017 with new details including the rebrand to Mixer and how to use FTL with Elgato Game Capture software.

What you need

Right now there are three pieces of software you can use to stream to Mixer using FTL: XSplit, Tachyon and Elgato Game Capture HD

For XSplit, you need to be using the latest beta version of XSplit Broadcaster to enable FTL. Tachyon, on the other hand, is a customized version of OBS Studio with Mixer's extra goodies under the hood. The feature is currently only available in the 3.6 beta version of the Elgato Game Capture HD software.

If you need any assistance getting set up to stream on Mixer, we recommend checking out our comprehensive start-up guide linked below. That'll get you logged in, set up and ready to roll. As Tachyon is essentially OBS Studio, setting up is the same.

How to stream on Mixer

How to use FTL in XSplit

FTL in XSplit

Once you've updated to the latest beta version of XSplit, at first boot all your necessary plugins will also update. Once you're loaded up enabling FTL is a simple process.

  1. Select outputs from the menu bar.
  2. Click on the settings cog next to your Mixer account output.
  3. Under the channel settings box tick the box next to Use FTL (beta).
  4. Click OK.

Now you're all set. But do remember that the integration in XSplit is in beta so there is a chance of bugs. XSplit has already pushed out an update to improve things, and will no doubt continue until it's ready to be pushed out in public builds. Current issues include potentially not getting the closest server when this is set to automatic, so you might want to set that manually for the time being.

To ensure you're on the latest build for the best support, keep one eye on the XSplit blog.

How to use FTL in Tachyon


To set up in Tachyon, you won't need to enable any special settings to use FTL. OBS is an open source software project and Mixer has built the necessary bits into the Tachyon version.

What you will need to do is make sure you've set everything up correctly, as detailed in our how to stream on Mixer guide. You will need your stream key first, from Mixer, as unlike XSplit you can't just log in and authenticate. Get that by following these steps:

  1. Click on your avatar on the Mixer homepage
  2. Next, go to manage channel.
  3. Then click on setup stream.

Apply the stream key into Tachyon and make any adjustments to your stream setup in the settings and you'll be ready to go. Now, when you stream to Mixer you'll always be using FTL.

How to stream with FTL in Game Capture HD

This one is actually the easiest to use, on the caveat of course that you're using an Elgato capture card. It also means you can't use it to stream PC games, unless you're using a capture card with a PC.

But, assuming you fit the criteria, all you have to do is download the beta version linked above, and connect your Mixer account. The branding in the app is still Beam, but it's all the same. Click the + button in the live streaming section, then click on Beam and follow the steps to login.

Unlike XSplit, you don't have to enable FTL. Elgato Game Capture uses it by default. All you have to do is hit that stream button!

For now, this is how you'll have to go about things if you want to try the FTL protocol for your Mixer streams. XSplit does require a subscription to get the most from, but Tachyon is at least free and will suit you if you're familiar with OBS Studio. And if you're using an Elgato capture card, the companion software is a great way to try out FTL streams with minimal fuss.

And if you're using FTL for your own Mixer streams, drop us a line (and your channel name!) in the comments below and share your experiences with us!

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