The Surface Go is an incredible lightweight tablet PC for those who want to work and play on the move. Most of us know that taking a screenshot on a Windows device is as simple as hitting the Print Screen key, but this is a tablet. What if you have no keyboard attached?

(Note: This method will work for any current Surface device not just the Surface Go.)

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How to take a screenshot on Surface Go without a keyboard

Taking a screenshot on Surface Go without a keyboard is similar to how it works on a mobile phone. Just follow these steps:

  1. Press the Power + Volume Up buttons on the top side of your Surface Go simultaneously.

  2. The screen should darken briefly to signify that a screenshot has been added to your clipboard.
  3. Open the app where you want to paste the screenshot.
  4. Long press on the touch screen where you want to save your screenshot.
  5. Select Paste.

How to take a screenshot on Surface Go using a keyboard

Just follow these steps:

  1. Find the "PrtScn" key on your keyboard. (Ensuring the "Fn" key toggle is set to off.)
  2. Press "PrtScn" to add a screenshot to your clipboard.

    • If you're signed in to OneDrive, it will offer to automatically add a JPG version of the screenshot to your pictures folder.
  3. Open the app where you want to paste your screenshot.
  4. Press CTRL+V to paste the screenshot from your clipboard.

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If you already grabbed a Surface Go, there's one single best option when it comes to getting a keyboard: Microsoft's Signature Type Cover.

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Surface Go Signature Type Cover

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The Surface Type Covers have evolved consistently over the years, gradually improving upon every aspect and feature. The Go is a miniaturized version of the keyboards found on Microsoft's Surface Pro line, and it retains the same great typing and trackpad experience with a smaller footprint.

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