Auto upload OneDrive

There are several reasons to save your photos and video online. One reason could be you're running out of storage on your device. Another reason is having a backup in case your phone breaks. Whatever the reason may be, Windows Phone 8.1 can automatically save the photos and videos you take to OneDrive. Setting it up is fast and easy. Watch our how-to video.

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  1. Go to Settings and swipe left for applications
  2. Tap photos + camera
  3. Scroll down to Auto upload and tap OneDrive
  4. Select Best Quality for photos and videos

That's it! Your photos and videos will only be uploaded when you're connected to a Wi-Fi network. You can view your photos and videos online at on your browser or by using the OneDrive app, which is available on multiple platforms.

Do you automatically back up your photos and videos to OneDrive? Let us know in the comments!