The massive amount of premium content on Disney+ easily puts it at the top of the list when it comes to best new streaming services. Whether you're a fan of animated Disney classics, Marvel films and TV shows, National Geographic content, or the Star Wars saga, the service is nearly essential for those who have cut the cable company out of their life and are looking for something to help take its place.

Disney+ Free Trial

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While Disney+ might not have as wide a selection as Netflix does, it's chock-full of family-friendly content including a large majority of Disney's TV shows and movies new and old alike. Disney+ even premieres exclusive content which you won't be able to watch anywhere else, and the best part is that with an active membership, you can watch anywhere you go by downloading the Disney+ app on your smartphone or tablet. The service is available on some smart TVs and streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick as well.

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Disney+ Free Trial

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Let's pretend you don't already know you'll love Disney+. You can score a free trial right now to check out the service and see if it's worth subscribing to without having to pay a cent. Just head to Disney+ and click 'Start Free Trial' to become a member.

How do you get a free Disney+ trial?

Scoring a Disney+ trial is easier than you might think, though it does require that you enter valid billing information so that your membership can continue automatically once the trial is over. That means you'll be charged the regular monthly price for the service once that happens. However, you can also choose to cancel your Disney+ membership at any time, including before the trial ends if you decide it's not the right fit for your family.

To snag your Disney+ free trial, simply head to Disney+ and click Start Free Trial on the homepage. The free trial offer is only valid on the standard Disney+ membership; the Disney+ package which includes Hulu and ESPN+ does not offer a free trial at this time.

How long is the Disney+ trial?

Disney+ currently offers a 7-day free trial for new customers. That might not be as long as say Netflix's 30-day free trial for example, but Disney+ is also a much safer bet for families or households with an intense love of all things Disney or Marvel. Disney+ includes such a wide selection of Disney's shows and movies that you don't necessarily need to try it out to know what's available or if you'll enjoy the content that's there. If you're a Disney fan, there's no doubt that this service is made for you.

What can you watch with the Disney+ trial?

Your free Disney+ trial gives you full access to the Disney+ streaming service, so there are no restrictions or limitations as to what you can watch or how the account works compared to when you're a paying customer. Once you've activated the 7-day trial, you can start watching movies like Marvel's Black Panther, the recently released Frozen 2, or the Disney+ exclusive film Stargirl, as well as TV shows like Boy Meets World, The Simpsons, and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

How much does Disney+ cost after the free trial?

Disney+ is one of the most affordable streaming services to date, which is pretty wild considering all that it has to offer already after just six months of being available in select countries. WIth currency conversions, there is some variation in pricing based on which country you live in ($6.99/£5.99/AU$8.99), though you can save and drop the monthly cost even lower by paying for a full year of membership instead. You can get the full rundown on Disney+ monthly and annual pricing in your country via this Disney+ guide.

Another Disney+ package bundles in Hulu and ESPN+ streaming services starting at just $12.99 per month. If you're already a subscriber to one of these services, you could save money each month by purchasing this bundled offer. The only caveat is that it does not offer a free trial like the standard Disney+ membership does.

How do you cancel the Disney+ free trial?

Cancelling your Disney+ trial is easy to do and takes just a minute or two to accomplish. On the Disney Plus homepage, simply click your user icon in the top right corner and then click Account. Underneath the Subscription heading on that page, you can click the words 'Billing Details' to be guided to where you can cancel your subscription. This page allows you to cancel whether you're currently on a free trial or if you're already a paying member, so it's helpful to remember where it is in any case.

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