How to watch the Microsoft #Windows10Devices launch event live

We're almost at go time and as the Microsoft and Windows Central teams hunker down in New York and elsewhere putting the final preparations on event coverage, you guys are no doubt wondering how you can watch the whole thing live.

Microsoft will be offering a livestream and Windows Central a liveblog. So, wherever you are, there's a solution to keep you in the loop. Here's what you need to know!


Microsoft's livestream will be watchable on the web and on the Xbox. On the Xbox you'll need the Live Events (XLEi) app as you would usually use to watch Microsoft Xbox presentations. Go on ahead and fire up the store if you don't already have it on your console.

If you're at your desk then hit the link below where you'll find the livestream window once it goes live. We'll hopefully be able to add it to our liveblog page too if you want to keep everything in one place.

Microsoft #Windows10Devices livestream (opens in new tab)

Our liveblog

Bookmark the page linked below for our liveblog of the event. We've got Daniel Rubino and Mark Guim on the ground in NYC to bring you the very best coverage of everything going down. We've also got a community chat room set up ready to roll from an hour before kick off time for you guys to talk among yourselves as everything rolls in.

Join us for our Microsoft #Windows10Devices liveblog - October 6 at 10 a.m. Eastern!

So, what time?

Everything kicks off at 10 a.m. local time in New York City. That becomes 7.a.m Pacific, 3 p.m. in London and 7.30 p.m. out in India. For everywhere else, follow this handy link to see what time it becomes for you.

While you're waiting for everything to begin, we've got a bunch of pages you'll want to check out, including previews and hubs where you'll find literally all the posts you'll care about out of the event. All of those are listed below.

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • i hope work is slow tomorrow so i can watch it
  • 'Twas the night before the MS event, when all through the house
    not a keyboard was clicking, not even a mouse.
    The browsers were set to the url with care,
    in hopes that the live stream would soon be there. I was comfy and warm nestled all snug in bed,
    while visions of Lumias danced in my head.
    And laying there with my Surface, just staring at Bing,
    had just settled my brain to wait for morning. When out on the desktop there arose such a chatter,
    It sounded like Cortana... was something a matter?
    Away to open Windows I signed-in with Hello,
    I said Hey Cortana, and she said it’s a go! The Band on my wrist... it seems that I slept
    Live stream was on now and really in-depth,
    when, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
    but an MS exec and a bright engineer. "Now Talkman! 950!
    Now, Cityman! XL!
    On, Munchkin! Continuum!
    On, Surface as well!
    To the top with HoloLens!
    The new Band is this fall!
    Now tell me Oh when!
    When I can buy all!"
  • Ur the best tech poet.
  • Thank you!
  • All hail the Windows Shakespear!
  • I enjoyed this. Much obliged
  • That is the best poetry I have heard in a while!
  • Oh my God, you make me cry :') Will you marry me? (I'm a straight guy but can still do it cause you're so awesome) Seriously, though, this poem is beautiful. :)
  • Windows central should add like button to appreciate this kind of person...
  • U r a leg end :-o
  • You mean a toe? :D
  • Windows Central comment of the year!
  • I can do better... New York to Cali, Oregan to Dallas... Uh... Take it from here Mark Morales!
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  • This is rap, not poetry.
  • Of course it's a rap XD
  • I said hip... Hop
    It don't stop.
  • That was beautiful
  • I love writing up stuff like that and you did an excellent job. *clap*
  • D U D E. Well done sir.
  • GIVE THIS GUY AN UPVOTE!   You sir, win the Internet.
  • Amazing! Best comment ever!
  • Ha ha yes. You nailed it.
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  • This is so beautiful!! Loved it
  • Haha nicely recited... :D
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  • Highest likes i have ever seen for a WC comment. 
  • Loved it!!!
  • This dude should become the official tech poet for Windows Central or even Microsoft! Or at least, make this the official poem for the event! And I almost skipped this article!
  • Bravo Sir ... Bravo !
  • Cheers Brother!
  • Well done!
  • Wow! Wasn't expecting this. Thanks for all the great replies.
  • @horbeme:
    You Can work slow to see the Microsoft event if you want to.
    But I hope Microsoft provides a speedy Internet connection this time. The stream constantly stuttering and crashing ruined watching Microsoft's live events in the past for me.
  • Wonderful...
  • Can't wait !
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    on Twitter:
  • App doesn't work on L830 running W10M.
  • 3PM Slovakia, nice
  • 4pm in Slovakia assuming you're an hour in front of London time :)
  • Lol haha yes, at 3pm in London, thx
  • 7:30 pm is a nice time to watch event with a jug of tea :P
  • Prime time, must see tv!
  • Absolutely... There will be no work for me at that time... I can stream
  • The last two hours of work tomorrow are gonna be awful. Can't wait to get back, get the kids to bed and then sift through the news.
  • 16:00 pm in Fryslân
  • Where?
  • The Netherlands
  • How many time zones does India have?
  • Only one.
  • Wen in India... Just one. UTC +5:30
  • Streaming online ? Most of the people will not do it in India.. Including me because of costly internet packages. It will be good when some tv channels can show the live event.
  • I wasn't trying to but I read that with an Indian accent. It was weird how easy that was
  • Do Microsoft make replicators rather like the enterprise in star trek. I could maybe replicate a SP4.......!
  • 3pm just one hour to soon. Stupid work! Can't wait!
  • Dear WC, please stop using third party links!! MS Edge can't open them while using edited 'hosts' file to block ads. :-/
  • You take risks messing with your hosts file.
  • It's not really a risk, it's that the ad-host Windows Central uses automatically converts all their external links for targeted advertising purposes (Not by WC's choice, but Mobile Nations has to keep the lights on somehow). And because editing hosts files makes it so edge won't accept links from a specified list of ad providers, it breaks the link. So if Mobile Nations unveiled a subscription model that allows you to go ad-free and let us use links that don't redirect through ad-providers: Problem solved. EDIT: Even extensions like AdBlock on Chrome and Firefox will break the links too... :/
  • Well we can't link to a third-party timezone converter without linking to it can we?
  • I think he's talking about third-party links that route through an affiliate network or an ad-network, because those are automatically blocked by the hosts.
  • The app also converts links us users post into some sort of affiliate link too (Which I think is what sarim_xyz means. I'm not bothered by it, but some people won't like it so much.
  • Well, I was talking about third party ad-links as pointed out by Centrally Windows. I am unable to open the links in the article. And blocking ads is really important to me.
  • Stopping WC making money to keep giving you things to read is really important to you?
  • That XLE app is still loading Halofest at the it the right app? =s
  • i think it plays the last event 1st, unless the is a live event happening, then it goes through the rest (it's been a LONG while since I used it)
  • Where's the link for live webcast? All I see is a link.
  • Right below the section labelled "Livestream"
  • Thanks! I don't see it in mobile app, had to view from browser XD
  • Can anyone provide me Xbox live events player link for windows phone!!
  • Xbox live events player is am xbox app, as mentioned in the article. use the pc livestream link and hope it works
  • App for the phone is called 'Live Video Player' Had to load the link on my phone, couldn't find the app by searching the store. Hopefully the app works tomorrow.
  • Does it work?
  • 3am. It's going to be a late night!
  • Just needs to be tomorrow already!!
  • Is the XLEi app only available on Xbox One and not the 360?
  • Microsoft used to stream live events on the Xbox 360 aswell.. Not sure if this one will be available. They used to advertise on the dashboard and you could download from there.
  • 5 PM (17:00) in Romania. Go MS! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Same in Greece :)
  • This will be on Wednesday, 7 October 2015 at 1am for people in Sydney, Australia!
  • About 0000 hours Brisbane time, is it?
  • 7pm in PAK........
  • Sharjeel Bhai, I will be there in NY at the venue tomorrow. :D
  • => 7:30 in IND
  • Can I watch this on my phone????
  • Of course!
  • Yeah I was wondering too if I could watch this on my windows phone?
  • So pumped
  • They need a W10 app. I want to listen on my W10M-carrying 920 while driving to work, but IDK if I can trust the video player in the browser. Then again, maybe I can, and I'll be fine.
  • I've used the browser in WP 8 / 8.1 for the last few events to do similar and just have the audio playing in the car, always seemed to work fine. Last one I remember having the January event and the Build 2015 keynote on in the car. Not sure how it will work with Edge though.
  • M Excited about Microsoft event.Fingers crossed for windows phone 10 release date
  • now do i go into work early for this at my desk, or go in late to watch at home.....
  • I'd go in early and get some coffee ready - Don't forget to fill up a thermos so you can top up that coffee without missing a second
  • A countdown timer will say a thousand words. That is what used to happen back in the day.
  • So how can I watch the event in my Windows phone?
  • +640
  • Last few MS events I was able to just watch the live stream URLs in the browser, definitely remember being able to do this for the January event and Build 2015 keynote, don't see why it wouldn't just work in the browser for any reason.
  • But the streaming was not good
  • when in...oh wait now I really need to get used to this new thing... specific mention of "when in India"...!!!
    Really need to say something now...umm 7:30 pm in India...Seems faster...!!!
  • That is 5 .pm in (Khartoum, Sudan) timing.
    Very excited.
  • So, what's the Midnight Event all about?
  • Ain't missing this event for nothing
  • Whats with the new link "tradedoubler" URLs...they are all blocked at work. :(    
  • Here it the URL incase anyone else has "adware" web sites blocked:  
  • Ill be in NYC, probably going to try to go to the event.........or at least, try to get in by chilling out front and asking media people if they have any extra seats available.......Im doubtful ill get in, but why the hell not, im not workiing tomorrow anyways, and i live literally a 20 min walk away.
  • What about watching it with the live player app on Windows Phone?
  • MS needs a windows 10 universal app for their live streams
  • This
  • 9AM CENTRAL. My body is ready.
  • What about if Windows 10 Mobile or Windows Phone. How do you watch it on there?
  • @David Rupnik
  • Thanks for the link
  • I am soooo stoked.. Can't wait. Taking off of work. Woot woot
  • OMG! Exciting. Starting of my GOD is good morning, with a broadcast of my Call of Duty®: Ghosts gameplay on Then watch the Microsoft Event " Windows 10 Devices" Live on my XBOX ONE with the Windows 10 experience. Awesomeness! This will definitely be a day to remember and rejoice. As I type using my Lumia 640 LTE packed with the latest build, I could picture perfectly see the new Premium Windows 10 mobile device in my hands.
  • Sadly for YOU no one care about show off like :) or maybe a pretender trying to pass for a show off :) losers are always losers :*
  • Cortana: Convert 10am Est to my local time. - Fail
    Cortana: Remind me at 10am eastern daylight savings time tomorrow about ... Fail
    Cortana: Add appointment for tomorrow 10am Est. - Fail