How We Make Minecraft Episode 3 discusses Minecraft's classic artwork and design

The world comes together
The world comes together (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft is an open world survival and crafting game that features a unique pixellated art style.
  • Minecraft's graphics are very much its own, and have been carefully designed over years.
  • How We Make Minecraft, a YouTube series discussing the process behind the world's biggest game, tackles this topic.
  • Episode 3 discusses how Minecraft is designed from an art style and graphics perspective, with some humorous commentary.

Minecraft is an interesting game from an art design perspective, because while the game has never once been considered a contender for "most beautiful game," its graphics are consistent, thoughtful, scale wonderfully across form factors and hardware, and (most importantly) encourage players to create their own beauty using the game's tools. A lot more thought goes into how everything looks in Minecraft, and How We Make Minecraft Episode 3, Lookin' Good, discusses this exact topic.

If you're at all a fan of Minecraft, I strongly suggest give the video series a look, from Episode 1 - Adding a New Mob, Episode 2 - Crafting a Crafting System, and then finally Episode 3, which discusses art style. The YouTube series is accessible, charming and funny, and goes over some of the design process that sits behind everything that Minecraft has become over ten long years of successful gaming and creation.

Zachary Boddy
Staff Writer

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