HP Elite x3 and Desk Dock pre-orders go live on Microsoft Store UK site for £749

The Microsoft Store site in the UK is now accepting pre-orders for £749 for the HP Elite x3 phone with Windows 10 Mobile. The price of the phone includes its Desk Dock accessory.

The official listing for the phone (via Neowin) calls it the HP Elite X3 Business Pack. Most buyers will likely be happy that the Dest Dock accessory will be included with the phone, as it will allow it to be used like a PC, when connected to a mouse, keyboard and large monitor. The Microsoft Store UK site says that shipments of the phone are scheduled to begin on August 18.

So far, pre-orders have yet to officially launch in the U.S. for the HP Elite x3 and there's no word on when that might happen.

See at Microsoft Store UK

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John Callaham