HP Elite x3 gets a price cut in the UK

Spotted by the eagle eyes at Neowin, HP has cut the price by a not insignificant 18% to £549. You'll also get the Desk Dock thrown in for your money, which continues to be a great sweetener for some Continuum action on HP's enterprise focused smartphone.

There's no indication that this is a limited time offer, but equally, HP is known to jump the Elite x3 price around like a cat on a hot tin roof. It's still a lot of money to spend on a phone that's over a year old, but if you're eying up a new Windows phone there's not exactly a lot to choose from.

And compared to the £420 asking price for the Alcatel Idol 4 Pro, this latest price cut makes the Elite x3 even more appealing. Grab it while it's hot.

See at HP

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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