The new HP ENVY 34 AIO packs a 5K display, 16MP webcam, and RTX 3080 graphics — and looks amazing

Hp Envy 34 Press
Hp Envy 34 Press (Image credit: HP)

What you need to know

  • The HP ENVY 34 inch All-in-One Desktop 34 features a 5K display, user-upgradeable storage, and memory.
  • It can be configured up to an Intel Core i9-11900, 2TB SSD, 128GB RAM, and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Laptop GPU.
  • The ENVY 32 also has a massive 16MP IR privacy camera that attaches magnetically in various positions.
  • Starting price for the Core i7 model and GTX 1650 graphics is $1,999.

HP knows a thing or two about all-in-one (AIO) desktop PCs. In early 2020, I reviewed the HP ENVY 32 and called it the best AIO PC on the market.

However, that crown may be challenged by HP's latest AIO — the new ENVY 34. It takes things in a new direction with a wider 21:9 34-inch 5K display instead of the 16:9 4K found in the ENVY 32.

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CategoryHP Envy 34 AiO
OSWindows 11 Home
Processor11th Gen Inte Core i7-11700 to Core i9-11900
RAMUp to 128GB DDR4-2400 (user accessible)
GraphicsUp to NVIDIA RTX 3080 Laptop
StorageUp to 2TB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD (user accessible)
Display34 inches
5120x2160 (5K)
IPS, anti-reflective
500 nits, 98% DCI-P3
PortsSix USB-A
Two Thunderbolt 4
SD card reader
3.5mm audio
Audio2x Bang & Olufsen tuning
ConnectivityWi-Fi 6
CameraFront-facing 16MP
IR camera
SecurityIR camera
Dimensions32.17 x 8.78 x 14.50 inches
(81.7cm x 22.3cm x 36.8cm)
Weight24.36 pounds (11.05kg)
ColorTurbo silver
ExtrasQi wireless charging

The $2,000 model comes with a 65-watt Core i7-11700, 32GB of DDR4 RAM, 512GB of PCIe storage, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GPU, which should all easily handle the massive 34-inch 5120x2160 non-touch display.

Source: HP (Image credit: Source: HP)

Of course, HP lets you preconfigure it with much higher specs, including up to a 5.1GHz Intel Core i9-11900, 2TB SSD, 128GB RAM, and a beefy NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 (laptop) GPU, which is quite insane for an AIO these days.

Source: HP (Image credit: Source: HP)

But unlike many AIOs, this one is user-upgradeable with HP's toolless back door letting users manually add more RAM (up to 128GB, 4 DIMMS) and more storage (2 PCIe slots) to their liking.

That 5K display features 500 nits of brightness, is anti-reflective, and hits 98% DCI-P3, making it ideal for hours of graphics work and video editing without straining your eyes.

And while that 5K screen lacks touch (and inking), the new HP 11-inch Tablet PC goes very well with this desktop PC in offering touch, inking, and even HP Duet letting you use the tablet as a wireless secondary display.

And due to the new work-from-home push, web cameras have become exceptionally important for daily use. HP has an answer there too with its new "HP True Vision 16MP binning IR privacy camera with integrated dual array digital microphones and magnetic stick, 2 μm camera sensor."

Source: HP (Image credit: Source: HP)

While that is a mouthful, this camera has no wires and has eight connection points on the ENVY 34, letting you put it on top (3 spots), on either side and the bottom (3 places). The camera fully tilts down, allowing you to photograph your desktop and scan it into the ENVY 34 for quick collaboration reminiscent of the HP Sprout from four years ago.

By comparison, the HP ENVY 32 had just a 5MP IR camera.

There's no shortage of ports, either with two Thunderbolt 4 Type-C, four Type-A, HDMI out (to power two external 4K monitors), headphone jack, and Ethernet all in the rear. HP adds even more on the neck for the stand (so you don't need to reach behind the PC) with two Type-A, one Type-C, and a full SD card slot. A clip-on that stand, which has a 100mm adjustment range, lets you wrangle your cables too.

Source: HP (Image credit: Source: HP)

At the base of that stand is a 15-watt Qi charger for your phone. HP also throws in its 915 black wireless keyboard and mouse combo completing the package.

The HP ENVY 34 to hit the market starting in October from and various resellers after that. It ships with Windows 11 Home.

Look for our hands-on sneak-peek with this juggernaut of a PC later this week! For now, if you have questions, ask them in the comments, and we'll answer them in that article.

In addition to this PC, HP announced the ARM-based HP 14-inch Laptop PC, 11-inch Tablet PC, and Spectre x360 16 laptop.

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  • Wow, now, this might just be replacing my aging Surface Studio, unless Microsoft comes through with a surprise Studio refresh tomorrow! If only the display on this was touch-/pen-enabled and was able to move to a nearly flat position like the Studio. Aside from that though, this looks amazing and I love that the memory and storage can be replaced by the user.
  • Can't wait to see the price drop for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 😊
  • Hey @Daniel - the link for the [From $1999 at] button resolves to http://urltktktk/ um, oops?
  • We didn't have the landing page link for the embargo. Will add later.
  • Wow. At first glance that seems amazing... And the URL for the button is broken, FYI. I almost had a "TAKE MY MONEY!" moment just now, so perhaps I am glad it is broken!
  • If the webcam can mount in 7 spots how come the picture shows 8 Webcams attached?
  • I think you're right. Three up top, three below, one on each side. The bottom center one is hard to see.
  • That is a beautiful and sleek device. HP is really ratcheting up their design language for their hardware. It's good to see the defined look and feel of their devices staying consistent.
  • Woah, are those 45 W chips? That's impressive value if so, completely putting aside the innovative webcam stuff. The screen alone might cost that much normally. And then there's the serious current gen GPU. Impressive overall. Well done, HP. Of course the first thing I'd do if I got an AIO is ditch the mouse and keyboard 😁.
  • Oh I misread it. 65 W!?!? How the hell are the thermals going to work? Still, that's very beastly.
  • They did it in the ENVY 32, which was also crazy powerful.
  • Very weird camera setup...
    and if it is external and mountable anywhere, why not go all the way up to a 32MP or even higher MP camera?
  • Because the higher MP are for sharing what you're doing on your physical desktop, not landscape photography. 13MP is just about perfect for document scanning, for example. It's a great substitute for your phone's camera while you're working.
  • Looks awesome. What’s the refresh rate on that screen?
  • Just 60Hz. Would be nice to have 90 or 120Hz, but to do that and push 5K is ... difficult.
  • gimme! gimmie now!
  • I am looking for an AIO to use with 2 external monitors in Extend mode (not mirror). Basically I want to use 3 screens at the same time - PC + 2 monitors. Can this one do that? 1 monitor with HDMI and the other with...? Sorry if this is stupid, I don't know much about this.