Everyday power

HP ENVY x360 13z Touch

HP Envy 13z Touch

Size on a budget

HP Envy x360 15z Touch

HP Envy 15z Touch

The HP ENVY x360 13z is thin, light, and offers plenty of customization for the display and AMD Ryzen hardware underneath the hood. The only knocks against it are a somewhat limited selection of ports and a battery life that's lacking if you pick the optional 4K display.

$590+ at HP


  • Portable
  • Plenty of hardware choices
  • Decent battery life at 1080p
  • Optional 4K


  • No HDMI
  • No full-size SD card slot
  • Poor battery life with the 4K panel

The HP ENVY x360 15z steps things up with a larger display, a Windows Hello camera for security, and the addition of an HDMI 2.0 port and a full-size SD card slot. However, with its bigger size comes added bulk and, puzzlingly, battery life that will send you searching for an outlet after a full day of work.

$630+ at HP


  • Large display
  • Plenty of ports
  • Windows Hello IR Camera


  • No 4K
  • Sub-par battery life
  • Comparatively bulky

From their looks to their hardware, both HP ENVY x360 options are pretty similar – but each has its place. For anyone looking for better portability and a wider range of hardware options, but doesn't mind sacrificing some ports, the HP ENVY x360 13z is the laptop to pick. However, if you require a larger display, value the usefulness of Windows Hello, and require HDMI or a full-size SD card slot, then the HP ENVY x360 15z is the clear winner here.

HP ENVY x360 13z vs. HP ENVY x360 15z tech specs

HP ENVY x360 13z HP ENVY x360 15z
Processor AMD Ryzen 3 2300U
AMD Ryzen 5 2500U
AMD Ryzen 7 2700U
AMD Ryzen 5 2500U
AMD Ryzen 7 2700U
RAM 8 GB, 16 GB
8 GB, 12 GB, 16 GB
Storage 256 GB, 512 GB, 1TB
1 TB 7200 RPM SATA
1 TB 7200 rpm SATA; 256 GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD
Display size 13.3 inches
Touch (or non-touch w/ Privacy Screen)
15.6 inches
Display resolution 1,920 x 1,080 (FHD)
3,840 x 2,160 (4K)
1920 x 1080
Graphics Vega 3 graphics
Vega 8 graphics
Vega 10 graphics
Vega 8 graphics
Vega 10 graphics
Audio Bang & Olufsen
quad speakers
HP Audio Boost
Bang & Olufsen
dual speakers
HP Audio Boost
Camera HP Wide VisionHD Camera with Dual Digital Microphone HP TrueVision FHD IR Camera with Dual array digital microphone
Ports USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 2
Two USB-A 3.1 Gen 1
3.5 mm audio
USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 2
Two USB-A 3.1 Gen 1
HDMI 2.0
SD card reader
3.5 mm audio
Battery 53 Wh (Up to 10 hours) 52.5 Wh (Up to 8.5 hours)
Dimensions 12.07 inches x 8.45 inches x 0.59 inches 14.13 inches x 9.68 inches x 0.74 inches
Weight 2.87 pounds 4.71 pounds

A battle of sizes

The ENVY x360 13z and ENVY x360 15z really are quite similar. Both feature the same sleek exterior and rely on a similar set of Ryzen processors that should be more than capable of handling your average workload. There are a few minor differences that set each apart, however.

The biggest factor in which laptop you choose will be the display size. The ENVY x360 13z is much more portable due to its 13.3-inch display, making it lighter and easier to slip in a bag while on the go than the 15z. Adding to that portability is the ENVY x360 13z's battery life, which checks in at just over ten hours when equipped with a 1080p display. That should give you plenty of time to get work done away from an outlet. Just keep in mind that the battery life dips by quite a bit, down to just over eight hours, if you opt for a 4K display.

The biggest factor differentiating the two laptops is the display size.

The HP ENVY 15z, meanwhile, packs a larger 15-inch display, which will likely be more suitable for anyone whose workspace is inundated with multiple windows, spreadsheets, or some light creative work. You'll be sacrificing some pixels, as there's no 4K display option here, and the eight-and-a-half-hour battery life could mean you'll be running for an outlet if you work much longer than an average workday or do anything remotely intensive.

Both laptops offer an adequate set of ports, but the ENVY x360 15z slightly edges out the ENVY x360 13z in this area with an HDMI port and a full-size SD card slot. If you frequently find yourself needing to hook up to an external display and do a lot of photo imports from a camera, those additions could be crucial. The ENVY x360 15z also packs Windows Hello facial recognition, which can come in handy for quickly signing into your PC and other apps, but it's by no means necessary.

For most people, the HP ENVY x360 13z will suffice. It's the most portable option of the two, packs much more customization in the way of hardware options, and generally offers the best balance of features for your buck. Just stay away from the 4K display option if you value battery life.

Best all-rounder

HP Envy 13z Touch

HP ENVY x360 13z Touch

The best balance of features, price, and portability

If you need a laptop that will make it through the workday and handle most of your everyday computing needs, then the HP ENVY x360 13z is our pick. You can easily overcome its port limitations with a USB dongle if necessary, but keep in mind you'll take a solid hit on battery life if you opt for a 4K display.

Big-screen beauty

HP Envy 15z Touch

HP ENVY x360 15z Touch

If size matters, then step on up to the 15z

The HP ENVY x360 15z Touch will ably fill the needs for anyone who absolutely needs a larger screen, HDMI, and a dedicated SD card slot. An IR camera for signing in with your face via Windows Hello also makes this laptop stand out. So long as you're content with sticking near an outlet, the ENVY x360 15z should fit your needs.

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