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HP shows the Elite x3 is made for business in new video promos

HP Elite X3
HP Elite X3 (Image credit: Windows Central)

HP has outed a pair of new promotional videos touting the business prowess of the Elite x3 smartphone. In the ads, HP makes the case that the Elite x3 is ready for business thanks to a combination Continuum, its security features, and much more. Take a look at the two new ads below:

If there's one thing HP seems to want you to take from each video, it's this: the HP Elite x3 makes it easy to work from anywhere. All told, we came to the same conclusion in our review, noting that the Elite x3 is the best Continuum phone yet.

Have you had any hands-on time with the Elite x3 yet? Let us know what you think of the phone in the comments!

Thanks, Richard, for the tip!

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