HP Sprout with Windows 8.1 will add a 3D scanning feature in July

In late 2014, HP launched a truly unique Windows 8.1 PC called the Sprout, which included scanners that could capture real-world objects that were placed on its touchmat. This week, HP announced that a free software update for the Sprout is due in July that will add a way for the PC to scan those objects and create a full 3D model.

Currently, the HP Sprout can scan objects but generates 2D images of them. The upcoming software update will add the third dimension to those scans. HP stated:

"With just a few button taps, the new 3D Capture application works with Sprout's technology to create a full 3D digital model that can be manipulated. Sprout users can share 3D objects with a feature that lets others view and manipulate them in an online 3D viewer where they can rotate or resize an object to see multiple perspectives. With online sharing users can share via email, post to Facebook or other social sites."

HP is working with unnamed print services so that those models can be turned into 3D printed objects that can be mailed to Sprout owners. HP will also sell an optional accessory for the Sprout, the 3D Capture Stage, that will make it easier for the PC to scan any object. The accessory will cost $299. HP said:

"The 3D Capture Stage accessory is a turntable that serves as a platform for the objects being scanned. It automatically tilts 15-degrees while turning, to ensure all aspects of the object are captured."

Source: HP

John Callaham