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HP UK has yet another discount going on for the Elite x3

HP UK has been known for some whacky pricing on the Elite x3 but this latest one isn't obvious to see. The cashback offer has now ended, but that doesn't mean you can't get one for a lot less than you used to need to fork out.

How does £459 sound with the desk dock thrown in?

The phone was recently reduced to £549 for the bundle that includes the desk dock, and while that's still the case, you can get both items for nearly £100 less. By going for the phone without the dock and then scrolling down a little on the listing, you can add the dock as well as taking more money off the asking price.

It's being referred to as the DYNBUNDLE and at checkout you'll be asked for £459.20. Not too shabby at all and an enormous discount on what you'd be paying buying from Microsoft right now. There's no telling when this one will end, so grab it while it's very hot.

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  • Half of these kids don't know where "insane in the membrane" came from.
  • Sad truth!
  • Lol.. Off subject, but in 1995 I was in 11th grade.... Let's just say I don't remember much of my teenage years, and Cypress was to blame.. 😂
  • My thumbs gone green, need a Dr :P  
  • Holy Moly... Black Sunday?
  • Any chance this deal comes to the USA?
  • Currently $300 off at the Microsoft Store:  
  • There always a chance... I think what you might be looking for is a sign.
  • You can pick them up refurbed/used on eBay for like $350. Wait another few months and you could probably get it cheaper than that new.
  • Discount after anything selling?
  • :))) they are desperate to sell the remaining stock :))) who the F would spend such money on a dead platform. pathetic
  • Still too expensive. You can get a decent One Plus for that price.
  • Yes, but you've then got to wait six months while they iron out all the bugs (phone rebooting, connectivity issues, fast battery drain etc).
  • You can get a lot of phones for that price. What's your point?
  • I feel sorry for HP then again.
  • Fire Sale?
  • No need to buy it. As next c shell os will be (if possible and if all right and if microsoft are serious about mobile) not be supported by old devices. So why should waste money in old devices. And also they never give a big update in current running W10M. Like paint 3D and many more.
  • You're assuming there will be new phones to buy.
  • Depending on ones definition of 'phone' yes, but aren't we all assuming?
  • 👎
  • I'm getting my own hp elite x3 next week. I already have a great andoid phone to take care of my app needs. I just want a Windows phone because I love it :)
  • You can get all the android apps running on Windows 10 through desktop apps like bluestacks
  • The box / packaging for the phone and cradle combo is massive and I mean really massive. Prob 100cm x 45cm x 20cm. My wife got one earlier and we were shocked - looked cool and expensive though. I can only imagine that this is taking up so much space in various warehouses that HP need to clear them out quickly to reduce space / storage costs. Just a wild guess....