HP's EliteDesk 705 Workstation Edition combines performance with affordable pricing

HP already has plenty of workstations on the market, but its new EliteDesk 705 Workstation Edition is built to court a very specific corner of the market: the budget space. Aimed at STEM students, architects, and engineers, the PC manages to pack in a decent chunk of power for things like CAD applications and 3D modeling, all while keeping the starting price at a relatively affordable $750.

In terms of internals, the EliteDesk 705 Workstation Edition has plenty of options to choose from. Processors range from a 7th Gen. AMD A10 APU on the low end to an AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 2700X at the top. Available graphics options also vary, going from integrated Radeon R5 graphics at the entry level, up to NVIDIA Quadro P1000 and Radeon Pro WX 3100 on the high end.

Storage space is similarly flexible, with up to 2TB of 7200 rpm SATA HDD or a mixture of PCIe NVMe SSD options ranging up to 1TB. You'll also be able to add more storage at any point with addition M.2 and PCIe slots.

HP is mum on what the base configuration will include, but you'll certainly have to sacrifice some of the pricier bits to hit that $750 starting price. Still, with certifications for Solidworks, Autodesk, and Sketchup software, that's not a bad place to start for the budget-conscious.

The EliteDesk 705 Workstation Edition isn't available just yet, but HP says it expects the PC to go on sale starting in October. For more, you can check out the EliteDesk 705 at HP now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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