HP's new Z2 Mini Workstation is a miniature beast

HP has announced the new Z2 Mini Workstation (opens in new tab), a miniature beast of a PC made especially for those in computer-aided design (CAD) fields. At 2.3-inches tall, HP says that the Z2 Mini is a full 90% smaller than a typical business-class tower PC.

Unfortunately, while HP doesn't give a detailed rundown of the Z2 Mini's full specs, the company does claim that the workstation will be twice as powerful as "any commercial mini PC on the market today." In fact, the Z2 Mini will be able to reliably push content to up to six displays while taking up a small footprint. All of this is powered by Windows 10 Pro or Linux, along with Intel Xeon processors and NVIDIA graphics.

While there aren't many details on the machine just yet, we should hear more once it goes on sale. As for availability, HP says that the Z2 Mini Workstation will go on sale in December worldwide for $699.

See at HP (opens in new tab)

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  • Wow world of computer
  • how can you say it's a beast when you dont know whats on it ..
  • You don't open their website described on the video, right?
  • Twice as powerful as ANY commercial PC on the market? That's quite a big claim. Size wise looks great. Wonder if it will be Vesa mountable
  • Although there were quotation marks above, it is misquoted from the original. The real quote states "...twice as powerful as any commercial mini PC..." There's a big difference there and by "mini", they mean ultra small form factor. With that said, it certainly seems to be a very powerful PC at what appears to be a tempting price. And it will be wall mountable.
  • Thanks for clarifying. It makes MUCH more sense now
  • Indeed. Apologies for ze slip of ze fingers.
  • With marketing in tech in 2016 I don't think I'd be that surprised if the original (mis)quote was actually a real claim lol.
  • No worries - they might have changed it after you posted. engadget has some more details up on the specs now...
  • they said "mini pc" ... and i just noticed someone already commented this ... sorry ... it looks like a business solution version od the toothless mac mini or the cool alienware alpha.  i would totally use this as a normal desktop.
  • @eternalozzie; Yeah, I also have interest to hooking a something like this to my TV...
  • I don't even know what the heck that looks like. Does it need a monitor plugged into it?
  • Useless overview, especially calling it a "beast" (a cringe-worthy phrase even now) while having no rundown of specs. Power claims are meaningless when specs and benchmarks aren't attached, though if it's powered by a Xeon processor, it's already well above a reasonable price point for thte average consumer (who is likely better off with a mini-ITX i7 build, if you're not doing CAD work).
  • http://store.hp.com/us/en/ContentView?storeId=10151&catalogId=10051&lang...
  • Just used one at Autodesk University. .. it is truly a beast.
  • In what way? 2D or 3D CAD? 3D Modeling/Animation? Did you right-clicky the system properties and get info on RAM installed, nVidia model #, hard drive type/speed, yada yada?
  • I was doing some 3d revit.. no didn't do the right click thing... however it did 3d cad like a champ.
  • Nothing really impressive, just a workstation class laptop minus the display, keyboard, and battery. And, the chassis is a direct ripoff of the Lenovo Tiny series.
  • Nah it's really nothing like the Lenovo, youre probably just thinking that because it's black. Of course companies with mini pc's or any pc's are going to have similar or the same colors on their, there are only so many colors that work for consumers.
  • HP have deliver tough workstations for a long time since their Elite Series, nowadays under Z badge, those are high-end products. I own a EliteBook from 6 years back and it runs easily CAD/CAM, latest versions, due to an upgrade to 32GB RAM and a SSD. I can tell about their durability and tech support even out of the states. Nice to see new products focused on CAD.
  • More powerfull means crap till we know hardware specs....  Chances are as it's designed for CAD, it has fair specs but, till I see some numbers, it's just another small desktop that could be a little faster than the other ones on the market.