HP's new Z2 Mini Workstation is a miniature beast

HP has announced the new Z2 Mini Workstation, a miniature beast of a PC made especially for those in computer-aided design (CAD) fields. At 2.3-inches tall, HP says that the Z2 Mini is a full 90% smaller than a typical business-class tower PC.

Unfortunately, while HP doesn't give a detailed rundown of the Z2 Mini's full specs, the company does claim that the workstation will be twice as powerful as "any commercial mini PC on the market today." In fact, the Z2 Mini will be able to reliably push content to up to six displays while taking up a small footprint. All of this is powered by Windows 10 Pro or Linux, along with Intel Xeon processors and NVIDIA graphics.

While there aren't many details on the machine just yet, we should hear more once it goes on sale. As for availability, HP says that the Z2 Mini Workstation will go on sale in December worldwide for $699.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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