HP's Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered Envy x2 now available to order

HP's Envy x2, one of the first Windows 10 on ARM PCs to hit the market, is now available to order from HP. While the Surface-like tablet first went up for preorder in February, it quickly went out of stock and remained so until now.

Available for $999.99, the detachable PC is expected to begin shipping on May 8. For the money, the Envy x2 packs 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and a 12.3-inch 1920x1280 screen. The entire package very much resembles a Surface Pro, with a detachable keyboard and inking support via a provided stylus.

Where the Envy x2 sets itself apart is what's powering it: Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835. The ARM platform allows the Envy x2 to reach an estimated battery life of 22 hours, HP claims. That's in addition to instant-on capabilities and LTE connectivity.

Hands-on with the HP Envy x2 always connected PC

Earlier this year, Qualcomm announced that major mobile operators around the world, including major U.S. carriers, will support Always Connected PCs on their LTE networks. Microsoft and Qualcomm area also working with regional retailers, as well as Amazon, to start stocking Always Connected PCs along with the Microsoft Store.

Windows Central will have a review of the Envy x2 coming soon. But if you're ready to order one for yourself, the Always Connected PC is now available from HP for $999.99.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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