HP's Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered Envy x2 is now up for preorder

Microsoft and its partners debuted the first Windows 10 on ARM PCs in December, but, outside of a general release timeframe of "spring 2018," it wasn't clear when they would be available. HP is lifting that veil a bit today by making the Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered version of its Envy x2 available for preorder at its online store (opens in new tab).

The detachable PC is up for grabs for $999.99 and HP estimates units will ship by March 9. For your money, the Envy x2 includes 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and a 12.3-inch 1920x1280 screen in a package resembling Microsoft's Surface Pro. The heart of the device, however, is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, which allows the Envy x2 to achieve up to 22 hours of battery life, according to HP. Along with the device itself, HP also provides a stylus so you can start inking right out of the box.

Not long after introducing the Qualcomm Snapdragon version of the Envy x2, HP also announced an Intel-based version with shorter estimated battery life. That model doesn't appear to be available just yet.

Hands-on with the HP Envy x2 always connected PC

Qualcomm announced this week that major mobile operators around the world, including all major U.S. carriers, will support Always Connected PCs on their LTE networks. Amazon, the Microsoft Store, and various regional retailers are also expected to start stocking Always Connected PCs "beginning this calendar quarter".

It's not clear when the other Windows 10 on ARM PCs already announced, the ASUS NovaGo and Lenovo Miix 630, may go on sale. But if you've had your eye on HP's offering, you can preorder the Envy x2 now at HP's online store.

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  • Data line would cost $10 a month I guess. Idk about this guys..
  • Presumably there will be pay as you go data plans, so you don't have to do a monthly plan. Just pay for what you need when you need it.
  • Expensive for that specs
  • Is this a newer model of the original x2 or is that a different device?
  • How does the data work? Can we order data from the store yet?
  • yes but as it being MSFT it's US only
  • This is obviously a lie. Yesterday the resident trolls were going on and on about how this would not be shipping until the end of the year, if ever. But HP is shipping this in just over two weeks. Those trolls obviously know better than Microsoft, HP, Qualcomm, et al, so why is this shipping now rather than later? I guess 15 days is "soon" which is another trigger word for those trolls, so they will have that for a couple weeks.
  • Yeah, I started getting bored of those trolls I stopped reading comments as soon as I see them. They tried too hard it's boring.
  • He'll be along in a minute when his mum has checked his homework ;-)
  • We will see if it actually ships. Hopefully reviews are incoming. Performance is a big question mark for these. It is interesting we have no hands on yet.
  • There he is. Took you a while, you are slipping on your trolling, you need to work a bit harder. And then you go  back to your usual "no hands on" shtick. Just like you did with the Xbox One X, where you were claiming that there were no hands on with it before it shipped (even though they were in Microsoft stores and people were playing with them), and then using that to claim that it was not really 4K and all the other claims were just lies from Microsoft - even though from real life hands on from consumers, from game developers, all showed they were true. Please, if you are going to troll, at least try harder. Challenge us with what you invent, try to come up with something original. Because you are failing in your trolling, and failing miserably.  
  • Now now. He's busy trolling other sites too!
  • Maybe he actually has, you know, a day job?
  • If we are now considering sitting in your mother's basement trolling all day as a job, then sure, he has a day job.
  • I own the basement I am sitting in.
  • I don't remember ever commenting on XBox. I believe you though. I think consoles are lame.
  • They may be shipping in a couple weeks, but I'm 100% sure this thing will be so buggy it will take a year to get it to work properly especially 1st gen hardware and software. The only people buying this will end up being guinea pigs. (See Windows Mobile 10 and RT and Surface Book)
  • $1k?!?!
  • Samsung Note 8 was like $900, no? That, but bigger costing an extra $100 is somehow crazy? Go on...
  • This isn't a high end, highly sought after device. The performance will likely be very low end with compatibility issues. Maybe we will be surprised, but if performance was that good would Microsoft have kept them out of people's hands for so long?
  • How do you know that people have not been using these? The media often gets devices like these but releasing information is embargoed until a specific date to give all the media a chance to write their articles. All device manufacturers do this, Apple will have their big media circus, have the devices behind glass, and then send devices to the media for testing but they are not allowed to publish the articles until a few days before availability. They did it with the HomePod - they had announced it back in June of last year, and didn't let wrtiters get their hands on it until late January of this year, and finally released it early February. Where were you bit***** and complaining about Apple not letting people using the device? We know, that doesn't fit your agenda, you are an Apple lover and complaining about them would be harmful to your cause, and so you troll about the Microsoft device. Again, please at least try when you troll.
  • The home pod was obviously rubbish. I haven't heard any reviews either because I don't care about Apple products. I care about Microsoft products. It wouldn't hurt Microsoft to put some of these out there. Why would they not want the Thurrots and Rubinos showing the capabilities and proving their claims? You always have to read between the lines, especially with Microsoft.
  • I usually don't agree with Bleached's trolling negativity, but he's being subdued & normal. I agree, Microsoft could use all the pre-release press & the more hands-on reviews by dedicated MS sites/reviewers, the better.
  • "I care about Microsoft products." OK, list all the ones you like. Either there are none and you're the troll everyone thinks you are, or there's an outside chance you're a close-minded old-school Win32 diehard.
  • So are the specs similar to that of note 8?
    Is the screen 2k? Is there camera like note 8? Does it support HDR?
  • Seriously a high end camera like that is worth the price on its own.  Couple that with water resistance, being able to put it in your pocket, an insane amount of apps at your fingertips, a way to pay for purchases and even connecting it to a keyboard/monitor with fully functional Office applications.  Given the lack of apps on windows store I don't see any benefit to this.  Samsung is already working on a laptop shell to insert their phone into it.  
  • You are comparing this with a phone.. What a dumb argument. You won't be able to put this in your pocket and walk around.
  • I guess I just have these assumptions that it won't perform on the same level as an intel PC at the same price range. I can buy an ASUS gaming laptop with a GTX 1060 for close to the same price on Newegg.com. It might not last as long as a Qualcomm powered laptop, but will people choose battery life over power?
  • Depends on the use-case doesn't it? A gaming laptop, which is heavier, bulkier with fan and short battery duration and most likely without LTE will help you nothing if you are looking for a light, portable, fanless always on and always connected device or? Its not like one is the alternative for the other...
  • maybe they'll remove a port or two and add a notch at the top of the screen to make it worth the extra
  • Good luck on that HP...
  • Let's hope the SD835 and the OS is ready. The price is.. well we all know it
  • Can you turn off s mode on this device?
  • You mean unlock Windows 10 Pro? Yes.
  • Unlock Windows 10 Lite you mean. It isn't full Windows 10 Pro. Shame on Microsoft for calling it that.
  • You mean like how Apple calls their iPad "Pro"? Or calling their MacBook "Pro" when it doesn't have pro features such as a pen, touch, etc.? If those features make an iPad "Pro" then should they be on the MacBook to make it "Pro"? But we know, actually being truthful in your comments is not something we should expect. Now scurry along to those Apple web sites to get your marching orders for thee next false outrage, we will be waiting right here.
  • Apple didn't call it OSX Pro on the iPad. There is no confusion when buying an iPad, you know what you are getting. It is properly branded and marketed. That isn't true with Windows. There is Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Pro. Exact same name, very different capabilities. You don't understand the issue here?
  • You do not seem to comprehend the difference between "2 different operating systems" and "same operating system for 2 different target architectures".  How about you go trolling in the usual Linux forums complaining about that both x86 and ARM Linux are called both - Linux. And after you got a blody nose there, you can continue with other operating system like BSD, Solaris etc..which are available for different target architectures.
  • What are you talking about? You can unlock to full Windows 10 Pro. On top you are getting x86 emulation.
  • Nope, it isn't full Windows 10 Pro. It is limited, Microsoft published the details recently.
  • Not on topic but the profile pics on the app are wonky. They often don't correspond with the person who posted a comment.
  • Hmmm. That's a lot of cash when the only real selling point is the battery life. Will be interesting to see how much of a deal breaker that is for people. It's useful, but unless you're on a long haul flight or lost in the desert, you can usually find somewhere to charge up. Or just carry a power bank.
  • Well, and instant on. And always connected to 4G LTE. Those are the other two benefits.
  • Yes, I did think about always connected, but for so long now I've had an unlimited data plan on my phone and just tethered my laptop to it when I'm out of wifi coverage (and this seems to be pretty common practice), so don't tend to think of that as a major USP. But you're quite right about instant on, I hadn't thought of that! Definitely a nice development.
  • Yup, carrying a power bank is what i am currently doing. I also do use my smartphone for cellular tethering. Both are extremely bad solutions - the former because you have to carry around another battery and the latter one because tethering drains the small smartphone battery like crazy. Both problems are solved. In addition you are getting these crazy always connected standby times with instant-on feature.
  • But why carry a power bank when you don't have to?  I would pick one up if the performance is anywhere near a Core M.  We shall see...
  • Unfortunate about the price. One of the other advantages of the Qualcomm SOC was supposed to be smaller/simpler motherboards. I would have expected that to show up in the price (less complexity and components should mean cheaper) but considering the specs it seems it's the same as a low end Intel version (battery life not withstanding). At least we will get some benchmarks in a couple of weeks to see how this performs. I'd also expect the Asus device to be cheaper as they normally offer a better price/spec ratio to offset name recognition. (one step closer to a new Windows "phone" at least, haha)
  • High end Qualcomm processors are not as cheap as people think.
  • Jesus, is it dipped in gold?
  • It can be, for an extra fee.  Oh wait... this is made by HP not Apple.
  • Looking forward to the cheaper alternatives.
  • I'm actually waiting for the next generation SD845 powered ones.
  • OK, this isn't a cheap device; however, it is funny that the same people complaining will buy a Samsung S8/Note8 or an iPhone for the same amount of money, with no complaints.  *sigh
  • This! How are $700 smartphones with similar specs "OK", but when a PC gets it, it needs to be like $200?
  • I'm not 'ok' with any ARM device at $700.  I thought the point of Windows on ARM was to get it on a device with a small battery that would fit in my pocket.
  • That doesn't equate to cheaper, especially in first iterations.
  • Exactly and there was an article I think about that before anything was released. You'll see more form factors later but this is gen 1
  • Sure, thats a design option, either a small battery with usual runtime or a larger battery with long run-time. These devices offer extremely long run- and standby-time.
  • Personally, it's because I expect more from my cell phone. Needs to withstand being carried around pretty much all day with a lot of use. I only buy metal backed phones for the added durability. Also, most people do not pay full retail all up front high end phones; carrier subsidies are still a thing, payment plans, trade in discounts, etc. A 12 inch laptop with 4gb of RAM & 128 gigs of storage for $1000...? I could get a lot more laptop for the same price. Cool, the battery lasts 22 hrs, but I don't often use my laptop 22 hrs in a row... If the added battery life is the only differentiator it makes for yet another niche product.
  • "but I don't often use my laptop 22 hrs in a row..." This is a silly comment.  Just because it may last 22 hours doesn't mean that a user needs to use it all in one sitting.  For my usage, a 22 hour battery life would last me almost a week.  The thought of only having to charge once a week sound pretty friggin good in my book.
  • yes I know lol 
  • How are people bickering about the price when the closest device on market right now is the 256GB 12.9 iPad Pro at $1080 without the pen or keyboard?
  • This competes with Windows laptops. Laptops that are $200 with known performance and full Windows.
  • Windows 10 S is upgradable to Pro. Laptops these devices compete with do not even exist because the combination of always-on/connected in conjunction with weeks of standby time cannot be found elsewhere.
  • Who cares about standby time on a laptop? I doubt that will be a big selling point. Always connected too, who cares? Your already have a phone for that. Why does it matter with my laptop? It isn't full Windows, it is Windows Lite. It does not have the full capabilities of Windows 10 Pro even though it had the same name. They should properly brand it.
  • Lol, are you talking about missing Hyper-V? And that qualifies it as Windows lite? Hyper-V is also not supported on other Windows Pro SKUs - as far as i remember its not supported under 32 bit Windows Pro and its also not supported for all x64 architectures. I cannot remember you crying "Windows lite" in these cases...so are you a hyprocrite perhaps? And if you dont care about the features you only get with these devices, why are you even commenting here in this thread - just for trolling hmm?
  • Who cares about standby time, always connected and battery life on a laptop?  I sure hope you're not working in the technology sector.  We would stay with the status quo and not advance.
  • Yeah, no, it does not compete with Windows Laptops, that's like saying the original Surface and Surface 2 competed with Windows laptops. It directly competes with the iPad Pros of this sector.
  • Can the $200 windows laptop last 22 hours?  Does it have LTE?  Is it always connected?  Is it even the same form factor?  Does it include a pen or even have pen support?  Touch functionality?  If it's a tablet, does it come with a keyboard? While I agree that it should be more in the $700 price range, comparing it to a $200 device is just silly.
  • Okay this is a premium device but with a 835 instead of a m3 or i3 and i kinda understand the price, however the potential of the 835 (and later 845) is on devices that cost between 250$ and 400$, in my eyes the 835 would be a perfect replacement for those incredibly bad Atom CPUs and maybe but just maybe the Y line CPUs from intel, and by having them replacing the Atom CPUs we would finally get rid of slow Laptops.
  • I do find it a bit entertaining that a new SD835 smartphone - premium - can be like $500, but when a PC gets it, it should be between $250-400. Not really sure how that math works out.
  • Smaller things cost more.  It's called miniaturization.  Why have laptops always been more expensive than towers while doing less?  It's the price you pay for compact, efficient electronics.
  • Where do you get that laptops do "less" than desktops? That's completely untrue. You've been able to do exactly the same things with a laptop that you could do with a desktop for, like, at least the last 20 years or so - ever since at least the mid-nineties.
  • That is because an SD835 is really impressive in a small device. Where as you would expect something even more powerful on a wayyy bigger device. Same reason why desktops are cheaper than laptops.
  • An SD835 will perform the same or very similar no matter what form factor it's in.  The only caveat is inadequate cooling causing it to throttle.
  • Windows on ARM doesnt look exciting anymore with those prices. DOA. I can get a fanless XPS 13 9365 2-in-1 for $979.99.
  • ...but does it get battery life for weeks and always-on LTE and instant on?
  • These people will stop complaining about the price when Verizon and AT&T say you can get it for $199 with a two year contract, or pay $40 a month. Then they will say it is great when T-Mobile and Sprint say you buy one with a family plan and get 3 more free. Sticker shock is a new reality to America when it comes to the outright price of devices. People grew up on subsidized plans.
  • Are you reporting about this, or trying to sell me one?
  • Does this? We don't know, especially when it is unlocked and emulating Windows programs.
  • You are attempting to create FUD, plain and simple. Scare people into doubting this device to keep them from buying it. But, as we have seen over and over again, you will fail.
  • I have been right about all of it. From Kin to Windows phone to Windows RT and Windows 10S. How have I failed?
  • Like you said.  We don't know.  But that's not stopping you from making assumption is it now?
  • I never wanted LTE on ARM and all none spinning devices already have instant go. Battery life, running win32 programs, and price was the biggest points for me. When you have the limitations of ARM and that price point, the XPS 13 looks better to me.
  • Aren't you lucky we have so many choices? Like every other device ever made, it's not meant for everyone.