HP's refreshed Omen 15 laptop slims down and gets even more gaming power

HP today took the wraps off of the latest additions to its Omen gaming lineup, and there's a lot to take in if you're a gamer on the go. Along with a new, slimmer and more powerful Omen 15 laptop, the company also has a revamped slate of accessories on the menu.

Omen 15

For the latest Omen 15, HP has managed to pack in more power while trimming things down quite a bit. Overall, the company says it has reduced the new model's width by 7.4 percent and depth by 4.6 percent. On the surface, that doesn't sound like a huge gain, but it's a pretty noticeable change when sitting side by side with last year's model. You're still going to know you're toting around a gaming laptop, but any reduction in size is a plus for portability.

A large factor in the size reduction comes down to HP's improved cooling tech. The fan blades are now larger, but HP is using a new fluid dynamic bearing that should create less friction. The new Omen 15 is also using a three-phase motor for more consistent fan speed control. All configurations allow heat to be vented out of large openings at the rear corners, but some of the more powerful configurations include more vent areas around the bottom of the laptop as well.

Omen 15 2018-2017 comparison

In terms of specs, HP has expanded graphics options at the top end with NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1070 with Max-Q design. Intel Core i5+ and i7+ processors are also on offer, along with up to 32GB of DDR4-2666 RAM, and lots of storage combinations ranging from only SSDs to SSD and HDD combos, or HDD and Intel Optane Memory combos. The Omen 15 also includes easy access to upgrade RAM and storage.

The 15.6-inch display is also available in a few different options. If refresh rates are important, you can get a 144Hz 1080p panel, or opt for 60Hz 4K or 60Hz 1080p panels. NVIDIA G-Sync is here as well, so you can cut down on screen tearing. However, the screen is another area where HP has managed to slim things down. The bezels around the display are now 65 percent smaller on the sides and 32 percent smaller on the top.

HP's Omen Control Center software is also getting a couple of new features worth noting. The latest version includes Omen Game Stream, which lets you stream games over your network to other Windows 10 PCs in your house. There are also now lighting controls for the backlit keyboard, along with a performance mode that can help you eke more performance out of your hardware for a short time.

The new Omen 15 is expected to be available starting July 29 in the U.S. for a starting price of $979.99.

Omen accessories lineup

HP Omen Accessories 2018

In terms of accessories, the highlight of the bunch is the Omen Mindframe headset. On the outside, the Mindframe looks like pretty standard fare, complete with cushy ear cups and a padded headband. In the ear cups, however, HP has used a thermoelectric cooler which pulls heat toward the outside of each cup and cools the inside. Otherwise, the headset packs 7.1 surround sound, RGB lighting, and a flip-to-mute mic feature.

Also new are the Sequencer keyboard and Reactor mouse, both of which use optical-mechanical combo switches to speed up response times. Overall, HP is claiming response times for key presses on the Sequencer are 10 times faster than a standard mechanical keyboard, while the mouse will see a threefold improvement. The Reactor mouse also packs an adjustable palm rest to keep things comfy, and HP has added a volume roller for the keyboard.

Rounding things out are two new entries in the Mouse Pad 200 lineup: a hard option for high-DPI setups and a cloth version for low-DPI gamers. A new entry-level mouse, simply called the Mouse 400, is relatively basic, but it packs HP's mechanical switches. And finally, HP is touting the new Transceptor backpack, a water-resistant, rolltop bag that can hold a ton of accessories and laptops up to 17 inches.

At the moment, the Mindframe headset is expected to launch in the second-half of 2018, but pricing isn't available. All of the other accessories are expected to be available in July at $179.99 for the Sequencer keyboard, $79.99 for the Reactor mouse, $249.99 for the Transceptor backpack, and $39.99 for the Mouse 400. The Mouse Pad 200 will be available for $19.99 in the soft version or $29.99 for the hard-top model.

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