HP's 'revolutionary' Windows 10 note-taking tablet briefly glimpsed in video

Earlier this week, HP revealed plans to show off an upcoming "revolutionary note-taking tablet" running on Windows 10 as part of Microsoft's Computex 2015 keynote. Now an unofficial video taken during the event shows a brief glimpse of that unnamed tablet.

You can catch the magic moment starting at the 7 minute and 38-second mark in the video.

The video, which comes from a member of the keynote audience, shows Nick Parker, corporate vice president of Microsoft's OEM Division, showing off a number of recent and upcoming Windows 10 PCs and smartphones. The HP tablet, which Parker said was a true "sneak preview" showed the 9-inch tablet slotted inside its own larger case which also contained a full keyboard. Parker said the tablet will also come with a pen.

No other details about this tablet were announced, and our Computex reporter, Richard Devine, told us that it was quickly removed from the stage following the keynote.

HP Windows 10 tablet

Parker also showed off a number of other Windows 10 OEM devices during his presentation, including those tiny desktop PCs, and that cool looking Dell XPS 15 with its Infinity Display. Stay tuned as we will have even more reports from Computex 2015 later this week.

Source: 大肚魚 (YouTube)

John Callaham
  • Can't wait! Love the 7-9" form factor
  • Ditto. Love the 7-9 for note taking. Seems beautiful and thin, but please, please, Windows button needs to be on the front bottom, not on the side. Learn from Dell.
  • On W8 that was perfect though because you had a swipe to get back to windows with a charm. I never accidentally pushed it and will be sad to see it move dead center like every other black slab.
  • Agree, without Charms in Win10, Windows hardware button should be easily accessible.
  • if you hold the tablet in landscape, you can easily reach the startbutton if it's on a side, on my surface pro it's on the bottom, and it's actually pretty annoying
  • sniggered at "front bottom"
  • Hahaha
  • Tried it with a DV8Pro and Asus' 8" competitor, just seems too small.  Even my SP3 I think is just a hair undersized for note-taking. 
  • I do as well however please make it hi- res and 3:2 or 4:3 aspect ratio. They work much better in portrait orientation. 
  • there is no 7~9" form factor, there is 3~7.99" and there is: 8~80".
  • Huh? 3-7.99 is fine officially but they were specifically saying tablets between 7-9 are good for note taking in their opinion. You can't lump 8-80 inch devices just because it's Microsoft's cut off point. This person likes tablets between 7-9inches for note taking purposes. Period. Who ever said they prefer 3 inches? She said that. That's who.
  • But when will it be out?
  • So, what do we think its revolutionary feature will be?
  • Actual writing experience!
  • Not really revolutionary.
  • Clone of HP Touch Pad without Webos!   ​ ​
  • Sounds a lot like a surface. I wonder what the "revolutionary" part is?
  • I'll be upset if they just try to compete for the same niche the surface has occupied. Microsoft partners need to try to make the whole pie bigger, not fight over the slices they already have.
  • No, no, no... That's totally the wrong idea...
    MS should, and would, love it if Surface creates big competition within the Windows ecosystem...
    Do you think that Google isn't reaping the benefits of OEMs competing in the same level within the Android ecosystem❓ Trust me, MS wants its "competitors/partners" to try their best at doing better than Surface.... It's only smart business on MS's side.
  • True, thats the reason for creating the Surface line back then, by the way, to create the bottomline partners should follow for devices. (Back then there were some shitty suggestions comingo from partners (hey Asus, just talking about you).
  • Yeah, the smartest thing MS can do is create a baseline for what "good" is in a Windows product.... Right now they have some of the best products.. Surface, and Lumia... One of which MS has kinda slacked on showing it's full potential, but hopefully they'll get back on track..
  • Sounds like ​HP Touch Pad without Webos!
  • Hmm, video appears to be pulled :(.
  • Plays here. Maybe region issues?
  • perhaps, could you post some external link, or post it via your channel?
  • "Upcoming Windows PC's, AND SMARTPHONES"❓
    Please explain.
  • It's not working for me either, and I live in the U.S.A. It says "video not found" I have tried opening in browser and YouTube app. Just thought I should let you know.
  • Yeah says title not found for me.
  • Ummmm, did the article say Upcoming Windows PC's "and smartphones"❓❓❓❓
  • Today's students have so many cool toolds available... 
  • Do you mean today as in 6/3/15 only, and not yesterday, or tomorrow❓❓❓
  • He means today's marketing.
  • So, you're saying specifically today's marketing❓ Not tomorrow's, or even yesterday's❓
  • ...I'm not sure if your question marks piss me off more; or your sarcastic attitude... :)
  • You'd better make up your mind......
  • So it's basically a small 9 inch tablet that slides into the backside of a bigger sized keyboard cover, that has a cover of itself on the other side. It looks freaking ugly as a whole if you ask me, never mind the fact that a 9 inch screen is just too small to do any kind of work for which a full keyboard would be useful.
  • Ummmm, I have a 6" screen, and I've been able to successfully, and easily, work up perfectly formatted word, and Excel, documents using my onscreen keyboard..... 3 more inches would be awesome.....
    With that said a 6.5" Lumia would be awesome for work.. So, how is 9" "Just to small to do any kind of work"❓ And, what does the size of the keyboard have to do with anything❓
  • I'll have to back him up by saying I would never want to do work on a 9 inch screen. That just sounds like torture. It may work for some but I'm willing to bet it won't work for most.
  • The point is that it's not for every situation... It's not about who does, or doesn't, prefer what.. That's a waste of time arguing.... My point is that it is very possible to get serious work done on a 9" screen.... This dude is literally saying that 9" is too small to do any kind of work on with a full keyboard... That is not fact, it's fiction..
  • I cant watch it, says video not found :(
  • Looks like it was already pulled. :-(
  • wow, weird design. Looks like a mix of  a Lenovo design tablet and an Asus padphone. Is that dock actually like that or is it a mock up. One half is apparently a keyboard. The other half is a lid or is it a writing surface?
  • Welp its June 3rd where's the hp press release.
  • What are you guys talking about. the video works fine for me. but you don't get to see much of anything. just a quick glimpse. the screenshot is enough.
  • Looks like the keyboard my have its own screen. Maybe 11 inches.
  • There's no way this is going to be released any time before September. Windows 10 it's barely ready for desktop, let alone tablet.
  • If the touch screen works, it's better than the Omni 10. :(
  • I'm looking for a new 8/9 inch device. Please don't dissapoint me HP. You have my attention. It looks very interesting. Hopefully they don't screw up the bezels like cheap OEMS do.
  • We'll see what "revolutionary" means in a few months I guess.  If it's a good (and new type) inker, it might be worth a look
  • Did any of you actually see the video - its a small form 8" tablet, that is docked within a laptop - it slides in and out of the back of the screen............More than likely, its a slick note-taking 8" tablet, that when docked, continiuum takes over, an dit becomes a full fledged laptop.  Hopefully that laptop dock has a built in with battery / hard drive and multiple ports.........this would be freaking amazing - basically, its a Padphone, only with a Windows Tablet.............Id love to see this with a 6" intel based phablet - that would really change the game.