HP's 'revolutionary' Windows 10 note-taking tablet briefly glimpsed in video

Earlier this week, HP revealed plans to show off an upcoming "revolutionary note-taking tablet" running on Windows 10 as part of Microsoft's Computex 2015 keynote. Now an unofficial video taken during the event shows a brief glimpse of that unnamed tablet.

You can catch the magic moment starting at the 7 minute and 38-second mark in the video.

The video, which comes from a member of the keynote audience, shows Nick Parker, corporate vice president of Microsoft's OEM Division, showing off a number of recent and upcoming Windows 10 PCs and smartphones. The HP tablet, which Parker said was a true "sneak preview" showed the 9-inch tablet slotted inside its own larger case which also contained a full keyboard. Parker said the tablet will also come with a pen.

No other details about this tablet were announced, and our Computex reporter, Richard Devine, told us that it was quickly removed from the stage following the keynote.

HP Windows 10 tablet

Parker also showed off a number of other Windows 10 OEM devices during his presentation, including those tiny desktop PCs, and that cool looking Dell XPS 15 with its Infinity Display. Stay tuned as we will have even more reports from Computex 2015 later this week.

Source: 大肚魚 (YouTube)

John Callaham