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The 8X features a solid 8MP shooter

Although we’re convinced that the Nokia Lumia 920’s camera sets the bar for “high end” these days, HTC is no slouch either and their Windows Phone 8X has some nifty specs going for it as well.

The 8X’s camera features an impressive F/2.0 aperture at a cozy 28mm and 8MP. It also sports a backside illuminated  (BSI) sensor and a dedicated image-chip for fast processing and some advanced photo processing.

The result? It’s a darn good camera.

HTC 8X sample

The image taken above comes from the site Techgoondu and although it’s a single, macro shot in amply lit conditions (e.g. most cameras do very well here) it still looks fantastic--low noise, great depth-of-field and bold color rendition.

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Likewise with the video sample. It’s sharp as a tack and has some excellent colors, even if you can tell it lacks that smooth OIS found in the Lumia 920.

Once again, if you’re a photo bug, the 920 appears to be the clear winner. But for the occasional photo-taker or for those who are more concerned with music, the HTC Windows Phone 8X seems like it will do just fine. You can view the full sized images here.

HTC 8X sample

HTC 8X sample

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Source: Techgoondu; via Windows Phone Daily