HTC 8X Windows Phone joins the T-Mobile lineup

You can add T-Mobile (US) to the growing list of wireless carriers who will be adding the HTC 8X Windows Phone to their shelves in the coming months.

Details on pricing and availability were not released by T-Mobile beyond availability is expected in the coming months.  While no release date was announced, T-Mobile has set up a website (opens in new tab) where you can sign up for email notifications on the HTC 8X's availability.

So just to recap, it has been confirmed the the 8X is headed to Rogers Canada, AT&T and now T-Mobile. Could Verizon be next?

Source: T-Mobile (opens in new tab)

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Yes, Verizon could be next - Engaget stated in their live blog that Verizon was named during the event as carrying the 8x
  • All major players (obviously not Sprint).  I pray I get a chance to get a 920
  • They already said it was coming to Verizon. At the presser today...
  • Liveside has pictures of the Verizon phone.
  • Look at the video that talks about the legendary design of the 8X and 8S at around 2 minutes you'll see a 8X back plate with the Verizon logo in the bottom right corner...
  • This is the news I've been waiting for!!! Will make a nice BirthDay present to myself in November =)
  • This news sucks for me I'm glad Tmo is getting the high end HTC but this 8X is weak. I currently have a HD7 and 16 GB is not enough for me. I have a ton of paid apps I've had to delete because of storage issues. I have a ton of Xbox games and I can't buy new ones because I don't have room. Same problem with music.
    So if you like games, apps and music 16 GB want work. I wish you could save all your games and saves to SkyDrive but you can't. Now I know for sure I'm dropping HTC and getting the Samsung ATIV S. Now all I need is a release date.
  • I agree. I had to physically put a 32gb in mine, so I pass on this one.
  • Totally agree. My HD7 is full and my battery life is downright awful. Samsung Ativ for me.
  • Dude the battery was a 1230ma, what did you expect, lowend phones have bigger batteries, one things for sure 16gb sucks, but HTC quality and their little perks,better camera, sound, unique tiles, etc are better than Samsung
  • YES!!  Nov 14th baby!
  • HEY!!!!!! That's my Birthday too lol
  • cute lol
  • I hope they'll all price it at 99$, would be really competitive then. Otherwise they just could have thrown 32 GB in that baby...
  • they want you to more depended on skydrive for more storage
  • You can't save Xbox games to SkyDrive. This phone needs at least 32 GB. I constantly have to delete and reinstall apps, music and games because of storage capacity.
  • yes!!! Just who i was waiting for since sprint wants to be....... Im switching to tmo but i was dyin for a flagship to be announced
  • AWESOME!!! Thank you tBro and HTC and MS!!!!!!!!
  • Great to see their hero phone make it to T-Mobile, I really hope the 920 makes the jump too.
  • What the hell is wrong with sprint?
  • They sold their soul for the iPhone and now have no money to invest in Windows Phone. F*ck them.
  • I'm jumping Sprint ship for T-Mo now. HTC Arrive to HTC 8X sounds great. :D
  • Mind if I tag along?  My wife and I are in the same boat.
  • I wish I could give you a thumbs up! Good job. Excuse my Spanish, but FUCK SPRINT
  • Sprint has bad coverage anyways. Don't need them.
  • Dear WPCentral...we already know it's coming to Verizon...

  • I want the 920 but if it doesn't come to TMobile what can I do? Guess I'll be buying an 8X which is disapointing in itself because the 8S looks so much better.
  • Agree about 8S looking better than the 8X.
  • Well, hopefully, Nokia throws us T-Mo folk a bone.
  • Get the Samsung ATIV S. It kills every announced W8 phone.
  • Except it hasn't been confirmed to be coming to T-Mobile.
  • Lulz. Expansion bay and weight is the only thing going for it.
  • Not the Lumia 920
  • Thank God! FOR ONCE T-Moible Gets a Flagship level Windows Phone. Now I can get rid of this dinky radar.
  • I"m stil rockin  WinMo 6.5 on my HD2. 
  • I had that phone. It was really buggy so I got rid of it.
  • Yup, but I was refusing to sign new contracts to get phones and since I didn't want to leave carriers I made a deal last november to get any phone that came out in the future for free. I'm hoping for the 920, but I'll settle for the 8x. it's a win-win either way. 
  • "Yup, but I was refusing to sign new contracts to get phones and since I didn't want to leave carriers I made a deal last november to get any phone that came out in the future for free."
    Wow! How do you make sure they honor such a sweet deal?
  • Well, I was off contract for nearly 2 years, I call maybe once a year and I've been with them for 8 years. oh and the fact that  I pay them nearly $3k a year. I think I deserve a free phone or 2, god knows I've paid them enough.
  • There getting the Best W8 phone to date also. The Samsung ATIV S
  • Look likes HTC is going for mass availability. Good on them!! I dont like these exclusivity deals other manufacturers are looking for - unless you're Mr. iPhone, exclusivity doesn't work, and the mass general public won't switch carriers just for your non-iPhone.
  • So happy this is coming to T-Mobile.  Will be a great replacement for my HD7.  Still, I'm hoping that either the L920 or Ativ S makes the list so I can compare and chose.
  • Me too. Thanks HTC!
  • Big Daddy (ATIV S) is coming to Tmo.
  • Is this confirmed? Link please.
  • With the 8X going to multiple carriers on launch, this just shows you how much manufacuters can influence or negociate with carriers to have their devices put on their shelves for sale and also proves Sprint flat out refused to carry WP and confirms the Verizon also passed on the L900 from Nokia. I believe these manufacturers could have the same negociation capabilities with App Developers, but with mediocre support when WP first launched, I can see why developer held back; I don't believe they (developers) have any excuses now with such great devices being released running WP. These device wil catch consumers eyes and will be purchased without a doubt.
  • So what's the story about the 920? Is that Att only or not? When we know this for sure, then those of us without ATT can make up our minds.
  • Pretty sure Nokia's lips are glued to att's butt
  • Pretty sure only butt kissing happenning is that of samsung by you
  • I'm smart enough to compare features and brands.
  • Well Nokia's first US-based Windows Phone was on T-Mobile (Lumia 710), was it not?
  • Yes.  That is correct.
  • Are you comparing the 710 to the 900? I hope not. The 920 is for att and the 820 for tmo.
  • Nobody is comparing anything.  The question was which US carrier was the first to offer a Nokia Widows Phone and that carrier was T-Mobile.  As for who is getting what now Nokia hasn't annouced anything.
  • Dear HTC, you had me at T-Mobile. Finally!
  • LTE confirmed?
  • Does T-Mobile even have LTE?
  • HSDPA+ 
  • It's coming online shortly. That's why the ATIV S has HSDPA+42 and LTE
  • They will next year
  • In addition to being mentioned for Verizon during the event, Joe Belfiore also tweeted that it'll be on Verizon (and his personal one is the Verizon version).  
  • Not enough to keep me on Tmo and away from the 920... Great looking phone though
  • I agree with you.
    My reaction to the 8x: "*sigh* I GUESS so.  -_-"
    HTC, you guys really really need to go full-bore: 32GB/64GB options, more than 8MP bsi cameras, wireless charging, larger batteries, and microSD card options for all phones.  Design-wise, this is a good move, but spec-wise, this is pretty much the minimum you could've done.
  • Please dear lord will the 920 please get confirmed (or denied) for T-Mobile... This will drastically make up my mind... The lack of news for T-Mobile getting the 920 worries me.
    AT&T does not deserve to be the only carrier to get the 920 since they did not sell the 900 so well.
  • Exactly. I don't understand how supposed smart people make decisions like that (if 920 ends up on only Att). The best way for WPs to succeeds is to get the best phone, 920, on the best carriers or all carriers
  • Correction the ATIV S is the Best W8 phone announced so far (feature wise) and you better believe Samsung will get it on every carrier like the Galaxy S3
  • No it isn't, it doesn't have a dedicated sound processor like the 8X does
  • Compare all specs. Don't pick just one. SD slot, removable battery, higher capacity battery, on board memory, screen size, etc
  • I listen to lots of music and videos so sound quality is very important to me. I usually stream so storage doesn't matter to me.
  • Lumia 920 has better screen, better camera, better design, wireless charging, touchscreen that works with keys, pen, fingernails, gloves, and better exclusive apps. Nokia Music and Nokia Drive are worth it.
  • Did T-mobile get the Titan or the Titan II or the Lumia 900 or the One X? The only flagship they got was the carpet bomb GSIII
  • You're referring to the top selling android phone the GS3?
  • Well,  S3 isn't for us WP people and Android is irrelevant. We haven't had spit on T-Mo. no Lumia, no Titan I or II.   I like the Ativ S, but I like the design of the 8x.
  • Actually, when Windows Phone came out, tmo was there with the flagship HTC model, which at that time was the HD7.
  • I am saying don't hold your breath
  • Not impressed. Either Verizon gets the 920 or I wait until they have a high end phone that rely competes with Nokia's. I'm not settling for anything but the best this time around.
  • Dude quit whining, if you use your phone for any type of media consumption its a no brainer to go with this.
  • How is he whining? He has seen the WP's available and prefers the one that has the best specs and is also not imitating... 920>8X any day of the week...
  • They're just about even in specs. The 8X wins in sound and the 920 wins with the screen.
  • The Nokia has Dolby Headphone to counter beats. Pretty much puts them both even in sound.
  • If the Dolby is anything like it is on my HD7 then that isn't good sound at all plus the Nokia doesn't have a dedicated amp.
  • Correction the ATIV S has the best specs.
  • Does not get real!
  • You guys crack me up. Do you guys see how it feels to have OPTIONS? Jesus, it's been a long time coming. 
  • I'd suggest doing a side by side.
  • I swear, you are the gift that keeps on giving. Does Samsung pay you by word, character, or post count?
  • Anyone know if this phone is 4G/HSPA+ ?
  • Of course it is.
  • +1
  • I think Sprint is going to regret not supporting WP.
  • Fuck sprint... Hello wp8
  • About time Tmo got a real flagship phone,still wish the 920 was Coming to Tmo but this will certainly do for me :-)
  • Thank you T-Mobile and HTC. Nokia what's the deal? Since I am on T-Mobile guess who is getting my money? Not you!!!
  • +1
  • Im on T-Mobile so im torn between the Ativ-S and the Beautiful lime green HTC 8X!!!!
  • People keep saying that the Ativ S is coming to T-Mobile and I really hope that it is but this has NOT been confirmed as far as i know.  And Nokia hasn't annouced any carriers so there is just as much chance the L920 is coming to T-Mobile as the Ativ S.  Anyway it's all good.  If we don't get the Ativ S or L920 I think I'll be quite happy with the 8X.
  • This is nice.  Not thrilling, but nice.  Finally T-Mobile is getting the high-end version of a Windows Phone, unlike Nokia, which gave T-Mobile the pittance that was the 710.
    It's great that it's a 4"+ screen and HD, but it doesn't have wireless charging or a microSD slot, two things that would've made it a contender against the Lumia 920.  With only 16GB of storage, this phone isn't worth it to me as a replacement for my mp3 player.  Right now, the only Windows Phone that is worth my time is the Lumia 920 - it has 32GB space, a larger battery, wireless charging, and PureView.  That's why I want that phone over the 8x.  Even without microSD, those features make it better.
    The other good thing is that they're finally not re-using Android shells with the WP OS.  I would like to see HTC refresh this line within the next six months with the following features: 32GB/64GB storage options and/or microSD slot expansion, wireless charging, higher MP camera with backside-illuminated sensor, and a larger battery.  Now THAT would make me actively want to purchase an HTC Windows Phone.  As it stands, I might accept it as the free carrier upgrade because it's all that's available to me, but even then, that choice is NOT me ACTIVELY CHOOSING the phone.  It's just a 'that's only option without the 920' kind of thing.  16GB is not reasonable in 2012 without a microSD slot to make that choice irrelevant.
  • 16GB is plenty.
  • I'm thinking it would be enough to. And wp8 is gonna have better sky drive support for music. I use Zune pass so it's all good :-) 8x for me unless the 920 goes to tmobile
  • Im getting tired of everytime someone says that they want 32GB, some clown telling them 16GB is plenty. Good. It is for you. Well obviously this guy likes carrying his music, video, and podcast library on the go. If he is like me, he is away from home 95% of his time, and likes to have these things with him to keep him busy in his spare. Im going to start telling you guys that keep telling us we dont need more than 16, that you guys dont have enough.
    "16 GB is plenty"
    " need 32GB, because I say so..."
  • specs say it has microSD slot 32gig
  • Was just comparing specs with Nokia and Sammy alongside 8X
  • WOOHOO!!!
  • i hope the storage can be upgraded even if its a small hack ala dell venue pro
  • Asked a tmobile rep today and was told that it would be coming within the month and that it is an amazing device.