HTC Fuze now live on AT&T's Web site

We brought you the first video of AT&T's version of the HTC Touch Pro, now dubbed the Fuze. We brought you a full-on review, as only Dieter Bohn can do. Then we brought word that the Fuze was available in stores a day earlier than expected.

Now, for those who just can't make it to an AT&T store, we're telling you that it's available online for $299 after the usual rebates/contracts.

At this point, you don't really have any excuses. While there's no substitute for feeling a phone in your own hands, the next best thing is, well, putting it in ours.

So check out Dieter's reviews. Check out HobbesIsReal's excellent 24-hour review of the Sprint version. And take a walk through our forums and see what your fellow readers are saying.

Because knowing is half the battle. (Hey, at least it wasn't a "Fuze" pun ...)

WC Staff