HTC HD2 appears in O2 catalog

Guess that makes it really real: The HTC HD2 (aka the Leo) has made an appearance in the an in-store catalog for the UK's O2 network, and said catalog was slipped to Engadget Mobile. They're also hearing that the rumored Oct. 12 launch date might have slipped to Oct. 26.

Engadget also points out that the promo shot show the standard Windows Mobile 6.5 home screen instead of that new TouchFLO 3D goodness we've been seeing, which is interesting. Maybe that means something, maybe it's just promo shenanigans.

Phil Nickinson

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  • That's great for EU, now swim across the Big Pond Leo! I would love to see this phone stateside, especially if VZW could pick it up. But from all I've heard, holding my breath for that could be unhealthy.
  • That's the Windows Mobile 6.5 start menu, not the 6.5 home screen. That menu will appear even if TouchFLO 3D is there (the TF3D start menu is gone when using 6.5).
  • Do we know of any "pro" equivalent to this yet? I need the HW keyboard!
  • And I was so sure that I am getting Touch Pro 2 when it comes to at&t...