HTC Leo comes out of the shadows

We're trying not to be very, very angry toward whomever's hand that is, for it is holding not online an HTC Touch Diamond 2, but the HTC Leo, as well. As a reminder, the Touch Diamond 2's screen is 3.2 inches diagonal (just a shade smaller than the Zune HD, btw), and here we get a real feel for just how massive the Leo's screen is. It could be that dude in the picture just has massive hands, but we're starting to get the feeling that the Leo won't be as unwieldy as we first feared.

Oh, and 10 minutes of video goodness are after the break. And plenty more from the source at

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  • Oh my...that song. Wow, um...should we light some candles here at WME for ambiance? Phil, I'll pour the wine.
  • Still looks pretty darn big...but that's the point! I'm at work, so I'll have to check out that music later. I'm curious now. ;)
  • some narration would have been INFINITELY better than listening to the music!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It doesn't look that big. The Diamond is quite small. The guy in the video appears to have a medium sized hand and the Leo seems to fit in his palm nicely. It's only a little bigger (6 x 6 mm) bigger than an iPhone with a much bigger screen. HTC looks like the did a nice job of minimizing wasted space.
  • I hope someone can start to share some info on when the Leo will be available. I also hope it comes to Verizon. Soon.
  • at 5:48 you see the setting for CDMA privacy mode,
    You see DM Router in there has well. DM router is only CDMA. YOu then see at the end of the movie it called HTC Pro Three, Does any of that add up? Great edition to have, Snapdragon alone is worth it big time. And with this Verizon-Alltel buyout, and Verizon changing my plan, I can option out of contract, for breech of contract on verizon part, and buy the Leo then. If you are an Alltel User looking to get out of Alltel contract, Verizon is chainging you contract, view the infomation here.