HTC London Event

As suspected the HTC Public Event, held at various locations across Europe, is a Windows Phone Mango event. Our Rich Edmonds and Jay Bennett are at the London event and report that HTC is about mid-way through their keynote presentation.

Here's what we have learned so far.

The Radar (aka Omega) has a unibody design, 28mm camera lens with a f2.2 aperture, and is DLNA compatible. The Titan (aka Eternity) has a 4.7" screen and ultra-slim 9.9mm (.38 inches) body. Both are expected to be available in October.

We hope to get more pics and information on these two new Windows Phones shortly. Stay tuned.

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  • BGR already have "hands on" up!
  • i want eternity on verizon!
  • i'm so sold on the titan.i do wish it was an Al unibody though, but it seems solid enough.
  • "Aluminum unibody 9.9MM" on the Titian.
  • From Engadget:"We ought to clarify that the software on both new devices was pre-release and still had bugs to be ironed out, so we can only focus on the hardware here."Shouldn't the phones at least run the RTM?
  • Haha, the Eternity looks huge....and i LOVE it! Time to start saving pennies so I can get this a week or so after launch. **gotta see a WPC/Engadget/BGR/Giz review first**
  • I know I'm in the minority here, but I'm liking the way the Radar looks. It's different. Bummer it's stuck with that 1GHz proc, though. :(