HTC Sense TV app has returned with remote control TV functions restored

In a surprise turn of events, the HTC Sense TV app, which was shut down over a month ago, has now returned to the Windows Phone Store.with a new update.

In March, HTC told us that it would shut down the HTC Sense TV app for Windows Phone on April 30. The app allowed owners of the HTC One M8 for Windows to use its IR blaster as a remote control for their TV. At the time of its shutdown, HTC said that that owners of the smartphone would be prompted to download a replacement Peel app.

However, that app never showed up and now, according to a number of tips from Windows Central readers, they have received prompts to update their own HTC Sense TV app with a new update. Your guess is as good as ours as to why HTC has changed its mind, but we will contact them to see if they can comment on this reversal.

Thanks to everyone for the tips!

Download HTC Sense TV for Windows Phone (Free)

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  • Yes, getting update now.
  • Somewhere, a supertrollboy, is crying in a corner.
  • *rocks self in jealousy of the 50 HTC one m8 owners and their remote app* lol
  • You actually answered to the name supertrollboy lol At least you found you're place in life.
  • I have. Above the m8 owners with a better phone ;)
  • HA you wish
    -Sent from my superior one m8
  • I know. ;) as do the 1520/930 owners. :P
  • I love you man.. :)
  • You also ALWAYS hijack any post having to to with the M8.  I love this site, but I lose respect for the moderators every time they let you troll M8 articles.  You are offensive and divisionary to the Windows Phone community. 
  • I'm offensive because I am criticizing a phone/oem that I can safely say I've owned now. Which means I have the right to voice my opinion. I am not bashing any users personally though you fans sure don't mind bashing me because I speak low of your preferred phones.
  • One doesn't need to read very far to see that you ALWAYS flood M8 articles with your nonsense.  (I can regretfully say that I've read your posts first hand, so I have a right to my voice my opinion that your posts nonsense.  See how ridiculous that sounds?)  What is your goal with all of this, other than to get a rise out of people? I'm probably breaking some rules here, and I might get banned or warned for speaking against you.  But at least I might also get the moderators to notice you and contain you in the process.
  • It's a windows phone forum. Not that serious dude. Chill lol you do realize you don't have to respond to me
  • Yup.
  • I don't have an htc but cheers for bringing it back!
  • Well good on HTC for doing something useful.
  • And that's why this is clearly THE flagship Windows Phone. HTC is, so far at least, standing by their product in a way even Microsoft is not.
  • HTC isn't the flagship lmao any more than the icon or se were. Considering no one can actually buy it outside the us, and within the us one of the carriers(tmobile) have stopped selling it....this is at best a niche device.
    Flagships are the face of the os....the m8 isn't. A flagship is marketed by the OEM, the m8 windows isn't.
    If you want to be specific it is presently the only high end phone at the moment that most users don't want...because they are...wait for it...waiting for better products from Microsoft.
    The Lumia 640 and the XL are far more relevant and currently the face of the os. HTC is what it always is...irrelevant with its dot view and ir blaster.
  • Are you on crack?
  • Yay. I am looking forward to going back to HTC.
  • That's always shocking to hear. Good luck :)
  • Yeah, it's a nice differentiator.
  • If you say so lmao
  • You've discredited yourself around here, bro.
  • Amongst the 50 HTC fans? Goodness.
  • Hey I take offense. I love my HTC one m8.
  • I wouldn't admit that :D jk jk
  • See you are offending people.  And yet you continue.  You are a very negative factor in this WP forum. Again, I am disapointed in the moderators that they let you go on the way you do.
  • The One and 8X/8XTs are gorgeous and pretty awesome!
  • The 8x was anyway
  • You're such a vocal mother 'effer aren't ya
  • Well, he does have a point. The 8X design was like no other. Far better than the cold One M8 in my opinion. I'm using both and for me the "feels" on the 8X is probably the best "feeling" phone even compared to my iPhone6. 
  • Well it doesn't have the guide features nor does it have a list of devices you have to use your remote to teach it every button
  • This app should be released in all windows phone, Microsoft need to stop this nonsense exclusive ap from manufacturers
  • Considering you'll need a IR blaster and its a HTC app I don't think Microsoft have anything to do with this buddy sorry.
  • It's not a microsoft thing though. Besides it is a gimmick really.
  • Using a remote control app to use your phone as a useful controller is not a gimmick and very useful. Shame on Nokia for not including IR blasters especially since they pride themselves on quality hardware. Kudos to HTC for including an IR blasters. It is a must for my phones and one of the main reasons I sold my 1520 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • fyi IR blasters are very old tech. Phones are suppose to have latest tech. Guess you never heard of the app "smart glass" . Where you can control your xbox one,tv and you have full guide which this doesnt.  Kudos indeed. Glad you left windows phone just because of a IR blaster. lol
  • I didn't leave Windows because of an IR blaster I left Windows because of it's pathetic app store ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • @TJWINS you said its 1 of the reasons you sold your 1520. then you debunk someone with a different reason.
  • Exactly. I said 1 of the reasons but there were plenty of reasons. No IR blaster, horrible app store, limited calendar with limited reminder times and limited snooze options, browser which didn't allow pop ups which my bank requires for bill pay, lack of banking apps, etc etc. I still follow WP Central because I like the Windows OS with live tiles and would like to come back if they fix these issues in Windows 10. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Shame on HTC for releasing a phone with 2004 specs and marketing it as some revolutionary change lmao. Lets not.
  • 2004 specs? The M8 is many things, and has its share of quirks, but 2004 specs is hardly one of them. Posted via my HTC One (M7)
  • It's 4 megapixel...sorry ultra pixel camera begs to say otherwise
  • The M8's camera kicks the crap out of my previous Lumia 810.  The camera on my previous Lumia 810 significantly better than my old HTC HD7. 
  • So a flagship phone of 2014 beats a low end/midrange phone of 2012 as it should is what you're saying.
  • You just said the M8 has 2004 specs.  Now you agree it is a flagship from 2014?  Please stop.
  • Why the shame? Nokia sells majorly in countries that still do not use half the features the US does.. So the IR blaster is absolutely of no use in most places of the world..
  • No gimmick if you travel a lot. IR blasters on YOUR own phone are a godsend in hotels. No need to ever touch the nasty remote. Most people watch TV in bed...naked. Think about that next time you are in a hotel, flipping channels with the remote. Gross.
  • Use SmartGlass.
  • Nah. Hotel rooms are pefect for this app/blaster. I never touch the disgusting remotes in hotels anymore.
  • Exclusive apps are how WP manufacturers make unique products. If all had the same apps, we would be in Apple world...
    And it has absolutely nothing to do with Microsoft. It's HTCs choice to make it exclusive...
  • I'm pretty sure there is only one other phone other than the M8 for WP that even has an IR blaster to take advantage of the app. If I remember correctly it was the one made by Samsung that was exclusive to Verizon.
  • I almost forgot that lol
  • Nope. Its really the only way for OEMs to differentiate. Nokia did it successfully. Their support of exclusive apps is why their hardware flourished. Samsung and HTC had their opportunities to differentiate but didn't. Reason for this is because of the stricter hardware requirements WP had, making virtually all smartphones identical except for style. At that point the only way to differentiate is through exclusive apps.
  • It's only a learning remote whats on tv etc, still glad back though. At least can program a button as Guide now for DTV...awesome.
  • I wish blu would release some exclusive software
  • Their white label brother, XOLO in India does have some extras like call filter, sd card backup and network settings & a xolo care app
  • Finally
  • Hmm. Makes that $249 shipped qualitycellz deal on eBay even more tempting...
  • I have an 640 and an s5, the peel app for the s5 is nice. It tells me what shows are on I can add multiple tvs. It is very convenient to have and I won't have a phone as my daily driver without an IR blaster.
  • This update should have come over a month ago.... As in, Before the app was pulled, leaving loyal customers without!
  • I just installe dit and all I get is a messgae saying "Service for htc sense is no longer available".
  • It sound like you didn't get the update.  Perhaps uninstall and reinstall from the store?
  • I've had this HTC One M8 for 3 months. It sucks. I miss my Lumia 1520. Battery, camera, everything was better. I even had the damn touch screen glitch with the 1520.
  • Shh the m8 fans will be ready to call you out for saying it sucks :D have you looked into buyng a used one and selling the m8
  • Only if he/she comes to "EVERY SINGLE" HTC article stating "it sucks" over and over because he/she is angry the 1520 is no longer being manufactured.
  • Why would I be angry about it not being manufactured? It's a two year old phone. I'd hope ir wouldn't be....and two years old and still better than the m8.
  • I switched mainly for a downgrade in size. My 1520 was too bulky to carry in my pocket, and don't like holsters. Don't get me wrong,I loved the screen size, but working in a warehouse, lifting and bending all day, just didn't work for me. In fact, size is about all this POS is good for. I can take this sh!t phone in and out of my pocket with the greatest of ease. Curious, how can one defend such an abomination of a device, when it's clearly inferior in every way? Had my carrier offered the 1020 at the time,I would have gladly taken that over this hunk of garbage. *gasp* hope I didn't offend anyone! B-)
  • Why'd you switch?
  • Honestly it is true, don't get me wrong, I LOVE my HTC One and I think its great to give a non-Microsoft OEM a chance, but after feeling the build quality of my sister's Lumia 830, nothing compares. And what's sad is that this is widely perceived as the best built Android device. The buttons are small and mushy and it just feels cheaper than the 830 (although I will say it does look gorgeous.) There's really only one company that can compete with Apple from a hardware and software quality standpoint and that's Microsoft.
  • That is why I don't give non Microsoft OEMs a shot because they simply make the best products and it is why Lumia is preferred by most users.
  • Older Nokia phones came equipped with useful FM transmitters. Out with friends and need to connect your phone to the ICE system in their car, the transmitter comes handy. And I was pleasantly surprised by the audio quality from the Nokia 808 PureView. Wish this piece of hardware came back to phones.
  • Yeah, man. They're FM transmitter and other little features that no other OEMs were touching made me love my N900 and N9. I always wanted the 808 Pureview but that price tag and rareness were just too much.
  • It says Not available for my phone?
  • YAY!!!
  • Why would Nokia/MSFT ever include an IR blaster in their phones to have this awesome capability? Nokia in her heydays always trailblaze and lead by having super gadgets added to their mobile devices. Things like FM transmitter, infra red blasters, USB otg, TV-out, HDMI out are things I enjoyed using Nokia phones. Now no hope of such returning to the offshoot of Nokia devices division (MSFT)