HTC Titan shows up for pre-orders

The HTC Titan has popped up on the website for pre-order. The 4.7" Windows Tablet...err...Phone is up for pre-order on T-Mobile (Europe), O2 and Vodafone.

Package deals have the Mango phone ranging in price from FREE to 219.99 pounds (about $347 US dollars). While we'd love to see an availability day, the best the website offers is "Stock due soon".

Earlier this week AT&T announced they would be adding the HTC Titan to their Windows Phone line-up and hopefully, "Stock due soon" or similar will be showing up on AT&T's website in the near future.  Better yet, I wonder if anyone will be offering it for free here in the States?

Thanks goes out to alexb8 for tipping us via our Twitter page @WPCentral

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  • OK so T-Mobile Europe is getting this phone while T-Mobile US gets the shaft? Nice. :(
  • It seems like Europe almost always gets new phones before the US
  • I guess that leaves 2 options:Move to Europe. Or learn to be more patient.
  • A lot of people in Europe share your grief, as Windows Phone hasn't launched in most European countries yet and once it launches, some features and related services are either limited or not available at all.
  • hope this is true. wanting it on o2 cuz i can get family and friends discount but they always wait til the last minute lol. dont know if ill get it on another network??
  • Really hoping Orange UK add this to their list of coming soon phones.