This morning, HTC has pushed out the first update to their Dot View case for their One for Windows on Verizon. The app update refreshes the Dot View configurations under settings and brings with it three new options. The update matches the Android version, which itself was updated in July to deliver the same three new options.

Starting with this update, users can now choose a wallpaper to be displayed when the Dot View case is enabled. As expected, the wallpaper is pixelated to match the Dot View design. Users can choose up to 19 different wallpapers, or they can add their own to the mix.

The new wallpaper alters the design a bit of the information layout, with the time and weather moving to the top of the display, and losing the weather icon. However, if you still prefer the old style, you can just no-wallpaper and use it with a black background.

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Another added feature is the ability to display your three most recent calls. Additionally, you can now swipe up to return the most recent call for quick and easy access.

Finally, users can choose which missed notifications can be displayed through Dot View, including missed calls, new email, text, and voicemail. The Cortana integration, detailed previously in another article, is still the same.

Today's update from HTC brings Dot View up to parity with Android and while the new options may not be for everyone, it is still good to see its continued development.

Thanks, Matt W., for the tip and Namflow for the link!

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