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HTC updates their Dot View Case with themes, call history, swipe-up gesture

This morning, HTC has pushed out the first update to their Dot View case for their One for Windows on Verizon. The app update refreshes the Dot View configurations under settings and brings with it three new options. The update matches the Android version, which itself was updated in July to deliver the same three new options.

Starting with this update, users can now choose a wallpaper to be displayed when the Dot View case is enabled. As expected, the wallpaper is pixelated to match the Dot View design. Users can choose up to 19 different wallpapers, or they can add their own to the mix.

The new wallpaper alters the design a bit of the information layout, with the time and weather moving to the top of the display, and losing the weather icon. However, if you still prefer the old style, you can just no-wallpaper and use it with a black background.

Another added feature is the ability to display your three most recent calls. Additionally, you can now swipe up to return the most recent call for quick and easy access.

Finally, users can choose which missed notifications can be displayed through Dot View, including missed calls, new email, text, and voicemail. The Cortana integration, detailed previously in another article, is still the same.

Today's update from HTC brings Dot View up to parity with Android and while the new options may not be for everyone, it is still good to see its continued development.

Thanks, Matt W., for the tip and Namflow for the link!

QR: dot view

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Damn! Its good.
  • Daniel please make a video of the update
  • Nice! If it only was in my country I would have possibly bought it
  • It hot
  • Nokia's Glance do the work fine
  • Still no word on one from T-Mobile?
  • Yes please. I'm changing to tmobile soon. I'd love this phone.
  • They have announced that they'll get it eventually but no date yet. You can sign up to be notified here:
  • I'm interested in AT&T. Also, any word on the new HTC phones announced yesterday coming with Windows?
  • Probably not. Nobody really supports ms anymore. :(
  • Nope, they only annouced the action camera & the Desire Eye.
  • But there's no reason the Desire Eye couldn't run with Windows just like the M8.
  • You're right. I actually think HTC should start releasing Desire devices with Windows to hit the low to mid range markets.
  • Pffft AT&T. Kidding!  :p  Both!!!!
  • Dan, changing the date to 100 years in the future brings up the store page and lets you share the app-id.
    Also you can delete it if you are into that kind of thing....
    This actually goes for any app on any Windows Phone, including apps hidden inside settings.
  • You have this phone/case?
  • Yes, got the One w/ Windows from Amazon for $50, and i also ordered the case from them too. Took a whole month to ship though....
  • You like it/them? Be honest.
  • I'll take that as a no
  • Guess this heals the scars from the 8x...
  • I loved my 8X...
  • My 8X was great for a long time. Now I'm repin the 929
  • Reminds me of something called "Glance background BETA" ;)
  • +720
  • Still using it on my 925 haha
  • And I hate them for not supporting glance background beta anymore!
  • Why? It does what it intended to do, and perfectly at it. Why hate a perfect app?
  • 4 pictures..really?
  • You can add your own... Enough said...
  • I know I can add my own but I mean you can only choose 4 at a time
  • how much memory do you think those displays have? to my knowledge, all of glance needs to be put into a built in memory chip for the display, which isnt a lot, im sure the backgrounds themselves need to be transfered there aswell..
  • Hardware limitation.
  • Oohhh, I like that
  • Glance screen looks better
  • Agreed. Especially that it not only had background support, but weather as well. Wish I could do a screen shot of my glance screen.
  • I can send you some photos (from the app in the store)
  • I actually think the Dot Case looks better. To each his own.
  • I think they both look great in their own style, I couldnt choose which one was better
  • Yay my first thank you for a tip!!
  • It won't be the last :)
  • May be a bit off topic, but Daniel what do you think about HTC double exposure  event? 1) The EYE have a camera button!! Any idea about its comming to windows phone.
    2) RE camera not supporting windows phone even not ONE M8, their flagship phone. They are supporting iPhone!! 
    3) Same about Zoe. Seems like they abandoning their own phone??!!
    Store link
  • Thanks!
  • would someone explain me whats the purpose of that case ? hmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • It protects the display. Unlocks the phone when you open it. I's a case, it does what cases do.
  • yeah well i got the idea of  the case..i get it u still can peek without opening...looked too weird and having a menu dedicated to that nutz!
  • Its a twist on the smart case ... Instead of the square hole Samsung use or LG's circle to show your notifications, they made this instead.
  • What's the purpose of all those extra "m"s?
  • Sweet! Hope they do the same with the HTC Eye camera app.
  • Not gonna lie, I'm pretty jealous of this accessory.
  • +icon
  • Me too
  • I'm still waiting on this phone for T-mobile. If no release date soon I may just get the android version of the m8 and update to windows 10 in 2015. I realm want to try the official apps over some of the third party apps that we have on windows phone. Plus I've been having issues with my 925. I'm done with having these issues
  • The Andorid Version of the phone sucks. It has horrific battery life as well as sub par camera. Id avoid it at ALL costs. I mean its a TRULY horribile camera.
  • ya right...   who said that? The phone has got one of the  best reviews from every media and technical outlets.. and it stands it ground against most of the camera..
  • M8 Android side by side against my old 928 and my Lumia always looked better.
    My Icon on the other hand....there's just no competition from HTC.
  • Good luck updating to Windows 10 with the M8 for Android. Not going to happen unless someone cracks Microsoft's UEFI and either writes a compatible Android bootloader or a way to flash it to the phone. That or it leaks from HTC
  • If only this phone had a kick ass camera, I would have kept it. It had EVERYTHING else going for it, THIS included. But frankly, Cortana is not as good as Google Now & the Apps still are not at the qulaity of iOS or even Android. I switched back to a GS5, but Im keeping my eye out for new high end Lumia's. Which seem to have all but been vanquished from the land. A YEAR since a flagship launch? :-( PS: I love WP central & all you guys, even though I am an evil Android user for now.
  • It's ok. Your not evil. You have to do what works for you. Your here, you had a Windows phone, your still family. .....that is the nicest thing I have ever wrote on this website. I give myself a cookie!
  • Thanks Peg Leg! :-) I really apprecaite it! I have noticed that WP central folks tend to be a bit more..Sane than our friends at Android Central. Ill still be lurking & commenting!
  • Your welcome. We are a small crowd. If we chop each other up, we'll be done for.
  • If you run into any trouble with a certain "DCJBS" just shout "Hail Nokia" ;)
  • I'm going to have to check the net laws...I'm not sure you can legally award yourself a cookie... ... .... oh hell, I'll just give you a cookie, screw the rules!
  • What Android device would you recommend then? I played with a GS5 and I liked it, very smooth and fast. I just dont want to follow the in crowd, everyone has that device. Thought about the Note 4 but its expensive. Also looked at Lenovos smartphones but it seems I cant purchase them only available in India. Im on Tmobile network.
  • Get ahold of a OnePlus One, no SD support but for 350$ factory unlocked you can get the 64 GB model, and its got top end flagship specs. On top of that regular updates not carrier dependent, courtesy of the Cyanogen Mod Crew. If I had no choice but to get an android. It would be that.
    Just my 2¢
  • Still a bit gimmicky to me. Wish there was a setting to view this without the case. Like Glance. Still not swayed to switch from my Lumia925 to the M8 when T-Mobile gets it.
  • I have found one way but it may not be practical: I went to a water park and had my phone in a zip lock. While in the zip lock, the phone thought the case was on and the dot view screen was shown
  • Every time i see a store update notification, i get hopefull that its an HTC Camera update. It makes me happy to see that other things like blinkfeed and this dotview case are being activly developed. I hope the htc camera app is also being actively developed.
  • Is this phone ever going to released in the UK?
  • I downloaded it on my HTC 8x...
    For some reason...
  • Same here XD do you think it would work for us if we had appropriate case?
  • It should work with WP8.1.1, actually.
  • Maybe, I have no idea , then phone uses a sensor work with the case, im not sure if the HTC 8x has that
  • Nice that some support for Windows phones on VZW (I realize this is probably not a firmware update that VZW has to approve).   But VZW still has not released Cyan to their Lumia phones..............Where is the love?
  • I updated, but I don't see an option to change the theme??? Or am I blind? Now I only have the blue one and can't change it :S Greetings from the Netherlands
  • It's not obvious, TBH, but tap 'Themes' to open the themes page.
  • Hahaha
  • I got it now, something went wrong with downloading ;)
  • That's impressive. I warned Verizon last week if they didn't get Cyan (I was assured by the tech rep he'd get me info on that....nada since), I'd take my four lines elsewhere...this on tmobile could get me.
  • Cyan doesn't exist on T-Mobile either.
  • Obviously. But that wouldn't matter if I got an HTC device on tmobile and took my business from Verizon, would it?
  • Wow, that looks amazing. Would love to test this phone. Great to see there are innovating ideas by manufacturers
  • is this the back cover ? Why does it look so tacky
  • How popular is this case anyway? I don't get it. But a good screen protector and unless you have one of Apples shards of glass in your pocket I've not found any need for a phone case.
  • Awesome ... I wish I could afford this phone
  • I'm really liking the case, and I know id like the phone. If it hits ATT soon , I'm still considering this. I'm upgrade eligible in less than 2 weeks.
  • Off topic : I am very disappointed in htc and thank god that we have Lumia. Frankly, we should all stop buying their products as they don't support them. Last night, HTC announced the RE camera and ofc there's a complementary app that works for....guess what ? Android and iOS. Yes that's right, no windows phone. I would have understood this if it's android only or cross platform running on the big three. What's point of supporting iOS and not WP, an OS running on HTC products unlike iOS?. So those who have bought an HTC (like an 8x or one m8 for windows) are deprived from their support while those who have bought an iPhone are not??? How come. I would have also understood that if there were no HTC WP devices. We are not missing anything thanks to GoPro and their amazing app. All in all, I think we should embrace Lumia on the flagship end and stop buying HTC phones. I know someone would say diversity and competition is very important within the WP market, but what's point of half hearted attempts or get a phone and find out it's not supported? That's certainly very bad to WP. If I had just bought an HTC one m8 for Windows and saw last night's announcement and found out that HTC is not supporting me while supporting my friends with iPhones, I would be really annoyed and obviously this would affect my choices of both HTC and windows phone negatively in the future.
  • I hope they fixed the Cortana integration because I can't get it to work for the life of me.
  • Ugh, I need this phone to hit AT&T. I'm not in such a rush as I was before since I'm using an ATIV now, but I can't wait.
  • What an ugly item.
    What a shame to destroy a so beautiful phone with a so ugly case...
  • quietly brilliant
  • Good
  • Who needs Dot view when glance screen alternates four images randomly ....just saying
  • all Lumia get interactive cases ?? , anyone having answer ??
  • Cool
  • Anyone else having problems with the update?? M8 on Verizon. Dot View app is not available since updating??
  • Yes I have the exact same problem. When I search for the app in the store from my phone it doesn't show up. When I search for the app in the browser based store on my laptop I see it but it says "This app is not available for your phone". I also have tried manually installing the app, but I too cannot select the XAP file to install it. I contacted HTC's support about it and their only recommendation so far is a factory reset. My issue was elevated to the next level of support though, so I'm waiting to hear back on that. I would really prefer not to factory reset just because one non-essential app is not working properly.
  • Store says it is not available for my phone (HTC M8 Windows). I downloaded the XAP to attempt to side load it, but it will not let me select it.
  • All nice and stuff... But I alway had the problem, that the Dot Case did not close nicely. The flap was never laying flat on the screen. For the Flap and Diplay content to align and look nice, you had to hold the flap down and push it slightly to the right. That was not the reason why we gave our phones back. It was the missing Camera Button. lol
  • Exactly. Makes no sense.
  • Good grief, that thing is almost as hideous as Windows 10.
  • Is it possible to enable the Dot View screen without the case being used, so that it acts as an HTC version of the Glance screen?  I prefer not to use cases, and losing Glance is the main reason I wouldn't switch from a Lumia to the One.
  • That has to be the ugliest thing I've ever seen. And I've seen it twice now
  • Got my free Xbox Dot View case today. The dots don't even line up correctly... Thus making it look cheap. Watching YouTube Vids... I feel like its just me. Defective??? Eck... And it doesn't close completely.