HTC updates Sense Hub, adds Live Tile

HTC has updated their Windows Phone 7 Sense Hub to version 1.5. The update has minor fixes and the option to have a Live Tile that displays your current weather conditions.

The app now supports automatic location based weather that will update the Tile every hour, every three hours, six hours, twelve hours, pr once a day. You can set the Live Tile to your location or manually to another location. 

It definitely helps give the HTC Hub a little more functionality.

via: wmpoweruser

George Ponder

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  • So question? Given the "one OS version" style of WP7, if one were so inclined could a person have this HUB/Tile on a non-HTC WP7 device, considering all programs have to meet the same qualifications?
  • The Hub comes from the HTC area of the Marketplace. The app would run, but there isn't a way to install it (short of hacking).
  • My live tile doesn't seem to be working.
  • I had to turn on Use Location And Download Data Automatically (once per day) to get it to show up. Not sure which (or both) were needed, but after the changes it only took about 5 seconds.
  • does anyone know of any weather apps in marketplace that actually have live tiles that show what the current weather is at your current location?
  • Weather Bug
  • The Weather Channel
  • mine isn't updated either
    update nvr mind it just took a while for the marketplace to find the update
  • LOL! I'm having bad luck with BEEZZ and with the HTC hub when it comes to live tiles! I'm starting to wonder if there is something wrong with my HD7. Does anyone have a clue?
  • All my Live Tiles; WeatherBug, The Weather Channel (testing it out), Beezz and now HTC Hub are all working great on my Surround. Beezz updates throughout the day, increasing the number of messages if I don't open it to check. Using 3G for all my data. Also a note. If you ever experience the Marketplace bug, where scrolling quickly can lock it up, preventing you from getting back in, I noticed that after a while all my Facebook photos stopped showing in the People tab, replaced with white squares. So I think the Marketplace issue may prevent syncing with Microsoft servers (which kills the live tiles) until you soft reset to clear the problem. Just a guess.
  • i think there must be a learning curve with these live tiles, I have read from a few people having a problem with the weather bug live tile...
  • The live tile is working smooth with me on my HD7.
  • Very nice handsets.Its feature is unique.