Huawei MateBook now available in the UK for £750

Huawei has finally announced that its debut Windows 10 product, the 2-in-1 MateBook is now available in the UK. But it's a little pricey and a little hard to get hold of.

Prices start at £749.99 for the Core m3 version and £999.99 for the Core m5. This premium 2-in-1 blends a super slim design with a great display, an optional keyboard and a pretty fantastic fingerprint scanner for Windows Hello. It isn't perfect, but we've been fairly impressed by Huawei's first attempt at Windows 10.

If you want a MateBook you'll have to go to one of 13 different Currys PCWorld branches throughout the country. Those and more you'll find in the full press release below.

Huawei's MateBook is made for a new style of business

Now on sale in the UK from thirteen stores from £749.99 RRP

[London, 12 August, 2016] Huawei Consumer Business Group (BG) has today announced that the MateBook – the company's flagship productivity tool – is on sale in the UK. Seamlessly integrating mobility, high efficiency, work and entertainment, the MateBook is made for a new style of business.

The MateBook is the device to meet the evolving demands of today's modern business user. Balancing industry-leading design with consistent productivity, the 2-in-1 device ensures the task in hand is seen to in exquisite style.

With no savvy professional's day or night ever the same, the MateBook's innovative convertible form delivers the flexibility when and where it is required. The powerful 6th generation Intel Core M-series processor keeps up through even the most rigorous of work and play, whilst the ultra-low weight of 640g and 33.7Wh high-density Lithium battery – offering a full day of usage* and a full charge in just two-and-a-half hours – allows for the fanless device to be with you every step of the way.

Thanks to Huawei's famous manufacturing expertise, the quality of design is equally as impressive. The 12-inch IPS multi-touch screen with a 2160x1440 resolution means your business presentation showcased during the day is as eye-catching as the media you enjoy in the evening. Furthermore, the high spec aluminum body makes for a beautiful yet protective exterior that can withstand the trials and tribulations of the on-the-go lifestyle adopted by much of today's business elite with ease.

The leather keyboard complements the ultra-narrow slate in both productivity and style, giving the user the choice to type and swipe as they please. With the thought that a human touch is sometimes the only way to seal a career-making deal, Huawei has also created the MatePen. The 2,048 levels of sensitivity guarantees the user's message will be effortlessly and accurately conveyed on every occasion, whilst the laser pointer makes certain all those present are engaged throughout.

In today's workplace, security is as paramount as time efficiency. Supporting 360-degree sensitive identification and one touch unlock, the MateBook's fingerprint recognition system embraces both, giving the user – and only the user – access to their important files in industry-beating time.

Rhys Saunders, Sales Director, Huawei UK&I Consumer BG, said: "With the power to glide through any task put in its path, and the aesthetics and build quality to impress in and out of the boardroom, the Huawei MateBook truly is made for a new style of business. It is the device of today for the professional of today, and we are excited to announce it is on sale in the UK."

The Huawei MateBook is available in the UK in Gold from Curry's Stratford, Oxford Street, Aberdeen 2in1-HS, Cardiff, Canary Wharf, Manchester Arndale, Bluewater, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Bath, Brighton, Manchester Trafford, Edinburgh Princes Street, Tottenham Court Road for £749RRP for Matebook M3 and £999.99 for Matebook M5.

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