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Huawei showing off new hardware in London; chance to include the new Ascend W2?

Our colleagues over at Android Central are at today's Huawei event in London. Why are we bringing you this news on our website? Well, there's the slim chance we could well see new Windows Phone hardware from the company. Remember the Ascend W2 that has appeared numerous times? Huawei has already teased a mysterious smartphone on social networks, so it wouldn't be such a far-fetched idea that the handset maker could have one with them today.

We'll relay any information that comes out of the event that's related to Windows Phone. If you're interested in following the action, be sure to head on over to our sister website Android Central for the live blog coverage of the Huawei event. Don't hold your breath for the Ascend W2 since we are only wishful thinking. More details to follow, we hope.

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Huawei is doing a good job with smartphone designs lately. But, native Chinese branded gadgets - Oppo, Meizu, ZTE, Huawei, etc will not get past my doorstep, even if the reputation is good. Yes, that includes Lenovo. 
    If you are saying im racist, Im a Chinese myself. 
  • well - you seem to welcome the NSA a little more at your home :)
  • What makes u feel like that with Chinese electronics or gadgets?
  • Adrian, im not concerned with whether Obama knows how many times i fap in a day. =) Im not the "private this private that" kind of person, even non-friends can view my facebook contents, most stuff including photos, and birth date except email address and phone number are public. My sister occasionally grabs my phone to play with the Xbox games but even if she reads my texts i wont mind either, because i have nothing to hide. And, there is no such thing as privacy the moment you go online. Amcalexandre, lots of bad experiences, not just me but my family members and friends as well. Companies like Lenovo are reputable companies, especially in laptops, but after so many bad experiences with Chinese products i would just say no to Chinese products, regardless of the brand. Even Taiwanese producs like Asus is significantly better. Of course, i cant do anything about Nokias and iPhones made in China, but i avoid native brands from China. 
  • Seriously almost 80% of your home contents are most likely Chinese made, and on NSA if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear or some crap like that, Obama has lost all respect from this, do you remember when he denounced bush for this and promised to stop all unwarranted spying and data collection, also every single call and txt is recorded by a facility in NZ
  • Yes, Chinese made, but made in China and being a China branded item are 2 different things. I mentioned i'd avoid native China branded stuff. And even nowadays for sundries and simple stuff I buy only from stores like Daiso - 80% of their products, something as simple as plates, mugs, gardening tools, come from Taiwan or Japan itself. A slight bit more expensive but I dont mind. I check the labels of everything i buy.  Conspiracy theories are loved both in reality and fiction - it doesnt matter if they are true or made up; so, let the NSA and spying issue roar while i enjoy the stories with popcorn. 
  • Why Oppo? Does it not have the same quality as oppo bdp (blue ray player), wich is known to be the best product in blueray video and audio quality in the world? It's good audiophilic device to, especialy higher model.
  • i was referring specifically to smartphones, but yea, i'd still avoid oppo even it is good, just like how i dont buy lenovo laptops even if they r good; i dont own a BD player and have no clue on what brand is better because all my BD movies and series are in a external HDD. 
  • Oppo is kind of funny, when i did some research on them apparently Oppo Bluray team is a North American based division where their smartphone division is purely Chinese based, though it is still a Chinese based company it seems the quality of products that comes out differ quiet abit
  • Interesting. Maybe they should have make a bluray team to take over their qualitiy control :D
    If I will ever buy a blueray player, I would defenitly buy a oppo. As for smartphones-I'm dedicated Nokia lover-user (but not blind fanboy :D ).
  • The "nothing to hide, nothing to fear" rhetoric is a very dangerous path.
  • Exactly, we all have something to hide. It's just a matter of time until someone finds out what it is.
  • Privacy is a value western society achieved, USA had an important role in this, it kinda amazes me how someone is willing to give up on it. Yes, it might cut corners to get "bad guys", but no one said liberty/freedom was easy. I teach my kids the value of privacy.
  • I guess I never learned the value of privacy. Kinda hard to sympatize with all these people who cry foul when I myself have nothing to hide. And if I did have soemthing to hide, I should probably get in trouble for it right?
    If you're doing wrong, you should get caught. Whatever happened to hunting down the criminals? Aren't we supposed to be on the good side. Are people really saying that they would prefer bad ppl to get away with what they're doing?
  • The problem is that "doing wrong" is subjective. Is it illegal to smoke marijuana? Yes. Is it wrong? Is it illegal in some states to have anal sex? Yes. Is it wrong? Additionally, some people do things that aren't wrong, but still don't want others to know about. At night I close the curtains so no one looks inside my house because I want privacy, not because I'm "doing wrong." Furthermore, you're putting a whole lot of trust in our government that they will only target you when you're "doing wrong." There are corrupt and/or incompetent government officials in every part of the world, including the USA. Look no further than the recent IRS scandal.
  • Brilliantly said, especially on the government side of things. As much as I resent Google's anti-privacy policies, which is part of why I prefer MS, I'd rather have Google targeting me with ads than my government knowing what I'm doing. All the more so now that we have seen demonstrated in the twenty-first century that even in America, the party in power will use all its monitoring and information to hold onto that power by punishing its political enemies. That should be chilling and an outrage to people of both parties, because even if you like the current administration, how would you feel if the other party had the same power? Do you really want that? To keep it topical, I appreciate that MS makes the majority of its money from making and selling products that people want to buy. That means they have the right incentives to serve us, their customers. Google, on the other hand, makes most of their money through bypassing privacy, because their main customers are advertisers. This means they actively don't want user privacy and have minimal allegiance to its end-users, just enough that they don't lose the audience for their ads.
  • The first step of avoiding trouble when it comes to internet related issues isnt avoiding from committing a crime, but avoiding yourself from offending people. To me Facebook is a place to share things with people, not to make an account there only to lock up everything private. If the NSA debacle is true, that means it wont make a difference. Just my opinion anyway. I simply choose to have a happy go lucky and carefree life rather than worrying about countless things. 
  • Avoiding offending people? You can try, but unfortunately there are many people whose mission in life is to be offended, no matter how good your intentions are. Sadly, the comments section of WPCentral articles offers plenty of examples, and the problem seems to be growing rapidly worse.
  • True
  • personally speaking, i think people are over reacting a bit especially shoving this as all one president's fault, im pretty sure this thing started a long long time ago... now in regards to whether this is right or wrong, id say it's wrong, but i think they've been at least somewhat careful in the sense that they've only requested a very small percentage of data from companies i personally believe that giving these guys zero tools to work with or ones that are too time consuming is in itself a bigger issue, a warrant should still be required, but i wonder how long it should take to get a warrant to be effective at all
  • Program under previous administration required one of the parties of the call to be overseas, with the logic being that those were more likely to be potentially terrorist calls. You may or may not think this is appropriate. However, the current administration campaigned against the old program as excessive, then expended it to target all calls, even those where both parties are in the U.S. Hypocrital is an understatement. Combine this with the IRS program to suppress opposition votes by disabling their fund raising, and it smacks of abuse of power, using the tools of the government to monitor political enemies and maintain and expand power.
    Of course at least in the US, at least we have opposing political parties. In many parts of the world (e.g., China) they don't even have that luxury.
    Hey, what about that EOS? :-)
  • I have Chinese colleague and boss. When they hear Chinese products, they like "ewww". Makes you wonder. Anyway, in my country Huawei W1 is bundled by cdma carrier, maybe axis or something, challenging low end androids. It looks good.
  • I understand completely. My wife, who is U.S. born Chinese, does too.
    As for the NSA, Obama is not to blame for it. He's incompetent and involved in all the other scandals that have surfaced recently, in my opinion, and the depth of the NSA surveillance may have grown since he's been president, but I think that would have happened no matter who is president. What's most telling about the NSA scandal is that both parties, with few exceptions, are more concerned about the fact that it's become known than they are that it was being done; that illustrates the depth of corruption to which our government has fallen. It's not Obama who should be blamed for it, it's our own fault for allowing the federal government to become so large and powerful that it has invaded our lives and privacy to the extent it does now.
    Damn i love my Windows Phone!
  • Who are we.... Wah way.... Worst brand name ever.... True story
  • HUAWEI the never ending toy story
  • lol
  • Huawei is a really good brand, my w1 is better than L620! I had one 620... I'm excited for this new model! :p
  • This is good to hear! I have one preordered that I should be getting next week. Definitely excited about it.
  • True true, I agree with u all and differing opinions is great. And ash I'm laughing so hard I'm pretty sure a bit of urine came out
  • Excited rather get this than a 620 or below! High end Nokia, Samsung, and Especially HTC still come on top
  • where they go this
  • what is it with the w2 you have been mentioning it for like a year
  • It is sad the windows phone devices that are made... they f'ing suck hard... so hard.  they come out with another beautiful hardware wise android phone.  wtf