'The Hunter' DLC expansion launches as the Falconeer takes flight on Xbox Game Pass

Falconeer Hunter Dlc Image
Falconeer Hunter Dlc Image (Image credit: Wired Productions)

What you need to know

  • The Falconeer is a gorgeous aerial dogfighting game created exclusively for Xbox consoles and PC.
  • Today, the Falconeer joins Xbox Game Pass for consoles, PC, and Xbox Cloud Gaming (Project xCloud) all at once.
  • At the same time, the Falconeer is launching its first post-launch DLC expansion: the Hunter.
  • The Hunter adds a brutal rideable dragon to the game, and makes a ton of crucial game changes and improvements too.

One of the most visually stunning games to make its way to the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S since launch has been the Falconeer, an aerial dogfighting game from indie developer Tomas Sala and publisher Wired Productions. Recently, Xbox announced that the Falconeer was joining Xbox Game Pass, and today that promise is fulfilled with the addition of the Falconeer for Xbox Game Pass on consoles, PC, and Xbox Cloud Gaming through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

However, that's not the only Falconeer-related news today, as the very first post-launch DLC expansion, the Hunter, makes its debut today as well. Say hello to your new dragon friends.

Falconeer Hunter Dlc Image

Source: Wired Productions (Image credit: Source: Wired Productions)

The Hunter is a premium content pack for the Falconeer. It also comes with some free additions and quality-of-life improvements that should hopefully go a long way towards making this intriguing game even better. Players will be able to take flight on brutal dragons with significant firepower, making the game more appealing than ever to a large swathe of gamers.

Of course, the Hunter also includes a ton of free enhancements for the Falconeer, including sweeping balance changes, map improvements, custom waypoints, improved player models, making Pyro Pots available from the beginning, and additional upgrades for Pyro Pots.

The Hunter is available right now for $2, making it an impulse purchase for anyone who's been enjoying what the Falconeer has to offer. As mentioned before, the Falconeer is also available through Xbox Game Pass now, alongside our picks for the Best Games on Xbox Game Pass, making it easier than ever to try out. According to our review for the Falconeer, "the Falconeer is an undeniably beautiful game with unique storytelling and jaw-dropping environments, but repetition ultimately keeps it from being great."

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