HyperX CloudX vs HyperX Cloud Pro: Which should you buy?

HyperX CloudX headset
HyperX CloudX headset (Image credit: Windows Central)

People who tend to be gentle with their headsets or don't need PC functionality should opt for the HyperX CloudX, since it has identical specs to the competition and costs $10 less. However, players who want to use their headset with their PC should choose the HyperX Cloud Pro since it comes with a Y-Splitter cable necessary for some PC motherboards.

HyperX CloudX vs HyperX Cloud Pro: Price vs value

In terms of the specs, the HyperX CloudX and the HyperX Cloud Pro are identical to one another. Both headsets share the same speakers, frequency response, frame, and in-line audio controls, among other features. Both headsets also come with a 2-year warranty with HyperX, meaning that if they get broken, you can get it repaired with no problem. The differences between the two lie with the things that come in the box.

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SpecCloudXCloud Pro
Speaker53mm neodymium53mm neodymium
Frequency response15Hz – 25kHz15Hz – 25kHz
CompatibilityPS4, Xbox One, PC (requires separate Y-Splitter), mobilePS4, Xbox One, PC, mobile
FeaturesDetachable microphone, in-line audio controlsDetachable microphone, in-line audio controls

The HyperX Cloud Pro comes with a Y-Splitter, which allows users to use the headset with a PC straight out of the box — something the HyperX CloudX doesn't include.

HyperX CloudX vs HyperX Cloud Pro: Which should you buy?

At the end of the day, the biggest factor is whether or not you want that Y-Splitter. That said, while the lack of a Y-Splitter in the box for the CloudX is a bummer, Y-Splitters are cheap and easy to find. Since both headsets are identical, otherwise, purchasing the cheaper option is obviously the right call.

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