Official game for reality TV show Ice Road Truckers now available for Windows Phone 8

Reality TV fans might have heard of Ice Road Truckers. It’s on the History channel, featuring the activities of drivers who operate trucks on seasonal routes in remote Arctic territories in Canada and Alaska. The official app has been available for iOS and Android for a while now. Fans of the show who are also Windows Phone users can now play the game, too. It has just arrived at the Windows Phone Store.  The initial version has a one major bug, though.

Head past the break to watch our gameplay video.

The controls are very basic in Ice Road Truckers. Press and hold the right side of the screen to turn right. Press and hold the left side of the screen to turn left. Press both sides to go faster. The goal is to drive as far as you can in slippery terrain while avoiding rocks, trees, or lakes.

Collecting coins on the road give you currency to use at the Truck Store. You can buy power-ups like extra boosts over ramps or the ability to destroy rocks and trees. You can also purchase characters that have different abilities. For example, Lisa has an extra chance to avoid damage while Alex can see farther down the road.

If you don’t have enough coins for the store, there are in-app purchase options with real money. You can buy 250,000 coins for $4.99.

Ice Road Truckers has been on television since 2007. There has been seven seasons so far.  Even if you’re not a fan of the show, you might like the game for its simplicity. However, we don’t recommend downloading this initial version. We notice one major bug where there the map after a game sometimes does not go away when you restart a level. It becomes unplayable unless you quit and restart the game. We hope that gets fixed in an update.

Ice Road Truckers is 99 cents at the Windows Phone Store without a free trial. You should probably wait for the next update before buying this game. If you feel adventurous, check it out anyway and let us know what you think in the comments.

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • A&E won't be getting any of my money.
  • Oh, so you're a free speech advocate? Martin Bashir getting fired for saying the Sarah Palin is a moronic ditz must have gotten you really upset.
  • I don't even know who that is, or what his connection to A&E is.
  • Probably won't touch the game ever, fixed or not. It is, however, a very enjoyable show. One of the few I just can't bear to miss, like Gold Rush, Bearing Sea Gold, Mountain Men, Moonshiners, and those. Great programming. If it wasn't for NFL, id just watch History, Discovery, & the like...
  • Not a change. One screenshot show the player with 200 coins while also showing that a character is 100,000 coins to play with. Just another damn game focused on people spending money on in game purchases instead of actually making a decent game Great show but I hate any game that encourages coin buying.
  • A&E gets my money for firing bigots who make them look like people who employ bigots. I applaud them. Also, eat it up, Canadian WP users, because this is the closest we've come so far to getting an actual Canadian app for WP. Still  no TD, Air Canda, Cineplex, etc etc etc but an American show filmed in Canada... sigh.
  • Hooray for free speech. Oh wait, Canada...
  • Which is more bigoted?
    Stating your religious beliefs or being fired for it?
  • What's the Bone in the video?