Instance v2

If you go way back to the start of Instagram apps on Windows Phone, Instance (previously known as Itsdagram) was one of the first apps to link straight to the service for direct photo uploads. It was a huge win at the time for Windows Phone as it gave the first, native like experience for the service. Later, 6tag came onto the scene and Instance faded.

Although beta 2.0 was previewed on this site way back in August, that update never came to fruition. Call it life catching up and other things, but that project was put on the back burner. Today though, that app has finally been polished and prepped for release.

Here’s what is new.

Instance version 2.0

  • Geotagging
  • Flickr Support
  • Tumblr Support
  • Foursquare Support
  • Pinterest Support
  • Delete Comments
  • Theme options
  • Editing profile support
  • Improved privacy features

You get all of that plus a great new UI, that reminds us a lot of the excellent layout found in the Twitter app. That familiarity and clean design should appeal to many users.

To be clear, this is the free, ad-supported version that has been bumped to version 2.0 though we imagine that the paid app will also get the update.

Pick up Instance (free) version 2.0 here in the Store and we’ll also post the link for the older, paid version in case that goes live as well.

Thanks, Forrest C., for the tip

QR: instance