It's a Best Beard Showdown with Windows Central and Beardify!

A beard isn't just facial hair, it's awesomeness escaping through your face.

We couldn't agree more. We love beards! In fact, we love them so much we want to have a Best Beard Showdown, and we're partnering with Apptly (the creative geniuses behind Beardify) to host it. Keep reading for more info on the Beardify app and entering the contest!

Can't grow a beard? That's ok, Beardify is here to help you! Now you can instantly sport the distinguished look that only a beard can provide, either for yourself, a loved one, pet, or even a favorite celebrity! The Beardify app for Windows Phone is very easy to use. Just select your beard style and match your hair color, then add animation or make a video of your new hairiness.

Choose from popular beard styles such as:

  • Cat Beard: Because sometimes cats are beards!
  • Zappa: And sometimes you just need to be Frank.
  • Soul Patch: The flavor saver.
  • and plenty more!

From June 1-15th Beardify is FREE exclusively on Windows Phone!

How do I enter the Best Beard Showdown?

Download the Windows Phone app, Beardify yourself, your kids, your goldfish, or even that babe in your favorite TV show, and post it on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #BeardifyMeWC and this link: You can enter multiple times, and each unique post will count as an entry. (So in other words, you can post ten pictures and get ten entries, but not ten of the same picture.) Do not forget the hashtag, or we won't be able to find your pictures! The contest is open worldwide for Windows Phone users, so anyone can enter. All entries must be posted by 11:59 PM EST on Monday, June 15 for consideration.

Our panel of judges will choose their three favorite entries after the contest closes and post them up on the blog for all to see. Each winner gets their choice of Lumia 535 or Microsoft Band + 1 yr subscription to the Dollar Shave Club.

Download Beardify for WIndows Phone{.cta .large}

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Michelle Haag